Mephisto closed his laptop and stood up. He was so glad he'd placed a camera in Amaimon's room to spy on his two very naughty little brothers. However, he didn't like the fact he was always being left out. He sighed, and then took a sip of his tea. He smirked; he had an idea, a positively evil idea. Rin sneezed, and wrapped a scarf around his neck as he looked up at the gray sky, knowing there was a chance of snowfall soon.

"It's been cold outside lately, Yukio. You might want to cover up before you catch a cold." Rin took out another scarf and handed it to Yukio. His twin took it without fully paying attention, to caught up in planning exorcist lessons. Rin grinned, proud that his twin was so smart even though he wasn't; there was always a better twin and unfortunately that wasn't him but he could still be proud of his cool younger brother.

"Rin Okumura if you are still on the premises please report to the principal's office immediately. I repeat Rin Okumura report to the principal's office." Rin gulped, bad things happened every time he was in the principal's office. Yukio adjusted his glasses and wrapped the woolen scarf around his neck. He turned to his brother who had effectively covered up his pointy ears with the scarf, "It might be important."

"I got to go then," Rin said running off. Rin looked up at the gray sky and grinned, it was snowing.

"Hey, big brother I'm bored~" Amaimon looked at the camera in his room and waited for a response.

"Have you eaten the candy I gave you earlier yet?"

"Yea I have, it wasn't very tasty. What kind of chocolate was it? Whatever it was don't buy it again, I didn't like it at all."

"You didn't like the chocolate?" Mephisto mocked frown even though he knew Amaimon couldn't exactly see him. "I had those specially made in Gehenna so they would suit your tastes."

"Yea they tasted weird, I didn't finish them all." Amaimon looked at the decorated box at the edge of his bed absentmindedly. He was internally debating whether he should finish them or not so he wouldn't set of Big brothers wrath. An angry Mephisto Pheles was never a good thing.

Mephisto crossed his legs as he grinned at the internal struggle in Amaimon's face. He quietly finished his tea as he watched the screen, "You know you shouldn't ever waste food, especially candy." Amiamon shrugged and looked at the box of chocolates. He popped one of the chocolates in his mouth and chewed it slowly, pondering over whether he liked it or not. Something tasted funny in it otherwise they were actually pretty good. He ate another and another until the box was empty. He felt slightly dizzy but that was it. He undid his tie and took off his cloak, it was suddenly very hot. Amaimon shed his vest off, what was in those chocolates; he'd have to talk to his brother about this later if it was another one of his experiments.

Mephisto watched as the effects of his special candy took affect almost immediately on the green haired demon. Rin opened the door to the principal's office and saw Mephisto staring intently at his laptop screen. He gulped, even if the principal was just doing work he didn't have to look so amused. Rin dialed it down to him just being a creep.

Mephisto looked up at Rin then closed his laptop, not wanting him to see exactly what he was looking at. Rin eyed him curiously and he smirked, "It's a secret." Rin shrugged but still remained in the same place, not even bothering to relax near the clown like man. Mephisto smirked and picked up a carefully wrapped box from a top of the desk. He walked over to Rin and handed him the box.

Mephisto clapped his hands together like he'd seen in those animes he watched, "Happy Birthday!" Rin grinned and quickly tore off the wrapping paper. It was a box of assorted chocolates. Rin smiled, he loved sweets, and quickly took off the cover of the box before he popped one of the chocolates in his mouth. 'What the heck! These, these, taste terrible. It tastes so bad I want to spit it out.'

"How are they, do you like them? I had them ordered from Gehe- Germany. They were made by one of the finest chocolatiers around." Rin ate another chocolate, he couldn't tell Mephisto that they tasted bad, I mean even if he was an annoying clown he was still the only one to get him a birthday present.

"Ah, they certainly have a 'unique' taste to them," Rin said eating another one. That old- man taught him never to waste food, especially since he used to be a terrible cook in the beginning and they had the eat all of his mistakes. Rin took off his scarf; it was really hot in the room. 'Someone must have turned the heater up in the school.

Mephisto sat back down in his plush chair, thankful for Rin's simple mentality as he continued to eat the chocolates. He had just observed Rin taking off his jacket before he absentmindedly stated, "It seems like they're starting kick in."

"What do you mean?" Rin popped another chocolate in his mouth, for some reason they tasted better than before. 'Maybe the first few were part of a bad batch?' Rin kept eating them until they were gone, they were really good.

"Hey Mephisto, can you turn down the heat? It's sweltering in here." Rin took off the jacket to his uniform and loosened his tie. He began to get a tingling feeling in the pit of his stomach.

"I don't feel too good."

"Really? It must be because you ate those chocolates all at once. I'll take you to a room where you can lay down for a while." Mephisto put his hand on Rin's shoulder. Rin shivered, it felt good, the coolness of the demons fingers on him. Rin wanted Mephisto to touch him more, before he shook his head. 'Something must be wrong with me; if I think the pervert clown's hand feels good.' Rin put his hand on his forehead in a lame attempt to tell whether or not he had a fever.

Mephisto guided him down the long corridor and opened the door. Rin looked into the familiar green room and saw a quivering green haired demon on the bed. Rin gulped, Amaimon was on the bed, making the sexiest face he'd ever seen. Amaimon slowly got up and stumbled over to Mephisto. Amaimon grabbed Mephisto by the collar,"Big b-brother, what was in those chocolates earlier?" Rin's eyes widened, 'Chocolates? What about the chocolates?'

Mephisto smirked,"The strongest aphrodisiac in all of Gehenna. Strong enough to work on even Satan's sons. I had them made specifically for you two." Rin slapped Mephisto's hand off his shoulder, and then fell to his knees. Rin groaned at the heat flooding down to his lower abdomen, the drug making him hyper sensitive.

"Y-you ass I can't believe... you drugged us." Mephisto smirked, it seems Rin's chocolates had a bit more of the aphrodisiac in them. Amaimon was still holding his collar but was looking down at Rin who was gasping on the floor trying to take care of his new found erection. Apparently the demon had lost any sense of modesty in his drug filled haze. Mephisto easily threw Amaimon on the ground, which was not hard due to the fact he was already staggering in the first place. He then grabbed Rin and placed him on top of Amaimon. Rin looked up at Mephisto then at Amaimon, it was finally his chance to top! Rin slowly unbuttoned Amaimon's vest. Amaimon moaned, as Rin slid his hand underneath Amaimon's shirt, and began playing with Amaimon's pink nipple. Mephisto grinned, Rin was an amateur in every way, and it was cute that he believed he possibly had a chance to top.

Mephisto took secretly helped as the two were lost in their lust filled moment. Amaimon let his rans travel down Rin's tight tummy, loosening the belt be capturing the younger in a kiss. Rin moaned as he felt his pants slowly coming off. Rin pulled back when Amaimon captured his hands and held them out to the clown, with disgusting black fur handcuffs. Rin scrambled backwards, but it was too late, he was like a mouse caught in a trap.

"W-wait what are you doing? I thought I was gonna be the top!" Amaimon smirked and placed Rin on his lap. He slid his hand underneath Rin's shirt and played with Rin's nipple. Rin moaned, arching his back to the pleasure. Mephisto smirked, what a great view.

Mephisto slicked his fingers wth lube before he lifted Rin's hips, so that his ass was in the air. Rin clutched the green hair demon, as a finger was inserted in his ass. Rin gasped as he felt the intrusion of several more digits entered him. Tears welled at the ends of his eyes, "That's d-definitely not what that placed is supposed to be use f-for!"

Amaimon stimulated the front while Mephisto took the rear and Rin was left a whimpering mess. insert Mephisto moved his fingers slightly earning a sexy moan from Rin in reply. He moved his hands in a scissor like motion, stretching him for what was about to happen. Amaimon pulled Rin in close and kissed him.

"Happy Birthday," Amaimon whispered as he nipped the tip of Rin's reddened ear before he kissed Rin's sweet pink lips again.

"Don't forget I'm here to," Mephisto said as he placed his cock near Rin's entrance and slowly entered. His groaned at the sensation, it was like all of the air was knocked out of him suddenly. He didn't have much time to adjust before Mephisto began thrusting into Rin. Rin's scream was drowned out in the deep and sloppy french kiss Amaimon had pulled him in to distract him.

Amaimon watched as Rin gasped and shuddered, clinging on to him with all of his might as if that might help. Perhaps it was because of his drugged state that he found it undeniably adorable. "Can I enter him to?" Mephisto smirked and nodded. Rin shook his head, "T-there's no way." Amaimon readied himself at Rin's hole which had become slippery. He moaned at the heat, "Relax," he whispered. Gently nudging at the entrance while Mephisto watched in amusement, he entered with a particularly strong thrust, letting the head through the rim. Rin bit his lip, tears falling from his eyes, but still fully erect.

"W-wait you can't do that! Stop! It won't fit!" Amaimon slowly entered Rin until he was completely inside Rin, filling him completely and stretching him to a point the blue eyed demon never thought possible.

"Ngh... t-take it o-ut! It hurts! Ah! Stop, not there!" Luckily the demons allowed a few moments to adjust before they continued. Rin caught his breath, taking deep breaths and trying to stay relaxed; something inside of him was poking him in a place that made him feel strange. Rin gave a small nod to aloow them to continue and it was hardly a moment before both Mephisto and Amaimon were mercilessly thrusting into Rin, hitting that spot that made him scream out. Rin lost all his senses, it felt to good.

"I-i'm cumming," Rin moaned as he shot his load onto his chest. Amaimon and Mephisto followed quickly after Rin, shooting both their loads inside Rin. Mephisto was the first one to pull out of Rin and walk into the bathroom. Amaimon pulled out of Rin getting one last glance at his sexy face before following Mephisto into the bathroom. Rin layed there on the floor, with only his shirt, and handcuffs still on him, shaking at the overwhelming feelings he currently had. He put his hand on the edge of the bed and pulled himself up. He stumbled to the bathroom, wincing every time he took a step," those bastards," he mumbled. He felt something warm and slippery slide down his thigh.

"Oh my god, it's coming out!" Rin ran into the bathroom, and used all of his strength as he grabbed Mephisto by the collar.

"You asshole!" Mephisto stared at Rin as he tried to figure out why Rin was suddenly mad after their mind blowing round of sex.

"Oh, yea I forgot, sorry." Mephisto took the key out of his pocket and undid the handcuffs.

"You bastard that not what I meant!" Rin readied himself to punch the stupid clown in the face, but Amaimon grabbed his wrist. Before he could get out of Amaimon's tight grip Rin was tossed into the shower. Amaimon and Mephisto both left the bathroom and closed the door behind them. Rin was too stunned and sore to even try to continue to fight.

"What was he so mad about?" Amaimon looked at Mephisto who was still pondering over the situation. Amaimon shrugged and walked over to his bed, "He might've wanted more candy." He tossed the empty box in the trash, "I'd prefer not to be drugged next time."

"Really? I have some more in my office, I'll go get them." Mephisto walked out of the room, ignoring Amaimon's statement. Amaimon put his shirt and vest back on. He'd just finished buttoning his vest when Rin cracked the bathroom door open.

"Hey, can you hand you hand me my pants?" Amaimon kicked Rin's pants over to the door then flopped down on the bed. Amaimon popped a strawberry lollipop into his mouth and Rin visibly cringed, he was starting to gain a newfound hatred for things he used to cherish. Rin limped out of the bathroom with his shirt and pants on. His tie was missing and his hair was still slightly wet. Amaimon chuckled, he always loved seeing how Rin was after sex. It was always amusing to see how shaken and unraveled he was. Mephisto returned to the room with Rin's coat and scarf, and another box of the chocolates.

"Here, these are from me. You can use them however you like, give them to your brother for all I care." Rin quickly put on his coat and scarf. He snatched the box of chocolate from Mephisto, about to throw it away before he decided not to.

"Just you guys wait, someday I'm gonna become a Paladin stronger than both of you, and when I do I'm gonna get revenge!" Rin ran out of the room, and then smirked. Mephisto ocasionally had some good ideas, he grinned as he wondered what Yukio would be like after he ate the chocolate.