Auggie sat at his desk tapping a finger on the glass top. He wasn't feeling it today. Everything that could go wrong seemed to be exploding in front of his face today. But at least it was nearly five and he was contemplating asking Annie if she wanted to go for a beer at Allen's.

Things had been a bit strained between them, though, over the last few months… ever since the kiss. His life was feeling like one of those TV shows where the main characters finally admit they have feelings for each other, but they can't be together because the timing wasn't right. They'd talked that night, both admitted they had feelings beyond friendship for each other, but Annie had said there were things she needed to take care of before they could be together.

He'd felt a bit wounded at first, but he'd done his best to be understanding. Auggie wasn't sure what was really going on with Annie, but he had a feeling it had something to do with Simon. She was still reeling from his death even though it had been nearly six months. But, he guessed, losing the person you love as well as almost losing your own life do have a bit of an impact on your outlook on life.

The rolling of wheels across the room make Auggie perk up. "Barber?" he asked.

"Yeah, man?"

"Have you seen my stapler?"

"Oh, dude, I'm sorry. I borrowed it yesterday and totally forgot to put it back." Auggie heard the soft thud of his stapler being set on his desk in front of him.

"Seriously," Auggie sighed. He knew he sounded exasperated, but after the day he'd already had he couldn't keep it in any longer. "How long have we worked together? You need to remember to put my things back where you find them. It's not like I can just go looking around out work space and find my things."

"I said I'm sorry, dude." Barber paused before continuing and Auggie wish he'd kept his mouth shut. He didn't really want to have to explain. "What's going on with you, Auggie? You've been in a really terrible mood these last few days. What? Did you break up with Annie or something?"

"W-what?" Auggie asked, a little nervously.

"You and Annie. You two have hardly talked or hung out in weeks."

Auggie shrugged. "She's been studying up on her new NOC. It's been keeping her pretty busy." Auggie mentally sighed with relief. For a moment he thought Barber had figured out about their not so professional relationship. Auggie really didn't want rumors spreading around the office.

"So, what's bothering you then, man."

"I've been just having a rough couple days," Auggie insisted, trying to brush off Barber's concern. "I dropped my favorite coffee mug in my apartment this morning and have run into a couple walls today… literally and figuratively."

"Tough one, dude," Barber said sympathetically from across the room. "Maybe you should head out early today. Go get a beer." Auggie heard Barber sit back into his chair and roll himself to his desk.

"Yeah," Auggie said. "Maybe I will."

He slipped his headphones back over his ears and turned his music back on. Auggie just needed to finish a few more reports and then that was it. He could call it a day and finally get a start on his weekend. It was supposed to be ridiculously cold and he was looking forward to spending the weekend catching up on some reading.

Auggie was just finishing up his last report when the ping of an incoming email chimed in his ear. He leaned back in his chair, rolled his eyes and sighed. It was never a good sign when he received an email after 4pm on a Friday. He grumbled to himself as he opened the message and began to read.

"You've got to be kidding me," Auggie mumbled and his finger passed over the braille words across his keyboard. "Hey, Barber?" he called.


"Is Annie still at her desk?"

Auggie heard Barber wheel his chair out from behind his desk again before answering. "Yep. She's still there. Want me to call her in here?"

"No," Auggie answered reaching for his laser cane. "I'll go to her."