Once upon a time, there was there was a young woman who loved adventure, and science. She loved to discover new and interesting things in outer space. One day her and her team where sent on a mission into the darkest most unknown part of the universe. Suddenly a meteorite crashed into the ship and the team was sent drifting through space, everyone was unconscious except Martha, while she was drifting she saw a bright and magnificent light, it came closer. Soon it stood in front of her "Please sir save my friends and team mates." She pleaded. The mysterious light stopped. "Why do you ask me to save the life of another, why not ask me to save you instead?" He asked, the woman looked at the light "I want my friends to be safe that's all the reason I think I need." she looked confident, the light complied with her plea and saved her friends and fixed their ship with just a wave of his illuminated hand. The light fell in love with the astronaut and she fell in love with him, he took her back to his home where he was king and she would be his queen. Years past and the woman returned to Earth, but when she returned she was with child. The end, Alright it's time for bed my little rug rat." Martha said tucking Samantha, her young child of 8.
"Awwww mom, cant you tell me the story one more time. PLEEEEEASE" She begged, her mother chuckled and leaned in to kiss her child on the forehead.
"That would be four times tonight, and plus, I have to go to work, so stay in your room in case Norman comes in tonight ok."
"Ok mom, night see you tomorrow."
"Night my little Worrior." Said her mother calling her daughter by her pet name, with that she left to go to work at her new job at Wayne tec. Samantha laid back in her bed and closed her eyes to enjoy what she thought would be a normal night in their small apartment in south Gotham. Later that night Norman her drunk and very cruel step father came in drunk as usual. But this time was different he was accompanied by someone. A woman wearing a blue suit her black hair was cut short.
"The brats in there." Said Norman pointing to Samantha's bedroom which was locked.
"Thank you Mr. Bullrugard and rest assured you will most likely never see her again." Said Amanda Waller stepping out of the shadow.
"With her telekinetic powers you have offered Cadmus their first experiment. Project eliminator shall begin with this child as our first subject."

"Miss. Hallow? Miss. Hallow, have you fallen asleep in class again?" Questioned her math teacher, shaking her shoulder.
"AHHH! Get away!" She shrieked pushing him away, not realizing that it was only a dream.
"Miss. Hollows its ok it's just me Mr. Wickersham." He said attempting to calm the frantic teen. Samantha looked around her class room in a daze panting, after a moment she sighed and put her head in her head.
"I'm fine, just give me a minute." She said standing up with her backpack turning to walk out of the room. As she walked out of the door she couldn't help but hear snickering from some of her class mates. She walked to the counselor's office and sat down in the waiting room.
"Guuuuh why that dream today?" She sighed to herself head in her hands. Soon the bell rung and Sam, as some of her friends would call her walked to her motor cycle in the parking lot. She mounted the bike and was about to start the ignition when a group of three girls walked up to her.
"Awww did the weird girl have a bad dream?" asked the ring leader of the group. The others chuckled as the main girl taunted Sam.
"Why don't you just leave me alone what did I ever do to any of you?" Sam said one hand on the handle bars of her bike. The girls laughed Sam just stared at them she started to back away when one of the girls stopped her.
"What's wrong, did the boogie monster say that he was gonna eat you?" They teased. Sam had, had enough and pushed the ring leader to the ground forgetting her own strength.
"You try to be happy with a shitty past like mine!" She screamed at her, some of the people walking around stopped and turned their heads toward the sound.
"My dream in class today was how my drunken ass step father sold me to some weirdo for enough money to buy beer for the next couple of days! That weirdo kept me locked up like I was an animal for years.\!Thanks to my mother I was saved by the police and sent to the hospital where I was treated like a human. If that had happened to you don't act like you wouldn't be like me too!" Sam said with a serious tone. She started up her bike and speed away from the scene trying to keep her cool.

(That night)

"Honey I'm home!" Called Mrs. Hallows from the front door, her white scientists coat still on from her job at Wayne Tec. Samantha as at the dinner table arms folded on the table with her head in the middle. 'Hey mom' was all the response her mother got. Mrs. Hallows walked over placing her things on the small couch in the living room "Whats wrong babe something happen at school today?" She asked walking up to her daughter placing her hand on Sam's back. Sam shrugged, not wanting to tell her mother about her falling asleep in class, and about the dream. "Come on, I know you better than that Sammy baby. What happened? Someone picking on you again?" Questioned her mother sitting in the seat next to her. Samantha sat up, "Fine, I fell asleep during physics, and i had the dream, again, for the third time this week." She said annoyed with herself. Martha (name of the mother) stood up and hugged her daughter close. "Honey, you know that's been over everything has been taken care of our tracks are hidden we have eyes on the house at all times and then it's just you and me again like it should be." She said kissing the top of Sam's head. Sam smiled "I know I just can't help but think that something bad is gonna happen soon, real soon." Martha smirked "Aright no more cold pizza and horror movies before bed missy, I think it's starting to mess with your head." She said ruffling her hair. Sam laughed; maybe she was being a too nervous.