War. War never changes.

Cold winds howl across the irradiated wastelands of North America. The air is not yet pure enough to breathe, and dangerous irradiated snowstorms sweep through the ruins of civilization. Hideous mutated creatures roam the wastes, eking out an existence for themselves in the new world left by the atomic Armageddon. Humanity hangs on by a loose thread. However, not all is lost.

The year is 2124. It has been 47 long years since the Great War; the war that nearly extinguished all life on the planet, and plunged the Earth into a freezing nuclear winter. The only known human survivors are residents of the Vaults, large underground nuclear bunkers designed to house the wealthiest of citizens and government officials after an atomic exchange. The Vaults were never given a way to communicate with each other, and they were never told when to open. Most of the current Vault dwellers have never seen a living human not from their Vault. They live in blissful ignorance of the nightmarish conditions outside the gigantic steel doors that keep them safe.

In the Arizona wasteland, near the city of Flagstaff, Mt. Elden sleeps. In its bowels lies Vault 48. Two generations have passed since the first survivors entered the Vault. Explorers, dubbed 'Rangers', leave the Vault regularly to scavenge the ruins and map the surrounding areas. It is two of these such Rangers that are about to leave the Vault for an expedition into the desolated city of Flagstaff. A man by the name of Stephen, and his son Isaac.

It is a cold, unforgiving world. The nuclear winter that has plagued the Earth for the past 5 decades is slowly abating, paving the way for an inevitable nuclear summer. The scars left by the great atomic war will never truly heal. Humanity may be almost extinct, but life continues on. Although it is strict in the Vaults, its residents continue their lives more or less the same as their forefathers did before the atomic fires of 2077.

Where the Romans fought the Carthaginians, the Rangers of Vault 48 fight the mutations, radiation and snowstorms. The game might have different rules and players, but war; war never changes.