I've moved a lot of my davekat fics to my deviantart, which is under the same name as my account, so if you liked Quadrant Flipping, that's there. (Someone warned me second person POV was not an acceptable writing style, even though Homestuck is originally told in second person POV.) Anyway, banned davekat fics on deviantart. New fics (even though I don't really want to) will be written in first or third person. I'll edit this later. For now enjoy.

Karkat had been avoiding him. Well, more than usual. Although the ornery troll rarely left his room and his avoidance could have been aimed at practically everyone on the meteor, Dave took special note of Karkat's odd interactions with him in contrast to the others. Whenever anyone touched him or leaned too close to him he put on a sour face but didn't protest. When Dave made accidental contact, the troll out right flinched, doing everything in his power to avoid Strider exposure. If Dave so much as entered a room Karkat slunk away. It was getting annoying. He hadn't heard the little shit mouth-off at him for at least a month.

Dave needed to find out what the fuck had derailed him from his usual tirades. And the only way he knew how to go about finding answers was to be a total ass.

Dave transportalized into the room Rose had previously designated as "the family room", much to the trolls' bewilderment. Rose sat next to Kanaya attempting to explain some type of human shit that was getting lost in cultural translation. But what immediately caught his eye was the bundle of black, gray and grumpy huddled into a pile of pillows, quietly reading.

Quiet and unsuspecting.

Karkat was so deep into the book, his lips pursed and brow furrowed in concentration.

God, Dave was going to fuck his shit up.

Dave swiftly moved to the pillow pile and plopped down onto Karkat.

He heard the troll's initial squeak of surprise (an unmanly noise that he'll never admit to have made) followed by a stream of curses as he fumbled to see who had dog piled him.

"WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU-," His voice died in his throat and Dave was left disappointed in the silence. It's obvious by this point that if it was anyone else he would have continued to rant. What the fuck did he do to deserve this kind of treatment?! (Like it's a bad thing not to get yelled at…)

Dave angled himself so he sat in Karkat's lap. Damn, he was so much taller than the troll. It's like if Santa decided he was tired of catering to little shits every Christmas and tried sitting on the knees of a bratty ten year old. No puppy this year Junior. Only the ass of a fantasy character shrouded in red and the faint smell of gingerbread.

"How's it going?" Dave knew he had him pinned. He can't abscond. Come on. Face me like a man… a troll… a troll man?

He mumbled something unintelligible.

"What was that?" Dave leaned in closer.

"I said, "What the fuck do you want, Strider.'" Karkat tried to avoid eye contact, head turned into his shoulder, bangs in his face. Dave can't see his eyes, but there's a light blush to his cheeks. Well. That was a new response.

Dave looked to give Rose a "What is his deal" face, but she and Kanaya had left the premises. When he turned back Karkat was peering up at him from between locks of black hair, trying to force a glare, "Can you move? You're crushing one of my arms…"

He was being way too submissive for Dave's liking, "Vantas."

"What?" His face was so expressive. The question resting on every feature of his face.


"WHAT," Tiny wrinkles formed between his eyebrows, showcasing his annoyance.

"Much better."

Oh, bless his heart or blood-pusher or whatever the fuck it's called. He looks so confused.

"I want you to yell at me like you usually do," The bluntness of Dave's request threw him off.

"Are you an idiot?"

"No. It's just a hell of a lot more awkward when you aren't being obnoxiously loud."

He looked away again, "So you're telling me to go back to pitching fits and pissing you off."


"I decline."

"You what?"

"I can't do it anymore."

"Um. Okay. Hold up. Karkat Vantas can't come up with anymore verbal vomit to throw down? Like, no matter how annoying I am or will be in the next few months? You won't scream at me or anything anymore?"

"Pretty much. Can you get off now?"

"Bullshit," His nonchalance was pissing Dave off.

Dave shifted until he had the troll's other hand pinned near his head, the trashy Alternian romance novel he was so engrossed in discarded. Dave's other hand flew up to Karkat's hair and he pushed it out of his face.

The prominence of the flush on Karkat's cheeks was overwhelming. His mouth was pulled into a silent whimper. Fuck. How can he be so embarrassed over a little tussle-Oh.

Fuck, Dave was dense.

Karkat was crushing. Or flushed. Whatever. Crazy alien romantic terminology.

Dave lessened his grip and Karkat sprung into action.

He kissed him.

His mouth crushed against Dave's, not quite begging entry, but just enough to…

He pushed Dave off of him and stood up.

Karkat was breathing heavily, his face fervently turning red.

He dashed to the transportalizer, leaving Dave, dazed. Dave's ass, sore.