So it would seem that yet again I can only write fanfiction for extra essays, and extra essays for fanfiction. Oh well, here's my second fanfic!

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Plip plop.

Plip plop pliplopliplopliplopffffffsss ssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh.

I gaze out my window from my desk chair, ignoring the mountains of paperwork stacked behind me. I reason with myself that I can take a break; I've been working for hours. Plus, whether or not I want to admit my age, I am still thirteen. Staying focused for so long on one task, especially one as tedious as paperwork, is going to be difficult.

So I continue to stare out the giant window at the rain. Well, not so much the rain, since I can barely see it. I can hear that there is a lot of it, but it's still light. What I can see, though, is the sky, and the grounds. The sky is, of course, a slate grey, stretching on and on and on. But just barely perceptible, all the way past the woods bordering my property, I can see just a hint of peach on the clouds. This shower won't last long.
Moving my eyes down, I stare at the sprawling greenery that is my back lawn. Topiary animals border the gardens, which are filled with white roses. Unlike the Queen of Hearts, I strongly prefer them to the red ones, finding that on days like this they both contrast and blend with the scenery.
I continue to mindlessly stare out the window at the scenery, absorbing the serenity. Everything is perfectly still, except for the sky. On the far reaches I can see the peach part growing bigger, signaling that my break is almost over. But still, the view is calm and refreshing. Few things could ruin such a pristine view.


My mind is suddenly brought back. Looking directly in front of me at the balcony, I see a crow sitting on the rail. Such a vile and cunning creature, the crow. It thinks that it is better than all of the other birds. However, it is not, and never will be, because of the raven. Where a crow has dull feathers, the raven's are glossy. When a crow is flapping its wings, a raven glides through the air. Such a lowly creature has most definitely ruined the view.
I stare it down, daring it to stay and ruin my break. I see a glint in its eye, and then it flaps off in the most ungraceful manner.
My mood, having been soured, finds solace in the now almost all-peach sky. The grey is only a third of what I can see. My break is over.


Sssssssssshhhhssssshhhhhhhhh hhhhhhsssssssssssssssshhhhhh hhhhhhhhhh



Plip plop.