As promised, the final chapter full if smut. I hope everyone enjoys this. Also, I'll be moving all my fanfiction to my AO3 account from now on so all my fics can be in one place. I'm Merrywetherweather on there too so come check me out!

Dave apparently decided that kicking down his bedroom door would be a manly and sexy thing to do while he was carrying Karkat to his deflowerment. That's how the pair of knights found themselves huddled on the ground outside of the doorway, one holding his foot and muttering curses, the other soothingly rubbing his back and assuring him that he was still considered a sex icon if that's what his ego needed to be told.
"Stubbed toes happen to all of us. You can cry if you want to."
"I'm not crying! I just need a moment!"

"Okay. I'm good," Dave scooped up Karkat in his arms once more, "Davekat sex scene take two, bitches!"
"Dave, who are you yelling at?!"
Dave threw Karkat on his bed in response, "Don't worry about it."
Dave took his shirt off and threw it to the ground.
"Come on, Karkat. This ain't no peep show. Gotta give to get. Can't be givin out freebies. Gotta keep the economy flowin and all that."
"I will take my clothes off if you will cease your bitching."
Dave sent him a smirk. Flushing, Karkat removed his sweater first, feeling a bit self-conscience as he did. He wasn't as tall or as built as Dave. He was actually pretty scrawny. Under Dave's traveling eyes he grew fidgety and tried to hide some of his exposed skin with the sweater he so firmly grasped in his hand.
That's when Dave moved. He slid onto the bed and snatched the offending article of clothing and tossed it over his shoulder, not bothering to watch where it would land.
Then he removed his shades, "Don't cover up. I wanna look at you. I wanna be able to etch every detail into my memory."
"W-Why would you do that?"
Dave smiled sweetly, "So I can masturbate to you later, of course."
"Nah. Too gushy for me. I'm not very good at muttering sweet nothings into your ear. I'd much rather be shouting out words with real meaning."
"Wow. That was actually pretty poetic."
"Oh shit. I mean, fuck bitches. Hash tag yolo."
"IT'S TOO LATE, STRIDER! I ALREADY KNOW YOU HAVE THE CAPACITY TO BE A ROMANTIC! Also if you say yolo before we have sex ever again I'm kicking you out."
"This is my bed in my room."
Karkat reached up to pull Dave's face closer, "Not anymore. It's ours."
They closed the distance and brought their lips together. It was slow and methodical, not as passionate as their first one, but comfortable and playful, with little nips here and there.
Dave licked across Karkat's bottom lip. He trailed a hand down to his hip and rubbed soothing circles with his thumb. Tracing Karkat's pelvis, he continued his hand movements into lower areas.
Dave broke the kiss, "I'm taking off your pants."
"Are you going to narrate this whole thing?"
Dave laughed, "I just don't want to catch you off guard, or anything. I could narrate this whole thing. Hell, I can rap about it if you wan-"
"Well alright."
Dave tugged down Karkat's pants, holding his body up so he could slide them past his ass.
"I like your boxers."
"Oh my god! Shit! Don't look!"
"This isn't like a warning that you have crabs, is it?"
"I liked the crab print! Yours can't be any better!" Karkat sat up and pulled down Dave's god tier pj bottoms, "..."
"Rose alchemized them! Why? What's wrong with them?"
"Nothing... I just think having meowbeasts on your underwear is... kind of cute."
"Okay, look. We are both completely unprepared in this area and we need to remove our loins before I die of embarrassment."
Dave and Karkat removed their respective undergarments and took a moment to admire their partner's body.
Dave watched as Karkat's eyes clouded with lust. Fuck, that was a hot look. He felt his skin flush. He bent over top of Karkat and trailed kisses up his neck, before biting his earlobe.
Karkat wound his fingers into Dave's hair. Encouraged, Dave brought his hand to what he assumed was Karkat's bulge. It writhed beneath him. Delicately, Dave wrapped a hand around it and it coiled between his fingers. He stroked it, starting at the base and slowly working his way up to the tip until he was playing with the tip in his fingers.
"D-Dave...," Karkat panted and dug his fingers into his scalp.
"Where else do you want me to touch you?"
"Below the bulge. My nook!"
Unwrapping the bulge from his hands Dave allowed it to coil around his dick instead, massaging hi cock as he dipped a finger beneath the bone bulge into a wet crevice.
Dave teasingly traced the outside of the nook with his fingers. Karkat moaned. He pushed in a finger. Fuck, Karkat was wet. He used the troll's natural lubricant to easily pump his finger in and out, stretching the nook until he could add another finger.
Karkat's bulge massaged his dick faster, "Dave! I'm ready! Just-! Goddammit! I can't hold out much longer!"
"Okay! Okay!" Dave unravelled Karkat's bulge from his dick and positioned himself to the entrance of the troll's nook. His cock glided into the lovingly prepared hole easily. The nook's warmth enveloped Dave and he grunted in appreciation.
Then he started to move. As he rammed in and out he heard Karkat screaming his name and watched as his bulge looked for something to latch onto. He grasped it with one hand, rubbing it, while holding onto Karkat's hip with the other.
"Dave! I need a bucket!"
"I'll just clean the sheets!"
"YOU UNCULTURED SACK OF SHI- AH!" Karkat's rant was drowned out by a wave of pleasure. He reached his climax, his nook dripping a translucent red liquid; staining the sheets.
After a few more thrusts Dave followed behind him, releasing inside of Karkat.
He pulled out and fell onto the bed next to the troll, "... We're going to need to use the ablution trap," Karkat broke into the sound of heavy breathing.
"Shoosh... No words. Only after sex glow now."
Karkat curled up into Dave's chest, "And cuddling?"
Dave brought a hand up to rub one of Karkat's horns. He started to purr, "Hell fucking yes."