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Some things:

NO! This is NOT my character. It is an OC!Candy. Not particularly based off of any other Candy either. It's just...Candy lol. Her name 'Maybel' is just a name that says something about her character. It isn't important plot-wise lol.

NO! There will not BE ANY bashing of the characters. All of them will be treated with respect and kept as in character as possible(I'm only up to the very end of episode 12). I know about what HAPPENS(as in a general summary way not a specific 'oh first you talk to Castiel about this and then you run over here because Nathaniel blah blah. Case in point I know in episode 16 Castiel yells at you and defends Debrah and you get comforted by your highest or second highest boy but I don't know anything other than that about that episode) in the future episodes but I don't know any character-specific things. So with that said...

YES! This will be AUish in that some events will happen different or not at all(mainly. Just making that clear.

The story is almost entirely in Kentin's POV. The first four chapters will be up in rapid succession. I hope the fifth one will be up soon.

This weather was almost painful.

Not literally of course as rain doesn't hurt anyone. But he was cold and wet and could feel a cold coming on. Why did he have to leave his umbrella at home? He could already hear his father now. Chiding him for not being able to stand a little rain, calling him a weak son, not a real man...It's bad enough that he had to stay after for gardening club of all things, something his father already doesn't approve of since gardening was for girls. Despite Ken's protests to the contrary, and excuse that there was no other club left, his father still looked down on him.

And school wasn't much better today wasn't much better. Though his sweet, sweet Maybel treated him kindly, most people didn't have any time for him including Maybel's friend Iris. Even the student body president forgot about him! Not to mention Amber and her friends who bullied him yet again today and took his money. And of course there was that one boy who always ruined his day just by existing. Castiel. It isn't even like he goes out of his way to bully him or anything which makes Ken feel even more pathetic for feeling this. But Castiel scares him. He was just so big and gruff and...strong. And during the note incident he got really angry with Ken. He thought he was going to be beaten up for sure even though he tried to explain that he was only trying to make things easier for Maybel.

Sometimes he wondered if things would ever change.

He sighed sadly and hugged himself.

What was taking his father so long to show up?

It was then that Ken saw, or rather heard, that he wasn't alone. Someone was walking in the puddles heading towards him. A sweet, melodious voice hummed a tune. Ken could only feel his heart pound harder and faster as he realized exactly who it was. He turned around and his eyes turned into hearts once he saw that it was indeed his sweet Maybel.

Her brown curls bounced around her head as she walked with a delicate grace that was entirely her own. Her red umbrella with a white design was supposed to protect her from the rain. But she twirled it around so much that it was clear that she was getting wet anyway. Being a fifteen-year-old boy, Ken also easily noticed the tight black top she wore along with the short white shorts and blue suspenders that showed off her smooth creamy legs. On her dainty, little feet were green rainboots with a white design.

She was mismatched like always. But to Ken she was breathtaking.

Her beautiful blue eyes were closed at the moment so he wondered if she even noticed him. He called out anyway.

"Maybel! Maybelline! May!" He shouted using all of her nicknames. She liked it whenever she heard all three and he knew she did so he did whenever possible. Ken was treated to the beautiful sight of her eyes slowly opening and meeting his own green, behind the glasses of course. With these clouds it was already pretty dark, but Ken was sure his red face was as noticeable as it would be in a well lit room. He just couldn't help his body reactions.

She smiled at him and Ken felt like his heart would pop out of his chest. Even worse when she started walking towards him, all 5'4 of her. Ken liked that the most he realized. Although he would still love her even if she was a giant, Maybel was the only girl he knew that was shorter than him. Most girls are either his height or taller. It was one of the few, rare moments where Ken could actually feel like a man and not like a little boy. Now if only he could work up the nerve to ask her to be his girlfriend.

"Ken," Maybel simply said. Hearing his name come from her mouth had him a jittery mess.

"H-Hi! Maybel, what are you doing here?" He managed to ask. He knew she was also in the gardening club, but she didn't have to stay after for the meeting. Though he had wished she did. Ever since that...guy Jade gave her a flower to put in her hair Ken has been trying his best to one up that. Even knowing that the guy gave the same flower to Sachi didn't quell the...angry feeling within him. He had only just found what could be the perfect flower for his May only because of the rain he had to leave it in the shed for protection. Now it was locked and so it was too late to go and get it.

Maybel only hummed and tilted her head. She had cute, coy little smile on her face, as if she knew something he didn't. He felt like she was gazing at him, actually seeing him and trying to figure out something about him. It made him feel more nervous than anything. He wondered if she knew that he liked her. He must've called her the love of his life about 100 times to her face. And he's sure he acted in a way that clearly communicated his feelings to her, but yet she still only treated him like they were best pals. So he wondered, did she know? And if she did, was she ever going to return his feelings.

"I just...Ken," she murmured softly. Oh Lord...the way she said his name. It was as if she was seducing him or something. Was she? Was she really trying to seduce him? Ken felt his blood pump in his veins, he felt hot on his neck and sweat trickle down his palms. His glasses also fogged up a little from the heat.

"Y-Yes?" He stammered. Ken began to realize that he didn't feel the rain anymore. He couldn't tell if it was because he lost the ability to notice anything but Maybel or because of the girl's umbrella. All he knew was that he was or wasn't feeling right now because of her.

And then, she raised her small, delicate hand and placed it on his cheek.

She was cupping his cheek.

She was cupping his cheek.

Such an intimate gesture Ken had never felt before from another girl. His mother used to do the same thing when she was alive, but no other girl has ever done the same until now. And it was Maybel, his sweet, sweet Maybel. Her hand felt so warm and soft. It fitted perfectly against his round, tan cheeks.

"M-May?" He only hated how couldn't speak without stuttering. He couldn't imitate the way she said his name. He couldn't make her feel the intense feeling that he felt by just saying her name. The intense feeling, that was made even more intense by this physical contact.

The intense feeling, that was nothing compared to what Ken felt when Maybel's soft lips touched his.

He was so shocked, his eyes stayed wide open even as hers slowly closed. This...This was nothing like he had ever even dreamed of before! This...This was...so much better! No not even so much better, a thousand times! A million times! It was...It was...



Only in Ken's wildest dreams did he ever think he was going to actually kiss his dream girl. No. His dream girl kissed him! She tasted sweet, like cotton candy with a hint of bubblegum. He knew it was because her cotton candy flavored bubblegum was all she ate when she wasn't eating breakfast lunch or dinner. For once he was tasting it on her mouth, on her lips. She didn't part her mouth. She kept it closed but it tasted strong and sweet all the same. He wondered what he tasted like. Cookies?

Ken regained his barings and only just realized he had to react when Maybel pulled away, a soft 'smack' sounding through out Ken's ears.

He was sure he was beet red. He was incredibly embarrassed as well. Because Maybel kissed him and he couldn't remember if he kissed back.

"I'm so sorry Maybel! I wanted to kiss back! You just surprised me and-"

Maybel cut him off with a "shhh" as she placed her small index finger on his lips. The tingly sensation from her kiss was still there and it probably won't go away for a long time. But he enjoyed the feeling of her finger as well. He had the strong urge to do something with it. Kiss it. Lick it. Pull it into his mouth and suck it. But he did none of the above. Instead he looked up to see Maybel still gazing at him, her sapphire blue eyes half-hidden under a half-lidded gaze. They looked darker as if they were filled with desire. The thought of being desirous to Maybel, his dream girl, made him feel a familiar hot sensation below his belt.

He wanted to take her into his arms and makeout like he had never done before. He was wanted to touch her and hold her close. He wanted to do something with her. But she pulled away, with a sly smile on her face she said,

"Ken. I adore you so much."

Adore? Adore was good. Adore was really good because adore had Maybel kissing him.

"My bus is almost here so I must go. See you around then?"

"Definitely!" Ken immediately said. Definitely. Maybel winked at him, sending another shot of fire through him and walked off. He watched her. He watched the subtle sway of her hips and the movement of her butt. Her smooth creamy legs looked longer as she moved away. He kept an eye on the small of her back until she disappeared. She never once looked back at him and he had to wonder if she was purposely putting on a show for him.

She might have been putting on a show for him. For him.

Did he do it? Did he really do it? Did he really win her heart? Is this finally the moment when his life changes? Or was this all a dream. He pinched himself to be be sure. It hurt. Ken was on Cloud 9. When his father finally pulled up, Ken felt nothing but joy because all he thought of was Maybel. He could hardly sense his father's disappointment, he couldn't even hear the man chide him for not bringing an umbrella. Ken was happy and he felt nothing could bring him down.

But that night during dinner, Ken's father revealed that he had signed him up for military school.

And that's it for the first chapter. Hope you liked it! I guess some questions to ask are why did Maybel kiss Ken and why was she being so mysterious and what the hell was she doing after school if she wasn't there for gardening club?

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