This is one of the new stories i will be working on i'll also be working on New Pet and Trapped

Ichigo Kurosaki, Shiro Hichigo, Gin Ichimaru and Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez were four names passed down through many years. It was very rare to meet someone who did not know of who they were. These four men were the ones who saved those people who we call friends and family. They saved our loved ones and classmates. It is because of them that we are alive today, but what they saved to most was one thing we destroy every day and take but never give back. They did what we couldn't or thought was impossible. These four men saved our world. Our Earth.


It started many years ago back to when I was a young girl a man named Aizen wanted to create his own race of humans. Many did not agree and believed he couldn't do it but in the end he did. No one was allowed to speak against him because if you did then he would send his 'dogs' out to kill you. We lived in fear for years at this time those boys would have been three years old. Too young to know what was going on but old enough to know that it wasn't something good. It wasn't until they were seventeen when they took a stand and fought Aizen. Many called them fools, but many held their breaths hoping that they would excel and win. It took many times and battles but they won after three years. Soon the tearing down the walls began and celebration took place, but that's not what bothered us. It had seem as though the four hero's had vanished. People who were strong with religion believed they were sent by god to save us and now they lay in wake waiting for some other power crazed person to rise up. But I did not think that I believe they were special and now they went off to live the lives they had fought for in peace. I was twenty-six when this happened and I just passed my ninety-eight birthday. People still come to an old women like me to hear of our great hero's, but it seems as if we will need them again soon because a man named Yamaoto had just been elected ruler and he seemed to have been one of Aizen's followers.

Alright guys this is a small intro to my new story and I'm dedicating it to MeeMelodii she was the one who gave me this idea and to briar black death rose because she has put up with me for a really only time ^_^ tell me what you think