Not Gryffindor Enough to Admit It


Character: Angelina J (SevenFics Challenge)

Puking Pastilles: Write a fic with only dialogue. (WWW Comp)

"Just shut up and listen. Please, George, just listen."


"Just, please. This is going to be hard enough."

"Okay, Angelina, I'm listening."

"Give me your hand, there, thank you. Oh gosh, I never thought it would come to this, I thought maybe I could make this work. I thought maybe we could have made this work for Fred and Roxy's sake, but every time I look at you I know all I see is a brother and a best friend. For a long time I deluded myself, made myself believe that we were going to be fine and this would all just be okay some day. You knew that this wasn't working either, didn't you?"

"I knew."

"You were my best friend, George. You were more sensitive and had more sense, it seemed right, but deep down I knew it wasn't. Neither of us were Gryffindor enough to admit it."

"I love you, little sister."

"I love you too, big brother. George, you were my rock and you still are. Just because this wasn't meant to be doesn't mean I'm leaving for good because I'll always come back for you. You'll be my brother forever and always. Goodbye."

"See you soon, Angie.