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Even though Diana was good at hiding things, Donna knew that she felt terrible. Her outward appearance gave it away. Her body was coated in a thin sheet of sweat, her face was flushed, and she was paler than usual. Donna didn't have superhearing, but she could hear Diana's congested breathing from her seat.

Because of her concern, she had chosen to stay with Diana for monitor duty. The older Amazon was surprised at her choice, but nonetheless went with it. So, after two hours, Donna was paying more attention to Diana than the large screen in front of them.

"You're sick."

Diana turned her head to Donna. "What makes you say that? I'm fine."

"You're fine? Please, you look as if you've seen a ghost," Donna scoffed. "You're sweating like crazy, and you're a few shades lighter than you usually are, other than your face, which is red."

"That means absolutely nothing."

"It means you are sick, Di. I may not have x-ray vision, but even I can see that you don't feel well."

Diana once again insisted that she was fine, leaning back into the chair to distract herself from the headache she had. How did she even get sick? She knew she was, but tried her best to hide it from others. Apparently, she was sicker than she thought.

"Just go rest. I'll handle things here," Donna offered.

Diana shook her head. "No, I can stay here and help. I keep telling you, I'm fine."

"That's a lie. You know you're a horrible liar, Diana."

Diana was about to snap back a reply when a burning sensation started in her throat. It grew, and she could've sworn she felt her throat dry out at the same time. Before she could understand what was going on, she went into a coughing fit that managed to knock her out of her chair and to her knees.

Minutes passed before she could get back in her seat. Now she felt miserable. Her cough didn't help her headache one bit, and her throat was killing her. Groaning, she leant against the table, her headache growing worse. Hera, the pain…

She felt a hand on her shoulder but didn't have the energy to life her head up completely. She looked out of one eye, seeing Clark standing there. He had a worried expression on his face.

"Di, are you alright?" he asked. "You don't look so well."

Diana nodded, which only made her head feel worse. "Just give me a moment and I'll be fine. It's nothing I can't handle."

Clark didn't need to use his x-ray vision to tell she was sick. He felt her forehead before pulling away. "Di, you're burning up. You need to go rest."

"I'm fine, Kal."

"No, you're not," Donna said. "You're obviously not feeling well, Di. Just go to your room and rest. I can handle things here."

Diana knew that neither of them was going to leave her alone until she did so and sighed, getting to her feet. However, as soon as she did, her head started to spin and she stumbled backwards, blindly reaching out for something to stop her fall.

She grabbed a hand.

"I've got you," Clark said, picking Diana up. He slid an arm under her legs and the other under her back so she'd be secure in his grip and turned to Donna. "Are you sure you'll be fine?"

"Yes, I'll be fine," Donna said, waving them away. "Just take care of my sister and I'll be there when my shift is over."

"Alright, but just call me if you need me for anything, okay?"

"Yes, Mother."

Clark smiled at Donna's little joke, leaving the room. It was when they were in the hall that Diana decided to try to get out of his grip, but he made sure she didn't.

"Kal, I can walk myself. I don't need you to carry me."

He looked down at her. "Yes, you do. I know you don't like to admit weakness, but even a demigoddess gets a cold every now and then."

Diana scowled. "Kal, put me down. I don't need to be coddled by you. I can walk there myself."

"You know, you're a horrible liar. No wonder you're the living embodiment of truth. Just let me do it this once, Di, and I won't do it again."


He stopped walking, focusing completely on her. "Di, I want to take care of you. You're sick. Just let me do it this once as a friend, please."

It was rare to hear him plead. Diana gave in, resting her throbbing head on his chest. To be truthful, she hadn't been held by anyone since she was a child (she was vaguely aware of what happened between her and Hippolyta), and she missed it. Since she turned fourteen, her mother saw it as non-royal and stopped it altogether.

Clark was inside Diana's room a few moments later, laying her down on the bed. Diana never thought she'd ever been so happy to feel something even remotely cool in her entire life. Immediately she stretched out to retain the feeling.

She heard Clark chuckle and opened her eyes. "Something amusing you?"

He chuckled again. "No, it's just that you remind me of me when I was younger after a long day. I would do the exact same thing you're doing now."

Diana smiled at the thought of a teenaged Clark, dirtied from working on the field all day, stretched out on a bed too small for him. It was brief, for thinking made her head throb more. "Ugh. I wish I could take something for this headache, but the medicine here isn't strong enough for me. I can take an entire pharmacy, yet I till ache."

"I know," Clark agreed. "I'm the say way. I guess it's our genes."

Her smile faded and was replaced with a frown. "My genes…even though I'm not mad at my mother anymore, I'm still repulsed by the fact that…"

He sat next to her and began peeling off her boots. "I know. It's nothing to worry about. You're twenty-three, still young. Don't beat yourself up over it."

How? How did this man know how to calm her in an instant? "Alright, I won't." She pulled her feet away from Clark. "I can do this myself. This is one thing I can do right now."

Another chuckle escaped him. "Alright, Miss Independent. I'll let you do that yourself. In the meantime, I'll go get you some soup." He saw her start to object and cut her off. "Don't try to say you don't need it. You do. I'll be right back." He blurred out of the room.

After getting both of her boots off, Diana sank into the bed, her emotions still a jumbled mess. She couldn't deny now that she didn't have feelings for Clark, that much was obvious. It was all she could do to keep from blushing when he decided to carry her to her room, in front of Donna, no less. She was glad her face was already flushed anyway, or Donna would have had something else to hold against her.

And what about her mother? She wasn't angry anymore about it, but it still got to her that she had the king of the gods' blood running through her veins. She looked down at her bracers and frowned deeply. No wonder she was a powerhouse…

"Something troubling you?"

Diana quickly sat up, looking around the room as fast as her head would allow her. She could have sworn she heard a voice…

"Diana, it is me…"


A scowl made its way onto Diana's face as a tall man with dark hair twisted together and pale skin appeared in her room. His eyes glowed white like lightning that brightened as he smiled at his youngest daughter.

"My, how have you grown, Diana. It has been a while…"

"You!" Despite her aches, she jumped up, throwing a punch at Zeus' face. "You're the one that did this to me! Because of you, I'm your bastard child!"

He dodged the punch and grabbed Diana's wrists, securing her in his grip. "I understand why you are angry, but you have to listen to me."

"Save it! I don't want to hear anything you have to say!"

She then kicked him in his stomach, which was painfully weak compared to any other time she kicked somebody. He was able to take it, and it only fueled Diana's anger, which soon turned into a barrage of kicks and punches.

Minutes later, she was exhausted, leaning against the wall. Zeus hardly had any bruises on him, and the ones she managed to mark on his skin were quickly fading as the seconds ticked by. "Are you done?" he asked.

"Hardly," she wheezed. "I just need to catch my breath. I'm sick."

"I know. Mageia's spell has not worn off of you completely."

Her eyes snapped back on him. "How…?"

"He was Hera's apprentice. You do not think I would know what my wife does?"

She could not control the overwhelming sense of irony at that moment and blurted out, "It seems as if your wife does not know what you do."

Zeus' expression turned grim. "She does know, if that is what you are trying to say. She knows what I've done with Hippolyta."

Diana turned paler, if that was possible. "She…she does? And she didn't punish Mother?"

"Oh, believe me, she has. She sent Mageia to kill you first, and once you were out of the way, Hippolyta was next."

He didn't mention Donna, she realized. Did Hera not know what about her? Did Hippolyta's plan actually work? "Well, I'm not going down without a fight. I'm hard to keep down, as you see."

"I can see that plainly. You are my daughter, after all. My godly essence runs through your body, and your powers are still developing. You have developed superhearing already, right?"

Diana groaned at the memory of the mind-splitting headaches she'd obtained for a full week because of hearing anything and everything at once. "Yes, but I've managed to tune out most things by the end of the week. By the gods, I don't know how Kal can stand this. It was like everyone decided to talk at once."

He smiled, his eyes glowing warmly. "Ah, you have adopted one of my traits already. Your brother, Heracles, took much longer to discover his true potential. Because of your parentage, you will develop a lot more traits from me as you grow."

Despite everything, Diana had to admit she was curious. "Such as?"

"I cannot tell you much, but I can tell you that you will find it a flashing experience."

Diana grimaced. Now she saw who she adopted her bad sense of humor from. "Flashing experience? What is that supposed to mean?"

He started to fade, "You will see soon enough…"

He disappeared, and Diana suddenly felt as if all of the energy inside of her was gone with him. Her vision blurred heavily as she felt herself sinking to the ground. She tried to stop herself, but couldn't, and waited for the darkness to take her.

Clark came in just as she fell unconscious.

"She what?" Donna nearly shouted into her comlink.

"She passed out right before your shift ended. She's fine now, just sleeping," Clark said.

Donna speedily walked down the hall to her sister's room, avoiding anyone that might have tried to spark any conservation with her. Diana was the only thing on her mind at that moment.

"Do you know why?"

"I sensed a godly power right before I came in," Clark explained. "I'm not sure what it was, but it felt almost surreal."

Donna nearly stopped in her tracks. "So, Daddy Dearest decided to visit her," she nearly growled, knowing exactly who it was. "He'd better be grateful I don't know how to summon a god, or else he'd be in pain right now."

"Just calm down, Donna. It's not like he hurt her while I was gone. Given the circumstances, I'm positive she's angry and lashed out at him despite her weak state. She probably tired herself out."

"Think I care who caused it? He had no business being there in the first place! Who does he think he is, showing up twenty-three years late? We're better off without him here!"

Clark could pick up the malice in Donna's voice and sighed. "I understand why you are angry, but let's not show it around Diana, alright? We have to be strong for her. Strength may be one of the only things we can provide for her now."

Donna swore she heard another meaning behind his words. "Why can we only do that? She's fine, just sick. It's not like she's suffering from anything else…"

Even she knew her words were a lie. Her mind flashed back to her moments with J'onn, when she told him how she thought Diana hid her true feelings behind a false smile. Were her thoughts actually true?

Donna ran the rest of the way to Diana's room, nearly tearing the door down as she burst through it. Diana was lying in her bed with Clark holding her hand as he every so often adjusted the sheets on her.

"She looks so peaceful…"

Clark looked up to see Donna standing there. He was surprised he hadn't heard her come in, but brushed the idea aside. He knew Diana was on his mind too much for him to notice much at that moment.

"I suppose it's rare to see her look like this, isn't it?"

Donna nodded, thinking of all the times Diana had had a tense expression on her face. If it wasn't that, she looked pretty much stone-faced. "She's never expressive," she said to Clark. "Yes, she smiles a lot more when I'm around, but who's to say she's not faking it? For all we know, every single smile she's made since she found me as Kat has been faked. Don't deny that it's a possibility."

Clark had to agree. She had a point on everything she'd said. "You may be right, Donna. But for now, let's not give her any grief, alright? For now she has to get better."

Donna nodded. "Okay. Is there anything you need me to get her?"

He glanced at Diana's sleeping form. "Could you get her another sheet for her? She's shivering a little."

She wasn't. Donna knew, but went along with it anyway and left. As soon as the door closed, Clark started running his hand through Diana's hair, enjoying the feel of her soft curls brushing against his fingers.

"You're coddling me. I hate being coddled."

Clark almost jumped at the voice before seeing Diana looking at him with exhausted eyes. "You're sick," he said, unconsciously running a hand through her hair still.

"I don't care. I'm an Amazon and a warrior."

"I care. You're sick, Diana, and I want to help you. Besides, you won't be sick for long, given you're immune system and godlike blood, you'll feel better by the morning." He glanced at a clock on her dresser. "Right now it's a little after eight. Within twelve hours, you'll be on your feet again. Until then, you're mine."

Why did Diana feel happy at that thought?

"Fine, Kal. But as soon as I get better, I want to make up for the time I've lost."

Clark noticed she hadn't smiled yet.

"I understand. For now…" He heated up a bowl of soup he'd brought her with his heat vision. "Eat."

Diana already knew he was going to pester her until she ate and sat up. Clark propped up the pillows to allow her to sit up better and held the bowl with his hand. He had the spoon in his free hand. "Come on, Di, open your mouth."

She tilted her head in mirth. "What's this? Are you going to feed me yourself?"

Clark smirked. "Come on, open the tunnel to let the train in. It needs to get to its destination."

"And I should listen to you because…?"

"Di, I am two seconds away from going the plane route and mimicking its noises. Do you really want to see me look like an idiot?"

"It will make me feel better…"

He shook his head. "No, oh, no, I'm not going to make plane noises. I feel silly now holding this bowl of soup…"

He felt his resolve slip in seconds by a move Diana pulled. Her eyes were glassy and her bottom lip was trembling, creating a perfect pout. In a childish voice, she said, "Pwease? For me? Pwease, Kal?"

The adorableness was too much. "Alright, alright! Just stop with the cuteness!"

She almost squealed. "Huh, I guess there's something I've bested you in, isn't it?"

"Oh, ha, ha, very funny. Are you going to eat, or not?"

"After you make yourself look like an idiot."

Donna was certain she'd never heard Diana laugh so hard in her life. She was standing outside of the door, listening to her and Clark laugh over several things Clark had said. She enjoyed Diana's laughter more than anything. It made her think that her thoughts were not true…

"She loves him, doesn't she?"

Donna didn't even flinch. She knew who it was. "You have a lot of nerve showing up now. Aren't you worried of Hera listening?"

"She is busy with Mageia right now, so I do not worry about her at the moment. What I am worried about are my daughters. How are you faring?"

"To be honest, I am fine. I know I've been acting childish for a while, but I'm done with it. Me and Diana see eye to eye now."

"I am glad to hear it. But, I do not think your sister is on the best of terms right now…"

"I know. She's hiding her true feelings right now. It's been a while since I've seen her let herself show true emotions. Even when we found out about you fathering us she didn't show her true rage. That was basically her calm, you know?"

"I do. Do not forget the burden she had to undertake for all of these years. She had to deal with your 'death', her guilt of not being to protect you, and many other things. A recent one is her sudden becoming of Wonder Woman at the age of eighteen, the age you are right now. She went from a princess on an island nobody knew out to one of the most famous faces in the world in an instant."

Donna knew that for a fact. She could still recall watching Diana on TVs in stores, wishing that she'd had her strength and bravery. Never did she think this would happen to her.

"I know that, Zeus. I'm sure you've seen her reactions. She's still naïve to the world, but she's getting better and…happier, I hope."

"You do not know if she is happy, do you?"

"Obviously I don't. I want her to be happy. She sounds happy right now, and I want it to stay that way."

Donna practically felt her father's smile. "Well, I can assure you, she'll find it soon enough…"

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