I did this for a Tumblr request and thought I'd post it here even though it's so short, since JoJo seems to suffer from a serious lack of fanfiction love.

Joseph and Polnareff had left to look for transportation to the next town, leaving Kakyoin and Jotaro in the stinky motel room they'd all shared the previous night. With the temperature climbing up and up as the sun traveled in the sky, the air of the room had gotten unbearable, and so, the two of them had escaped to a nearby cafe with, god bless, air conditioning.

And there they sat, now, drinks long gone, with nothing to do. Neither of them was one to force a conversation, and with no one to disrupt the silence, Jotaro had fallen asleep, sitting up, after a while. It was no wonder, really, with the exhaustion they all had to endure, traveling long distances when they weren't fighting, only stopping when forced to. It wasn't exactly what you'd expect to do with your vacation, as a Japanese high school student.

The cap head's expression was (Kakyoin tilted his head to look) stony as always, but it lacked the tension that, slightly affecting even his most neutral expressions, gave him his usual menacing appearance. That was the fascinating thing about sleeping; it was a person's most vulnerable and honest state. He wondered if Dio ever slept. Probably not. He didn't give the impression he'd ever been vulnerable in his live. Maybe the vampire spent his nights attacking those who did sleep.

Kakyoin noticed his knuckles were white; he was clenching his fist hard. Ah. He forced his stiff fingers to straighten and took a deep breath. It was still a long way to Cairo. He would be able to control his weak knees when it truly was time to fight. And he wouldn't be alone. He had always found it easier to keep himself together when he had someone to not show his weakness to.

The inside of the cafe wasn't that much cooler than outdoors. Honestly, there probably wasn't a cool place to hide in during the hot hours of the day in the whole town. A ball of sweat rolled down Jotaro's temple as Kakyoin was trying to find peace of mind in the slight softness of his expression. No wonder with him wearing that perpetual cap of his, the redhead thought, and reached over to take the hat off his friend.

A strong hand grabbed his wrist, faster than he could blink, with power just barely below what would break his bones. He let out a startled yelp, causing the few other customers to look at him in confusion. They couldn't see the hand that was holding his, he realized; it was Star Platinum's, and so he tried to look as natural as was possible while being unable to lower his arm, his heart beating a wild staccato.

"Oh, it was just you", Jotaro grunted and loosened his grip. His face wasn't very relaxing anymore. It was an odd second-hand relief when he took his cap off and wiped his sweaty forehead, though.

Kakyoin rubbed his hurt wrist and sighed. This would be a new addition to his colorful collection of bruises, but he couldn't really complain. It was only good that his companion had such good reflexes, on the road they were going down. Maybe it was time for them to leave, anyway, since they'd eaten their sandwiches and drank glasses of lemonade about an hour ago; the cafe's owner was giving them meaning glances. That thought was pushed aside, though, when his friend put his cap down on the table instead of wearing it like he always had, except when sleeping, ever since the first time the two of them had met. Without it, his face lacked a different part of its usual gloom.

"Do you want to order something more to drink?" Kakyoin asked, instead. "I think we'll be overstaying our welcome if we don't buy anything more."

"Yeah", Jotaro replied matter-of-factly, stretching his arms. Sitting here with Kakyoin was the most relaxing thing he'd done since leaving Japan, and he was damn okay with doing it for a while more.