I Wanna Help You Out

Summary: Brittany is Santana's neighbor. Her room is directly across from Santana's, which makes it possible for them to see into each other's rooms. Brittany developed a feeling of love for Santana ever since she was 12 years old. Santana who loves to go to parties is also a loner. They discover they are more alike. Brittany watches her through her window. What happens when she sees?

Brittany's POV

Today is my first day of high school, and I already know that it's going to suck ass. I would much rather stay at home and work on proofing my photos. You see, people think that because I'm a blonde, with bright blue eyes, long legs, and pale skin that I like to joke around, move around, and just be bubbly. Let me say, that that is completely untrue. I would much rather stay in my room and just be alone.

"Honey, if you want a ride to school come down stairs right this second." I hear my mom yell. She is always yelling, always telling me to come out of my room, always threatening to take away my camera that I paid for in full. She just doesn't get it. She never will. She doesn't understand how taking pictures, finding objects, murals, art in general makes me happy. She doesn't get out happy this girl I see every day and night before I go to bed makes me happy.

"I'm coming Mom, just stop yelling." I yelled back and grabbed my satchel from my closet and walked past my dark room. I closed the door. I swear I hate it when my mom tries to come inside of it and peek through my photos. She thinks that my photos are purposeless. She doesn't know that they make me happy and motivate me to make it through the day.

I run down the stairs and almost trip over my shoelaces to my red converse all-star gym shoes.

"Brittany, how many times do I have to tell you to tie your shoelaces? I swear one of these days you are going to fall flat on your behind, better yet your face."

"Yeah, yeah okay mom just drop me off at school. I don't want to be late." I run out to the car to start the engine. It was kind of chilly today because it's turning fall. Fall is my favorite season. There's something about how the changing colors of the leaves. They make her eyes chocolatier for some reason. I don't question it because it makes her all the more beautiful.

3 years ago at 12 years old

I just moved from Florida and am now a resident of Lima, Ohio. This totally sucks because I have no friends, this place is boring, and to top it off I am the only child. What a life I have now.

Dad told me to move some of the lighter boxes into my room. I ran outside and ran into this girl. I knocked her glasses off and made her fall into the ground. I landed right onto of her.

I lifted my head to see her face. She starts to laugh and I wonder why.

"Your ears, they're so red." She continues to chuckle. "Umm can you get off of me? I'm having a little trouble breathing with you laid flat on top of me."

I start to get up. I swear I didn't see her.

I start to apologize. "I am so sorry. Here are your glasses. Sorry again. Here let me help you out there." I give her my hand and hand over her glasses. She takes them from my hand and stands up and mouths me a thank you. She turns away and walks toward the house right next to mine.

"What's your name?" I yelled out to her. She turns around on her porch while her hand was on the door.

"Santana, my name is Santana Lopez." She yelled back to me.

"Sorry again Santana Lopez. My name is Brittany Pierce." She gives me a smile and just stares at me with an almost frightened look on her face. I turn around to look at her line of sight.


A bike runs me right over and keeps going. I lay there on the grass and then decide to get up. As I stand, I see that she is still there, but this time she is walking over to me.

"Are you okay? That fucking bastard. Voy a meter un palo por el culo…" She starts yelling. I begin to smile because one: she is yelling but so sweetly two: she just said something in Spanish and she sounds so strong.

"I'm okay. Well I guess I will see you around." I try to get her to leave before I do something else stupid.

She walked away from me and said "Okay"

I never talked to her directly like that again

I spot my mom coming down out of the house. She gives me a bagel.

"Mom I'm not hungry." I try to give it back to her. "Eat the bagel, you are so skinny."


30 minutes later

"Your father and I will be out tonight, so take this money for food. Love you" Mom tries to lean over and give me a kiss. I offer my cheek. I get out to walk into McKinley. I walk over to my locker and open it to find my History and Spanish books. As I turn I spot the one girl who seems to make my day.

I continue walking and as soon as I try to pass her to get through the door next to her, I fall.

"These fucking shoe strings FUCK!" I mumble to myself. I pull myself up from the floor and I'm met with brown eyes.

"Hey, are you okay. I would have helped you out but I was pretty distracted." Santana says with the sweetest voice I've ever heard.

"Oh that's okay thanks though." I say with a whisper as I continue to walk into my history class, this guy with a Mohawk calls after me who seems to be the reason Santana was distracted.

"Hey blondie, wanna come to a party tonight? There's gonna be babes like this one right here" he points to Santana "and of course me and some of my other bros." He says with this voice that irritates me.

"Nah, parties aren't my thing. Thanks though." I reply and shuffle over to my seat. I begin to think about Santana. She's probably going to go that party, but I can't. I like being alone unless it's just me and her. That will never happen.

The rest of my day goes on. I swear school is jail.


I pack up my homework and text books and exit through the side door so I can head to the park before I go home.

As I walk over by the swings I see some leaves on the ground. I decide to take a picture. I sit on one of the swings and take a picture in motion. It might come out a little blurry but I always say that everything is worth remembering, even the bad stuff. Sometimes it takes remembering the bad stuff to realize the good stuff.

After a while I walk home.

As I step into my room I take off the red scarf and hat I wore today and the blue sweater that always made me feel nice and cozy. Then, I walk over to the window in my room.

If people knew how much time I spent at this window they would probably think I was a stalker. I use to be uncomfortable with the fact that the girl I pretty much loved since I was twelve years lived right next to me. Not only that, but the fact that the window in her room was directly across from the window in my room. I grew from that feeling though. I may have taken a few pictures of her, [fully clothed] from my view. What can I say? She is just so beautiful. Her pictures are the reason why I am so protective over my dark room.

I peek through my shade and see that she is in her room reading. She is always reading. I run over to grab my camera.


I can always tell what genre she is reading through her expressions. I swear she has the face of a goddess. She has never caught me taking a picture. Thank God. I wouldn't know how to explain myself if she ever did. Then again, we never talk. I place my camera on the desk and just watch as she gets up from her bed and grabs her phone. I guess someone is telling her to come outside because she begins to pack her purse and exit her room. I bet she's going to that party. I know she is.

While she's gone I guess I can develop these photos. So I go into my dark room and spend the next hour or so in there until my eyes start feeling heavy.

I walk over to my drawer and pull out a pair of pajama pants and a tank top. It gets really hot at night.

I try to close my eyes in bed and start to relax, until I hear a car door slam. I thought it was mom and dad, until I get up and walk pass my window to see its Santana crying her eyes out.

I wish I could help her out. I walk over to peek through the shade…


I fell in right in front of the window and my shade falls.

"Fuck, fuck, fuckity, fuck!" I yell. I look up and see her, the girl I love staring at me with tears down her eyes and a smirk on her lips.


I lift myself up and then she's gone. I look eagerly over into her room.

"Where is she?" I yell to myself.

Ding Dong Ding Dong