I'm home

David quickly joined in the hug Regina and Julie were sharing and Regina reached her hand out for Henry. The moving moment was quickly disrupted however when they all heard the front door open en Neal's voice calling for Henry.

"Henry! Come quick. You'll never guess who I ran into on my way home.

"Let me guess dad, you found my mom, Snow and your dad?" Henry said with a smile when he opened the door to the hallway and saw Neal standing there, indeed together with Emma, Snow and Gold.

"Henry!" Snow and Emma cried out in unison as they made their way over to him and both pulled him into a loving hug. Tears were running down both women's faces.

"Mom, grams, you're hugging me very tight at the moment." Henry stammered. "Very tight..as in...can't...breathe." Mother and daughter released him at this statement and they all laughed.

"My God you're so tall!" Emma exclaimed.

Henry grinned. "That's what mom said too when she saw me." It was only now Henry mentioned Regina, the three of them noticed Regina, David and Julie being in the room too.

"Ah." Mister Gold said. "I already thought you would be here, I felt a strong sense of foreign yet familiar magic coming from here, must have been the young miss...Nolan? Mills? Charming? What is it?"

Julie's face turned red at the comment. "Here I am Julie Williams." She said softly and it struck the new people in the room how much her voice sounded like Regina's. "But I would love to be Julie..."

"Nolan." Regina said with a smile. "You're also Julie Nolan if you want to be."

Julie nodded happily and rested her head on her mother's shoulder.

"Oh god, I'm so happy that everyone has found each other again." Snow sobbed. "Now we can all go back home."

"Home?" It sounded from three voices, as Julie, Henry and Neal all looked with a question look at Snow.

"Well yeah. That's what this was all about after all." Snow said. "To get you three back."

"I- I'm sorry, but I can't go back with you all."Henry now said. "I'm married, I have a wife, and soon we will be a family."

"But..." Snow started but her voice trailed off when she saw Neal looking to the ground too, signalling he didn't really feel for leaving either.

"Emma, you say something." Snow said in a slightly panicked voice.

Actually Snow- mom, dad.." Emma started. "I would like to stay here...I've had my share of Enchanted Forest. I don't belong there, it doesn't feel like home."

"But Emma, the enchanted forest is our home. It's where we live. Were I will live, where your father will live with Regina and Julie and – "

"Uh...I'm not planning on going anywhere. I'm sorry, but I'm not going to live in some forest without indoor plumbing and weird medieval clothes." Julie now piped up. "I've got my friends here, and my parents.." She immediately regretted those words when she saw the pain shoot through Regina's and David's eyes. "...and..." she then continued. "I really want to go live with you two. But here. Not there. We could move. I figured I don't have problems controlling magic when I am outside Storybrooke, it's because there isn't magic in the rest of the world right?" The girl asked and continued when Regina nodded in confirmation. "Well then we could like, move away from here. The three of us, or you could come with us, and we would have no problems with me being weird and..please stay here with us?" Julie pleaded.

Regina looked at David, who looked first back at her and then at Emma, Gold and finally at Snow. The entire room was silent for several minutes after which Snow let out a heartfelt sigh. "Fine." She said. "After all, home is where my family is, and if you all want to stay here, then I will stay too. And as Julie said, indoor plumbing ain't that bad either." She smiled softly and Julie let out a cry of happiness.

"But Julie...what about your adoptive parents?" Regina asked softly. "You can't just leave you, you're legally their daughter, and I am sure they love you too, just as much as we do."

Julie shook her head. "First of all they're not my adoptive parents, they are just really determined foster parents. They scared of me and don't understand me, yet they wouldn't send me back because they 'have made a commitment', as they put it. They will only be happy you returned." She sighed and she leaned in to David when he gently stroked her hair.

"I'm sure that's not true, Julie. I am sure they love you they...just show it in a wrong way." Regina said softly, knowing how much it could hurt when the child you cared for like your own believed you didn't love him or her.

"No she's right Regina." Neal now stepped in. "They really are afraid of her. They're good people, they really are, they're just not used to magic. The things Julie can do, they scare them. They sent her to doctors all over the country, but of course the moment they left Storybrooke with her nothing appeared to be different. I think that they would be all to happy to find out Julie's real parents have returned. They feel responsible for her and therefore won't leave Julie alone, so in a way it would be a relieve for them to not have to take care of her anymore."

"Please mom. You'll see, when you talk to them. They really are afraid of me, and because I felt like an outcast here I wasn't happy either. Things were bad for all three of us, but that can change now." Julie sighed and Regina couldn't help but smile because Julie called her mom.

"We will see what happens then." Regina said with a sigh. "I suggest you bring us to your parents then, and Rumple, could you please let the others know we're not coming back and close the portal afterwards?"

Gold nodded. "I will go get Belle – she had wanted to come with me in the first place – and close the portal afterwards." He agreed.

*EC* EC* EC* EC* EC* EC* EC* EC* EC* EC* EC* EC* EC* EC* EC* EC* EC* EC* EC* EC* EC* EC* EC*

Along with Gold, Granny and Ruby had too returned to Storybrooke. Granny missed the modern kitchen technology and Ruby wouldn't turn into a wolf anymore once she would leave Storybrooke, and that didn't sound that bad to her.

When Regina and David arrived at the house of Julie's foster parents they found that their daughter and Neal had been right. It didn't take the adults long to come to an agreement and within weeks everything was legally taken care of.

Regina, David and Julie found a house close to Henry, so they could visit him and his wife and new born son as often as they wanted. Snow rent an apartment not too far away from them and soon found a new prince charming.

Now nothing was binding Neal to Storybrooke anymore – Julie had found her happy ending - he too decided to move away from Storybrooke and went back to New York. There he and Emma soon revived their old relationship and Neal finally got the chance to rebuild the relationship with his father, who now lived with Belle in New York too.

Months later all received a postcard from Leroy and Nova, stating they were incredibly thankful for the fact that they had been given the opportunity to be together.

Too make this long story short, everyone eventually found back what they had lost, and they all lived happily ever after...

The end.