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He's a demon that's fallen for an angel, the sickest sort of irony that exists. It's the kind that leaves him shaking, sweating in the night as he dreams of her face, feverish in the day as his nightmares revisit him. She's the image of purity, a white rose in both name and substance. Gaia, he's so helplessly in love that his lungs ache with every inhale of her perfume, his heart constricts every time she moves, his soul screams with every flash of her blinding smile.

He wants to ruin her, taint her for himself. But she is too pure, too beautiful to even consider being selfish and keeping her locked away from the light where she belongs. He wants to drag her to hell, show her how she makes him feel, how she makes his mind cry out in agony - but she belongs in her heaven.

His gauntlet flashes in the mirror, catching the light at just the right angle to remind him that he can rip right through her flesh, kill her with even the most harmless of his caresses. She's a butterfly, her touch as delicate as gossamer wings and her lips as sweet as cherries, her entirety made of child-like innocence.

She's killing him little by little, every day, with every gentle word and every meaningful glance. It's killing him to resist feeling her soft skin, her feathery lips.

In the end, she comes to him, wanting to feel the demon's rough touch, begging him to show her how a monster loves.

There's been an "oops" in the universe — the angel's fallen for the demon, too.

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