Okay here is the last chapter for a bit.

We continue in the classroom where Kentin's got some thinking and realizing to do after his almost-fight with Castiel. Let's see what he comes up with hehe


Not her. Never her. But himself. Kentin was pathetic.

He might as well still be Ken for all he's doing right now. She was still so breathtaking and gorgeous. Even the way she sat, not correctly on her bottom like most students, but on her knees. Her black leg warmers and blue lolita flower shoe-clad feet were sticking up in the air as she leaned over her desk, her chestnut-brown hair falling like a waterfall over her small back after she took off her lime green scrunchies. She was leaning her head on the palm of her hand, her turquoise-painted nails glinting in the artificial light.

She looked like she was paying attention to the lesson. Or perhaps the rumors that Mr. Farzie was a pushover were true. Because Kentin knew that it wasn't this engaging history lesson that held her attention.

It was him,


He sat close to the front, not because he wanted to. But because he was late and that was the only seat left. Kentin put his head in his arms on his desk in an attempt to hide his glare. His green eyes glowed with envy and jealousy as he glowered at the school's delinquent.

They were total opposites mentally. Kentin was a genius, Castiel only did enough to pass. Kentin was born, raised, and schooled in the art of good deeds, kindness, courtesy, and of course following the rules unless an exception need to be made. For Castiel, all of the above were the exceptions to his normal behavior. It took something special just to even get a nice word from the guy!

So what did Maybel see him?

Why did she give up what could've been between them, just to crush on that...asshole? She looked so impressed when she saw him again. She even said she loved how he looked now better than how he did before. A man with confidence, she had called him. A man who looked dependable and who she could count on to keep her safe and protected.

His green eyes darkened a bit in sadness as he looked at Maybel once more. The love-sick smile on her face as she gazed at the red-headed boy was like a lightening strike to his heart. Her lips were glossed over with bubblegum pink lip gloss, he knew because he saw her applying some earlier, and he wondered if he would ever get a taste again or if it was Castiel's only now. He wondered if he would ever get to taste new flavors on her.

He wondered what it would take to get her to smile at him like that.

Kentin would've voiced his frustration had he not been in a classroom that was actually having class. This was all so frustrating to him because it shouldn't have happened like this. He had all of these ideas of what would happen when he came back and all but one was right. He wowed the crowd, got decent revenge on Amber, got Castiel to actually want to fight him. But...Maybel didn't want to be with him because she was attracted to Castiel now.

Though she still adored him.

He loves her.

He always loved her. He never stopped even at the military academy. He still does love her. And the old Ken would've been fine with that. Heartbroken surely, but he would let Maybel go without a fight. He would let Maybe have her crush and only subtly hint at his lingering feelings for her, hoping she'd take pity and perhaps give him a chance. He wouldn't stand up and do something.

Ken would let things happen as they happen.

But Kentin will be different. He will fight. He will respect what Maybel wants in the end, but he will try his damn hardest to prove to her that he is the better choice. Kentin is the one she wants. If she wanted him once before, then there must be a little of that still in her right? Whatever made her kiss him that day before he went off to military school, he has to remind her of it.

And if it ever comes down to trading blows with Castiel, then so be it. Kentin was determined; he glared harshly at the bored-looking boy. He is determined not to lose to him. He has been physically prepared for a fight with a guy like Castiel. He trained with people bigger and tougher and...and...

His leg won't stop shaking at the thought. And neither will his finger stop tapping.

Kentin wanted to believe that it was anticipation for the upcoming battle. But he knew deep down that it was fear. Castiel still made him nervous. Still made him feel weak. and now that he had Maybel...

And that's why he felt so pathetic.

In the end Kentin came up with... absolutely nothing new :D! However this is an important chapter because it establishes that Kentin still has insecurities to work through(numerous ones actually but they won't be obvious until later). I'm going to keep giving this character life and hope he stays 3D.

Also or the 8th chapter, you'll have to give me a day or two to figure out what I want. I have two scenes that might be it. One almost done and one just started. I'm really leaning towards using the one that is just started. But obviously since it is just started I need to write more for it. It shouldn't be long though.

Hope you liked this one!