Chapter11 Spotlight

A/n We are now at graduation day

Imogen's house 8:10 AM

So much has happen to Imogen in just a few short months. She had gone from single senior who watched her crush almost slip through her fingers in a toxic relationship, to happy go lucky over the moon girl in love.

In just a few short hours Imogen will walk across the stage of Degrassi for the last time.

Imogen was so excited not only because she was going to graduate today but because today could be the day that she could start on the road to becoming Mrs Imogen Coyne.

Imogen took a quick shower and picked out her graduation dress which was a dark blue gown which Natalie had ordered for her as a gift with with white ball room shoes.

She went downstairs where she found Natalie waiting for her in the living room.

"Morning mom." Imogen greeted as she grabbed a smoothie out of the refrigerator.

"Morning Imogen are you ready for your big day?"

"Yeah mom I'm good with grad I'm just a bit more pumped up for what tonight might have in store". Imogen said excited.

Natalie knew of Imogen's plan to propose to Fiona after graduation for a few weeks now.

"Well mom if your ready lets go I told Fiona that me and her were riding to graduation together."

"Alright Imogen lets go." Natalie said as she locked the door and followed Imogen out to the car.

Twenty minutes later Imogen and Natalie where greeted by Fiona Holly J Anya and Laura.

"Hey Immy" Fiona greeted greeted Imogen with a chaste kiss.

"Hey Fi so are you ready for today."

"Ready as Ill ever be Fiona replied.

"I cant believe this I made it through degrassi." Imogen said.

"Yeah well the ride was fun wasn't it Immy". Fiona said.

"Yeah it was especially fun since I got an awesome girlfriend to ride with me." Imogen replied.

"Alright you two we don't want to be late lets go" Laura said as the girls gathered their things and headed to degrassi Imogen rode with Fiona in Imogen's car while Holly J Anya Natalie and Laura rode in Holly J's car.

When they got to Degrassi Holly J Anya Laura and Natalie all took their seats while

Imogen and Fiona walked to the stage to get ready they noticed Eli backstage hanging with Clare and Ali.

"Hey Eli" whats up?" Fiona greeted.

"Oh Fiona Imogen just the people I needed to see when you guys are ready I need to talk to you alone."

Eli said.

"No problem Eli let us get these gowns fixed." Fiona said.

A few minutes later Imogen Fiona and Eli met away from Clare and Ali.

"Whats up Eli?" Imogen asked.

"Its about Clare and Ali."

"What about them Eli?" Fiona asked.

"Clare's been acting weird lately especially around Ali."

"Weird how?" Fiona asked.

"Like she cant even talk to her every time shes tried she freezes, when I tried to get them to talk to each other when we hang out she shuts down".

Imogen and Fiona looked at each other and laughed.

"Whats so funny guys?"

"Eli we know whats wrong with Clare but if we tell you, you cant get mad" Imogen stated.

"Fine I wont get mad tell me." Eli said.

"Clare has been acting crazy around Ali because she likes her and doesn't know how to tell her." Imogen said.

"Hold on your telling me my ex girlfriend has feelings for her best friend." Eli said shocked.

"That's exactly what we're saying Eli." Fiona said.

"Wow this is crazy but something told me those two were close but I had no idea how close they were."

"So we know why Clare cant speak around Ali so how does Clare's problem get fixed?"

"That's the easy part Eli, just get Clare and Ali to come to the loft after the ceremony and we can take care of the rest Fiona said".

"Thanks guys we should get back looks like its showtime." Eli said as the trio walked back to gather with their class.

When everyone was set up Mr Simpson gave his speech and had other speakers half hour later the list of graduates was being read.

When Fiona's name was announced she walked up and held back tears as she accepted her diploma.

A short time later Imogen's name was called after she got her diploma and walked off stage she stop to think to herself that graduation would hopefully be one of the last times she would be using the Moreno name.

After graduation Fiona Imogen and Eli took pictures outside of degrassi.

"Eli go get Clare and Ali and meet us at my loft". Fiona said as she went to pull the car around.

When they drove back to the loft Fiona Imogen Holly J and Anya hung out on the couch while Laura and Natalie went shopping.

The girls decided to watch a comedy movie in the middle of the movie Imogen noticed her phone rang,when she looked at her phone she noticed it was Paige.

Once she notice this she tapped Anya and took her into the spare room.

"Hey Paige its Imogen whats up?"

"Imogen we got the VIP section ready for you. You guys can eat at the tables and when your ready me and Alex will take them to the falls so you guys can get set and when they set you guys up you come from the other side of the deck and finish when that's done the fireworks with the flaming hearts will pop sound good?"

"Great Paige thanks so much we will be their at nine sharp." Imogen replied as she ended the call.

"Anya we are all set for tonight."

"Great Imogen are the rings still put away?"

"Yeah they're in the bag we can hold them in our blazers tonight."

Anya and Imogen headed back to their girlfriends on the couch who had finished the movie.

"You guys missed the rest of the movie what was that about Fiona said angry."

"Relax baby I just had a phone call I needed to take, I'm all yours for the rest of the night promise." Imogen said sweetly.

"Okay I forgive you Fiona said placing a kiss on Imogen's lips.

"Wait a minute if that was Imogen's phone call why was Anya gone to?" Holly J asked.

"Babe I got a call from my mom that took a little longer then expected that's all." Anya said hoping Holly J would buy her story.

"Ill forgive you this time Anya". Holly J replied.

Just as they launched into another long movie Fiona's phone rang and she took it to her room.

"Hey Eli whats up?"

"Hey Fiona I brought Ali and Clare to my place for a bit when do I bring them over to the loft?"

"Bring them over in a few hours I'll text you."

Alright Fiona I hope this works Clare's has not had an easy time around Ali I cant watch much more of this." Eli said.

"Just hang in there." Fiona said as she hung up and went back to the living room.

At the end of the fourth movie Imogen thought it would be a good time to start getting ready for dinner.

"Guys I was thinking why don't we go out for dinner tonight." Imogen said hoping Anya would catch what she was saying.

"I don't know Immy I kinda told Eli to bring Clare and Ali for a movie night maybe Clare will confess her feelings to Ali finally Eli said its hard to watch at this point." Fiona stated.

"Don't worry Fi we can leave them here til we get back maybe all they need is alone time." Imogen said.

"Alright we can go out but where are we going?" Fiona asked.

"I know just the place Fiona don't worry we are going to have a blast now go get ready and pick out one of your best dresses we are hitting one of the best spots in Toronto." Imogen said.

"Holly J that goes for you to babe". Anya added.

"Holly J and Anya picked out their outfits.

Two hours later all four girls were ready Fiona picked out her silver dress she had designed while Holly J had a dark blue gown on for some reason Fiona and Holly J could not figure out Imogen and Anya wore black pant suits.

"Guys why are you wearing pant suits?" Fiona asked.

"We wanted to switch it up a bit." Imogen replied.

Fiona text Eli to bring Ali and Clare over to the loft half an hour later there was a knock at the door.

"Oh Eli Clare and Ali you made come in Fiona greeted as the trio settled on the couch.

"Guys there's a fully stocked kitchen if you get hungry we should be back at 11 have fun." Fiona said winking at Eli on her way out.

"Fiona Holly J before we leave we need you to put on these blind folds." Imogen said handing Fiona and Holly J two blinds folds.

"Imogen why do we need to wear blind folds to go eat?" Fiona asked.

"Fiona just get in and trust us your going to love the place I promise". Imogen said as she helped Fiona into her car while Anya did the same with Holly J.

Forty minutes later they arrived at the restaurant and Imogen and Anya helped their girlfriends out of their cars.

"Okay you guys can take the blind folds off." Anya said.

Holly J and Fiona were stunned.

"Oh my god Imogen where are we?" Fiona asked.

"Fiona Holly J welcome to PALEX our table awaits". Imogen said as she led the group to the check in table where they were greeted by Alex.

"Imogen glad you could make it your table is ready follow me".

The group followed Alex to a see to a see through elevator where they were lead to table decorated with Roses along with chilled apple cider.

"Ladies anything you want is on the house I had our cooks prepare our finest items." Alex said.

"Thanks Alex give us a few minutes to order". Imogen said.

"No problem I have a waitress on standby over by the elevators when your ready."

Before leaving Imogen and Alex went to talk away from the table.

"Is everything set for the proposal Alex?" Imogen asked.

"It is, the waitress has your notes ready when you guys are ready for desert she is going to lead the girls to the deck and give them the notes, and you guys can slip away to the back of the deck to come out when your ready the flaming heart is set up I told the pyro techs about it they have hidden mics set up so that when they accept the flaming heart will appear".

"Thanks Alex." Imogen said as she went back to the table.

"Immy baby what was that about with Alex?" Fiona asked.

"Nothing Fi, are you ready to order yet guys?"

"Yeah we are". Fiona answered as she called the waitress over.

"Ladies I'm Susan Ill be your server tonight." the raven haired waitress greeted.

Holly J and Anya both ordered crab legs while Fiona and Imogen ordered lobster.

"Ill be back with your orders in a bit ladies." Susan said as she walked away.

The girls made small talk until their orders were ready.

Fiona's loft 9:30PM

Ali Eli and Clare had made themselves at home watching TV and movies while eating pizza.

"So guys its getting late I called both your houses you guys are crashing here I had Adam leave your stuff downstairs with the security guard Ill bring it up to then I'm out Fiona already green lit you guys staying on her couch." Eli said.

Clare heard this got up and dragged Eli to the kitchen.

"Eli I cant stay here with Ali alone." Clare whispered.

"Why not Clare shes your best friend?"

"Because Eli I just cant."

"That's not a reason Clare you're staying that's it." Eli whisper yelled.

"You want the real reason Eli?"

"Yeah Clare why cant you stay alone with your best friend?"

Its because... I like her okay?"

"You like her how Clare I don't get it?"

"Eli don't play dumb you know what I mean."

"No I don't Clare".

"Your really gonna make me say Eli?"

"Say What Clare?"

"I like her Eli okay I've been acting crazy because I want Ali Bhandari to be my girlfriend happy."

"Now Clare was that so hard?"

"I guess not but what now?"

"I will get your stuff from downstairs leave and then you talk to her."

"But what if she says no Eli?"

"Then at least you tried go for it".

"If you say so Eli go get our stuff thanks for having my back."

"Anytime Clare now go before Ali comes looking for you."

Eli went downstairs while Clare went back to Ali.

Ali and Clare were channel surfing when Eli came back.

"Well I'm gone guys Ill see you later" Eli said as he left.

Fifteen minutes of silence had passed since Eli left Clare decided to shut the TV and talk to Ali.

"Hey Clare what gives I watching that." Ali whined.

"Sorry Ali but there's something I need to tell you."

Ali was puzzled.

"Go ahead tell me if you interrupted my Wing eaters contest marathon it must be important."

Clare took a deep breath.

"Ali you know how I've been acting distant around you since the starlight ball?"


"Well there's a reason behind it".

"What would that be Clare?" Ali asked interested.

"Its because Ali ever since the starlight ball I realized that I have feelings for you."

Ali smiled.

"Ali whats that smile about?" Clare asked confused.

"Its because I'm trying to keep from laughing."

"Laughing why?"

"Because you're making a big deal out of nothing Clare"

"Wait what I don't get it?

"I've known you had feelings for me for weeks now."

"But how?"

"Because I saw you at the starlight ball checking me out for one, and I felt you staring at me real hard

the next day after I asked you for the about the blog pictures".

"I don't believe so you knew the whole time?"

"Yeah I was just waiting for you to tell me".

"So what now you tell me we cant happen and I run out crying and a friendship is over?"

"No now you shut up and I do this."

Ali planted a white hot kiss on Clare.

"Wow what was that?" Clare asked confused.

"That was me telling you that I like you too, and to answer your question before you ask yes Clare Edwards I will be your girlfriend".

Clare was stunned she finally got what she wanted for the past few weeks Ali Bhandari as her girlfriend.

"They spent the rest of the night watching movies in each others arms.

PALEX VIP table 10:30PM

The girls ate their food and danced in the VIP lounge til Imogen signaled for their and whispered that they were ready to head to the deck.

"Fiona Holly J me and Anya will be right back we have to talk to Alex for a bit we will join you on the deck in a few." Imogen said as she signaled Anya to follow her.

"Okay see you in a few Immy hurry back Fiona said as she and Holly J were led out to the table on the deck.

"Ladies please allow me to present you with something courtesy of all of us at PALEX please wait to open them til I leave enjoy your night ladies their waitress said as she left.

"Holly J can you believe tonight awesome dinner with our two beautiful girlfriends".

"I know but I wonder why they ran off suddenly to talk to Alex and we got these notes?"

"I don't know maybe reading them will tell us where they are. Fiona said.

"Okay can you read yours first I'm too nervous." Holly J said.

Okay Fiona said as she opened her card and began to read.

When I first saw you it started a dangerous game...

"That's odd the note stops there I wounder why" Fiona said puzzled.

"Okay maybe mine has the other half." Holly J said as she began to read.

You are the sky I am the stars...

"That's crazy Fiona neither one of these notes make sense." Holly J stated.

Once she said that Holly J and Fiona heard two voices say.

"Maybe they will make sense after you hear the rest" Imogen and Anya said as they emerged from a door in the back of the deck.

"Now Fiona if you would read your note again Imogen said.

"Okay Immy if you say so."

Fiona began to read again.

When I first saw you it started a dangerous game.

Imogen walked up to Fiona and dropped to one knee as she read the whole passage this time with the missing part.

When I first saw you it started a dangerous game.

You stole my heart so will you allow me to steal your last name?

Still on one knee Imogen pulled a small black box from her blazer pocket.

"Fiona Coyne will you marry me?"

Fiona was shocked it took her all of three seconds to answer.

"Imogen Nikki Moreno Yes I will marry you". Fiona said as Imogen slipped the ring on her finger and they kissed.

"Well Fiona congratulations Fiona you found your dream girl". Holly J said as she wiped away a tear.

"Holly J you're forgetting there is still your note left to read so if you would read it again please.

Holly J read the note again.

You are the sky I am the stars

Anya got on one knee and read the note as a whole.

You are the sky I am the stars please allow me to take whats mine and make it whats ours.

It was Holly J's turn to have a look of shock.

"Anya are you asking me what I think you are?"

"I am, Holly Jeanette Sinclair will you grant me the chance to make you Holly Jeanette MacPherson?"

Anya asked.

"Oh my god Anya yes a million times yes." Holly J said as Anya put the ring on her finger and she teared up again.

All of a sudden Fiona and Holly J noticed something in the sky.

"Holly J look at the sky". Fiona said as they both noticed a flaming hearts.

"You two did this you two are the sweetest girls in all of Toronto Holly J and Fiona said kissing their new fiancees.

After admiring the display they thanked Alex Paige for the night and went home.

Twenty five minutes later Fiona opened her loft with Ali and Clare on the couch tangled in each other making out.

"Well looks like my loft got turned into a love nest". Fiona said as Ali and Clare pulled apart.

"Sorry Fiona" Clare apologized.

"Its okay Clare I expected to find you two."

"Thanks Fiona by the way how was your night out?" Clare asked.

"It was amazing." Fiona and Holly J flashed their new editions.

"Wow congratulations on the engagements guys and thank you for letting us stay the night". Clare said.

"Anytime time guys I thought we might as well share the spotlight". Fiona said as the two new couples headed off to their rooms.

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