Chapter 1 Feelings

Imogen woke up this mourning feeling like she was ready to take on the world she took a warm shower and dressed in a black long sleeve shirt and matching jeans with black sneakers. Imogen headed down stairs where she found Natalie reading the news paper.

"Morning mom."

"Morning Imogen" Natalie replied.

"Mom I'm headed to Eli's to go to school I'll grab something on the way."

"Okay, I'll be working a double shift tonight I left money for dinner in the kitchen."

"Thanks." Imogen replied as she walked out the door.

She made it to Eli's in no time considering the bus was slow.

She found Eli waiting outside his door.

"Hey Eli"

"Imogen your on time today." Eli said jokingly.

"Very funny Eli I just want to be early for class I mean we only have four months left and I want to get into a good college"

"Sure that's it Imogen you just want to check out Fiona and Charlie." Eli said half jokingly.

The duo walked to Degrassi in virtual silence with Imogen analyzing what Eli had just said.

Was she really jealous of Fiona and Charlie?

Twenty minutes later they noticed Fiona and Charlie in front of Degrassi

"Hey Imogen there's Charlie and Fiona." Eli said as he noticed Charlie and Fiona by Fiona's white sports car.

"Let them come over here Eli". Imogen reprimanded

What the duo didn't expect to see was what happen next Imogen and Eli watched as Charlie slapped Fiona and Charlie tossed the keys down on the ground and left.

Imogen and Eli ran to Fiona as Charlie left.

"Fiona you okay?" Imogen asked.

"Yeah I'm fine its just I got Charlie mad again I deserved it." Fiona said trying to wipe away tears.

"Fiona don't say that no one deserves to get hit like that." Imogen said.

"Come on guys we don't want to be late for class Eli stated .

As Fiona walked ahead of them Eli pulled Imogen back and said "Imogen I see you care for her if your serious about her show her what a real relationship is like."

"I will Eli but I need to let her calm down first."

"Sounds like a plan." Eli replied

The day went by fairly quickly when the bell rang for lunch Eli and Imogen found Fiona alone in the cafe so they decided to sit with her.

"Hey Fiona mind if we sit with you?"

"Sure guys." Fiona replied.

"Fiona I just wanna see how your doing after this mourning." Imogen said.

"I'm fine just thinking of a way to get Charlie back"

Eli and Imogen looked at each other in shock.

"Fiona I don't think you and Charlie should see each other for a little while." Imogen stated.

"What do you mean Imogen Charlie loves me."

"Fiona if she loved you she wouldn't have hit you."

"I can't take this right now I'm going home." Fiona said as she stormed out of the cafe.

Eli she needs help I'm going to get her to see that she can do better then Charlie if it's the last thing I do."

"Imogen I'm with you on what ever you wanna do."

"Thanks Eli but before we do this I need to do something at home." Imogen knew if her plan was going to work she was going to have to make a decision that would effect her life as she knew it.

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