Chapter 21: Sex Therapy

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Brittany looks back at the picture on the camera to see how it turned out. "I can't wait to develop this one. I'm gonna make two copies, one for you and one for me."

"Good because this birthday will always be remembered, and plus you have more and more to come and I will be around to make sure each one is more and more special than the last." Santana then hisses into Brittany's ear.

"So what are you saying Lopez?"

"I am saying..." Santana moves behind Brittany with the bed sheet still wrapped around her. "that I am sticking around. I'm in love with you and I am not going anywhere."

"Is that right?" Brittany questions with a sexy tone.

"It is so right."

Brittany turns around and puts the camera on the bed. "You do so much for me. I want to see you relax now. Come on let's take a shower. After that, we're gonna go somewhere else so that you can really relax."

"You're gonna help me relax huh?" Santana drops the bed sheet, kisses the back of Brittany's neck and makes her way to the bathroom, sway her hips with so much effort to get Brittany's attention. Brittany bites her lip and runs up behind Santana and scoops her up in her arms. She puts Santana on top of the lidded toilet and looks up at her.

"I am going to help you do just that." Brittany kisses around Santana's belly button. After a few kisses Santana grabs her head.

"Well let's get to it then." Santana offers a slight smirk and she hops onto Brittany who makes her way into the shower. They start it up to get clean before they make their way to the place that Brittany feels will get Santana relaxed.

45 Minutes Later

I help Santana out of the shower. "Ugh babe it's so cold. We should have just stayed in there for at least two hours."

I laugh at her pouting face. "I know something that will keep us warm." I attempt to wiggle my eyebrows.

Santana gives her infamous smirk. I guide Santana into the bedroom and grab the robes. "This hotel has a Jacuzzi."

"Skinny dipping in a hotel Jacuzzi? Baby you're a genius." I blush and I grab her hand to make our way down the hall to get to the elevator.

"Wait babe, gotta get the room key." She grabs the key off of the night stand. She runs up to me with the key in her hand. I hold her free hand and we walk toward the elevator. Patiently waiting for the elevator to appear, Santana turns around and sees some guy walking down the hallway.

"Oh shit babe, we gotta go fast!" She tugs on my arm.



Santana pushes me into the elevator and she hits the button that closes the doors quickly while we were inside.

"What's wrong?"

"Babe we can't be seen by that guy."

"Does that guy have a name?"

"Stephen. The reason he shouldn't see us is because we don't necessarily look like Mr. and Mrs. Lopez, who are currently staying on the 10th floor in room 27." I look at Santana staring nervously at the buttons on the elevator control pad. I grab her arm and pull her into my arms. Santana plants her head onto my chest and looks away.

"You little rebel you. That's how you got that hotel room."

She looks up at me as if what I said was a wicked theory. "Huh?"

"Awe you didn't have to go through all of that trouble-" I begin to say, but I get cut off.

"To get you alone with no distractions, interruptions, and fear of getting caught, yes I did. Plus, there wasn't any trouble. I'd do it again if I have to, just so that I can be with you all day and all night."

"You're gonna be in trouble tonight." I guide my hand down to her ass and my lips closer to hers.


I pull my head back and Santana whips her head around. No one's standing there.

"The door's waiting babe." I grab a hold of Santana's hand and lead her toward the floor we landed on. I stick my head out of the elevator first to see if anyone is in the hallway. I nod my head to let her know that the floor was clear. Santana tiptoes out first into the hallway and hides behind an outward portion of the wall. She then peaks out her head from around the corner.

She looks back at me. "Sssp-sssp coast is clear." I come out from inside the elevator and tip-toe quickly past her down the hall. I wave her over and she meets me right outside the pool door.

"See if anybody's in there?" Santana looks around the hall way as I put my face to the windows. It is hard to see inside because the windows are so tinted. I pull on the handle and see that there's no one inside. We walk inside and notice the Jacuzzi still on.

Santana walks ahead of me and made her way past the pool to get to the Jacuzzi.

"Somebody can't wait." I say to her walking slowly behind. Santana stops in her path and turns around.

"Like you said baby, I really, really need to relax." She unties her robe and lets it drop to the floor. She turns around and continues walking to her destination. My mouth drops and my eyes immediately drop to her perfect round ass, as it moves with every step she takes. All of a sudden she turns around again and my eyes shoot up.

"Something catch your eye?" She raises and eyebrow and plants a smirk across her lips.

"N-nope." I stutter and she giggles.

"Don't worry babe it's all yours to stare at. I just like the fact that I still make you nervous." She tosses me a wink and continues walking. I walk faster and pick up her robe. Santana stands over the Jacuzzi and tests the water with her foot.

"How is it?" I ask her as I place her robe on the railing.

"Hot…like you." She gets into it and makes her way to a corner. Her face scrunches up as she adjusts to the temperature. When it looked like she was adjusted, she broke me out of my trance. "Get in here. I can't really relax without you right next to me."

I take off my robe and put it on the railing right next to Santana's. As soon as I turn back toward her she has her bottom lip already in between her teeth and her eyes are looking me up and down.

"Like what you see?" I say and even do a spin with it.

"Adore it." She brings her arm from under water and motions for me to get in. I test it with my foot before getting in.

"Shit this is hot!" Santana laughs at me.

"I told you it was hot like you. I must say you are very, very hot babe." I give her a pout for laughing at me. "Aww come here." She opens her arms to me and I make my way into them. She turns me around so that she could hold me from behind. The Jacuzzi water continues to bubble and shoot from the water outlets around us. "Better?" She asks me once we were settled.

"Definitely." We stayed like this for a while until I decided to really help her relax. I unwrap her arms from around me. She started to protest.

"Ah, ah, ah. I want to tease you. I want to please you. I want to show you baby that I need you. I want your body 'till the very last drop. I want you to holler when you want me to stop. I want the night for me and you so come here baby and let me do it to you."

I reach for Santana's right foot and started massaging it thoroughly. A sigh of content escaped from her mouth. After spending about ten minutes on her right foot, I traded off for her left one. I give it the same amount of attention. Santana's eyes soon closed. My thumbs circle the form of her foot. I then move up her legs, onto her calf muscles. My fingers work wonders around them making her back arch. I continue to give her other calf muscle its attention. I want her to feel comfortable all over. In her body. In her mind. In her heart. In her soul. Now, I'm not sure how far a massage goes but it'll have to do.

I continue my hand work up her thighs and I sense her breathing has changed. The water continues to shoots from all sides of the Jacuzzi. My fingers knead into her skin. Her mouth soon falls slightly open. I work my hands higher and higher. My hands reach her hips and I lean into her.

"I need you to turn around, love." Santana keeps her eyes closed and turns around for me. She folds her arms and lays her head on them. I kiss the top of her back, but guide my hands down to her lower back. I roll the heel of my hand into her back. I hear her breathing hitch. I go up her back and up and down her sides. Every once and a while my fingers graze across her boobs. When I finally get to her shoulders, I hear quick breathing escaping from that gorgeous mouth of hers. She lifts her head and turns around.

"Babe, I wasn't done."

"Oh yes you were."

She moves starts to move past me in the water. I watch as she quickly gets out of the water. She puts on her robe and makes her way out of the pool area. I quickly get out and put on my robe to walk after her. I don't know what happened back there but for some reason it has her acting so weird.

I try to walk faster, but every time I pick up speed, she does so twice as fast. I don't even make it to the elevator she's on. I anxiously wait for the elevator to come back. As soon as I made it to the 10th floor I make my way toward the room. I notice the door of our room slightly open. 'Did I do something wrong?' I think to myself.

I reach for the door and push it open. Music is playing inside and a few candles are lit.

Stressed out uptight, over worked wound up

Unleash what you got let's explore your naughty side

Follow me where we go, we don't need no bread crumbs

Can't you see baby you're the only one

I don't even see her in the room. I look to my right and I only see the messy bed we made. I notice the bed sheet missing.

You are my love, you are my love

Let me be your medicine

Cuz I got one thing on my mind I'll be your valentine

Spread your wings and baby fly away

I walk further into the room, and the door closes behind me I turn around and it's Santana wrapped in the bed sheet.

It's your body you can yell if you want to

Loud if you want to, scream if you want to

Just let me love you lay right here girl don't be scared of me

Give you sex therapy, give you sex therapy

Santana drops the bed sheet, so that it falls to the floor. She turns Brittany around and pulls her in for a passionate kiss. Brittany picks Santana up by the back of her thighs onto her waist. Santana's legs immediately wrap around her back, and they reconnect their lips.

Santana's mouth falls open to capture Brittany's tongue. They duel with their open mouthed kisses as Santana pushes into Brittany so that she is against the mirror. Brittany starts to move her kisses down to the brunette's chin, then down her neck. She nibbles on a hickey she made earlier.

Santana grunts and pulls herself up on Brittany. Her naked pussy rubbing against Brittany's stomach, she moans. The blonde's hands cover both of her girlfriend's ass cheeks. She helps her out by lifting her up and down, creating more friction against her stomach.

It's your body we'll go hard if you want to

As hard as you want to, soft as you want to

Just let me love you lay right here I'll be your fantasy

Give you sex therapy, give you sex therapy

Santana's head flies back as Brittany continues to kiss her way down the valley of Santana's boobs as she bobs up and down her body.

"Fuck….ugh." Another moan escapes from Santana's lips. She places her hand on the mirror to help her move up and down and keep her hold onto Brittany. Brittany wraps her arm around her girlfriend's waist and uses her right hand to find its way to Santana's entrance from behind. "You're so wet." Brittany attaches her lips to Santana's neck just as she enters her fingers into the brunette. Immediately after, Santana throws her head forward and kisses the crook of the blonde's neck. "Don't stop…. don't ever stop…" Santana mumbles against her skin.

Baby less all for you to do is let your body be

I'll lick you down and make you feel like you 'bout it 'bout it

Ha ha ha ha ha ha, the doctor's here for you

Take you like Twilight I'll bite your neck

You don't have to stay in the rain I'll get you wet, yeah

Push you up against the wall, turn you out and turn you on

Brittany works in and out of Santana as she holds on and keeps her legs around Brittany. Santana bites the side of Brittany's neck and this makes her move faster.

"Th-there! Mmmm… Shit Britt shit ugh!" Santana leans back her head so that she is face to face with her girlfriend. Brittany looks down at Santana's open mouth. She leans in and takes Santana's bottom lip in between her teeth. She gives it a pull and let's go of her lip to kiss her full on. As soon as their tongues touch, Brittany feels Santana's walls contract around her fingers. "Cum." That is all Brittany says before Santana's legs tighten around her body and her breathe hitches.

It's your body we can ride and rock and roll

Ride and rock and roll ride and rock

She lifts Santana up and down letting her girl's pussy rub against her stomach as her fingers quicken their pace to ride out her orgasm. Santana scratches Brittany's back as she comes down from her moment in ecstasy.

The blonde slows to a stop and stays grounded as she holds Santana up against her. She takes her hand from inside her and brings it up to her mouth. Santana looks Brittany in the face with her dark eyelashes fluttering open to look at just what her girlfriend does.

Just let me love you lay right here girl don't be scared of me

Give you sex therapy, give you sex therapy

Brittany brings her fingers to her mouth and licks off all of Santana's juices. Brittany licks them clean and stares at Santana. The brunette can't help but to kiss her. Once their kisses slowed down, Brittany places Santana back on the floor. "I love you." Santana says with true and honest eyes.

Brittany spins her around and hugs her from behind. Brittany's rock hard cock pokes at Santana. Brittany kisses the back of Santana's shoulder and hums in her ear, "I love you more. How's that for relaxation?" Brittany turns her around and places strands of hair behind Santana's hair. "Perfect." Santana kisses Brittany on the lips. Before Brittany could even get out what she was going to say, she feels Santana's warm hand around her dick.

"Come on, how about a shower?" Santana says and starts to walk off, not before getting a playful slap to the ass by her girlfriend.

They enjoy their time in the shower and once they dried off they made their way to bed. Both of them not looking forward to the return home in the morning.


Santana wakes up before Brittany and gets out of bed. She puts her robe on and head to the bathroom. She brushes her teeth with one of the toothbrushes from the pair of new ones she bought before Brittany's birthday party. After freshening herself up she made her way back into the room.

She sees that her girlfriend has rolled over to her side of the bed. She even notices her holding her camera like baby in her arms as she sleeps. Brittany played with the camera until they both fell fast asleep. Santana giggles and gets closer to her so that she could get the camera from her. "Gentle, gentle, gentle" Santana quietly chant as she pries the camera free from her grip. Once she has it in her possession, she makes her way back to the bathroom because she has an idea.

"She's gonna love what I'm about to do." Santana turns on the light in the bathroom. The brunette starts to undo her robe. When she's was satisfied with what she was revealing, she holds the camera out to take a picture. The next picture she pulls the robe down further so that the picture captures her shoulder down to my right boob.


She slowly pulls down the left side of the robe so that her perfect set of twins are revealed.


Then, she drops the whole robe at once. She places the camera on the counter and sets the timer. She steps back and makes a sexy look toward the camera. Her eyes are lower. Her mouth is slightly open. The light in the bathroom hits her caramel skin just right. A glow of happiness and sex appeal immediately radiates off of her naked body. As she holds her pose, the camera takes her picture.

1,2,3 SNAP

She turns around so that her full backside is toward the camera. She smiles knowing Brittany is definitely going to appreciate her ass in this photo.

"She's going to lose her pants when she develops these." Santana then holds the camera above herself so that she could look up at the camera and from an angle she can see just how naked I am.


Santana puts the camera down, so that she could put her robe back on. After finally getting herself together, she makes her way back into the bedroom with the camera in hand. She finds Brittany cuddling her pillow, still butt naked. She decides to take a picture of the adorable sight in front of her. She then places it on the nightstand.

Santana smiles at Brittany as she looks so far away in her sleep. The brunette crawls up the bed to cuddle Brittany from behind. Brittany shifts a little in her sleep. The brunette places kisses down her spine. A yawn escapes from Brittany's mouth. "Mmm babe."

"Shh go back to sleep. I didn't mean to wake you."

"Where's my cam-cam?" Brittany says in the sweetest, child-like manner.

"Cam-cam is right here on the nightstand." Santana rubs up and down Brittany's arm.

"Why are you up so early baby?" Brittany turns around to face Santana. "What are you thinking about?" Brittany sees an expression on her girlfriend's face.

"I'm just happy that's all. I am happy with you."

"Me too babe, I'm as happy as the llamas mentioned in the llama song."

Santana giggles at what Brittany just said. "Babe, what are you talking about?"

Brittany sits up and starts singing a portion of the llama song. "Here's a llama, there's a llama, and another little Llama Fuzzy Llama, Funny Llama. Llama llama duck Llama, llama, cheesecake, llama, tablet, brick, potato llama, llama llama, mushroom llama, llama llama duck..."

Santana giggles at how Brittany manages to sing a random campfire song when she's only when awake for not even five minutes.

"When I was younger, my mom made me go to camp for the summer to make some friends. I didn't accomplish making new friends, but I did accomplish mastering the lyrics to the llama song before any of the other kids." Brittany laughs her confession and looks down at Santana.

"And I am proud of you." Santana hugs her girlfriend and they get silent.

"Ugh babe it's morning." Brittany looks over Santana's head onto the balcony.

"I know I don't want to leave either."

They both let out a gust of air. "But we better start getting ready. That way we could at least make it back home before our parents are awake." Santana looks up at Brittany after her statement. Brittany looks down and kisses the top of her forehead. They soon get up and get ready to leave the room that will always hold memories and special time they spent together.

It was a good thing Santana thought about the box of stuff she brought from home that she knew they would need in the morning. She had brought pajamas for the both of them, so that they wouldn't have to leave in their dresses from the party. Before they left they took another photo. This time Brittany set the timer on it to take their picture as they sat on the bed lips locked.

After the picture, they made sure they had everything and made their way downstairs. Brittany had her car keys, and camera. Santana made sure she grabbed everything she brought to the room. Before leaving they walked past the party room that Brittany's party was held in. Some of the hotel workers were cleaning and clearing her Birthday stuff. Santana ran inside and grabbed two balloons. One had 16 on it and another had the letter B. Brittany took a picture of the stuff that was still up on the walls and tables, for memories sake.

They then went to Brittany's new car. They return home, back to reality.

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