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What was it about him that had alienated him so much?

No physical deformities as far as the human eye went. A slender yet fairly muscular body, average height, and his looks weren't that bad. In the real world, he'd pick up a girl with a snap of his fingers. So why was it when the villagers even saw his shadow coming their way, they hurried into their homes and slammed their doors, encouraging their offspring to taunt and reject him as they did?

Maybe it was his hair, which was the colour of eggplant blossoms, a very unusual hair colour in the village he once lived in. Or perhaps it was his eyes, which had a crafty look by default and always seemed to carry some sort of mischief behind those blood-red orbs. Maybe it was all of it, combined with the detail of him having no parents. Having suddenly appeared from nowhere, he had no father or mother to claim him. No one else wanting to take him in, the boy survived off their reluctant charity and pity.

He had once been named Juwonai by the village elders, but he abhorred it when he realized what it meant, refusing to be associated with it in any way. But he had learned to mask the rage it incurred when they called him that; losing control would just give them another insult to hurl at him, among many other things.

"Mommy, did he spill grape juice on his hair?"

"Now, my sweet child, that boy is dangerous. Stay away from him!" She clutched the babe close, as if he'd suddenly turn and attack. "It is best to avoid people like that."

If the children had been taught any manners, he was probably the exception. "Hey, hey, it's him!"

"Juwonai! Juwonai!" They chanted, circling him. "Where have you been, stray dog!"

He ignored them, brushing them off as if they were nothing but a couple of fleas. But none saw the slight tremble in his hands, the fire in his eyes which were hidden away so well.

"Where are you going, Juwonai?" The leader, a rough boy who also happened to be the grandson of the Chief Elder taunted as the smaller boy disappeared in the woods. "Are you going to tell your father on us? Oh right, you don't have one!" they roared in derisive laughter. "You're a picked-up child! You have no father!"

Juwonai. It meant 'abandoned child'. Child picked up from nowhere. He ran into the safe arms of the forest, shielding him from his pursuers.

"Ahh…the evil has finally been lifted. Thank you. If it weren't for you, the forest may have transformed beyond repair. If you had arrived even a moment later, the now corrupted Rukkha and I would have forever fused together as one twisted entity." She smiled as she held out her hands a bright purple light solidified into the object of their quest. The Orb of Life drifted into Rin's waiting hands, which she observed with wonder.

"It's so beautiful. And I can feel it…the power." she murmured.

"So it is, My Lady." Gaia replied with a slight curtsy. It was very extraordinary for a Goddess to humble herself before a Grand Chaser, but perhaps Rin was worthy to receive such reverence given that she, too, was a Goddess of Life and Purity. Well, the reincarnation of one anyway. "Now it is crucial to go on to the Fortress of Ascension, where the Ascendant God Thanatos resides."

Out of nowhere, the two Keepers Dark Storm and Furious Storm materialized and stood on either side of their deity. It seemed that they, too, had been freed from their corruption, as they weren't trying to gut the Chasers anymore. "My Lady, it is time that we leave." Furious Storm said, acknowledging the others with a slight inclination of her head.

"Yes, I suppose so." she sighed.

"Wait!" Amy stepped forward timidly. "What…what will happen to Rukkha?"

"Do not worry, noble Oracle." Gaia reassured, "The Holy Tree is not wholly destroyed; it shall be reborn as a pure seedling, and we shall raise it as the powerful and untainted Guardian it once was. You have our blessings." With a final smile, she and the Storms disappeared in a flash of light, leaving the five to continue their journey.

Sieghart yawned as he hefted his Soluna. "Them Gods. Always have to make a flashy show before they leave."

"Sir Sieghart, it is not nice to speak of the deities in such a discourteous way." Despite him being a tad older than she was, the Dancer chastised the Knight as if he were a wayward child. "Even with your Highlander status, with those words you risk incurring their wrath."

"Aw, don't sweat it, 'noble oracle.'" He teased, playfully tugging one of her pigtails. "We've been pals for centuries!"

Grumbling unintelligibly, she extricated her hair from his hold and took the orb from the Phoenix's hands. "We've got it. After all those battles…we finally have all the orbs."

"Yes, and we have the gods to thank for the success." Jin clasped his hands together in a brief but silent prayer. "This victory will be forever engraved in my heart."

"I am amazed that you have forgotten so soon that the gods were who we have been fighting against and defeated." He stepped down lightly, smirking. "To express gratitude to the very ones who disrupted the balance, creating a lot of hassle for others to restore, burdening others when it is supposedly their duty to uphold the world. Indeed, I truly feel obliged."

"Asin! You take that back this instant!" Amy gasped, her expression a mix of astonished rage. "That is utter blasphemy!"

"Is that not the truth, pumpkin idol?" He gave a light chuckle. "And to call themselves Gods…"

"That's enough," Jin cut in, "Lady Gaia said that our next destination is the Fortress of Ascension, where Thanatos resides. There is no time to argue." Giving the Dancer's hand a reassuring squeeze, the two walked off, with Sieghart lumbering after them, whining about "overreacting kids" and "too much drama". Asin looked as they walked away, gazing intently on the redhead as if he was going to blast his head with laser vision.

"Is everything all right?" Rin quietly stepped beside, him, her wide eyes filled with innocent worry. Like many others, she only had a vague idea of the supposed 'rivalry' between Asin and Jin. Mostly because it was Asin who tried to taunt and goad Jin into a duel that the Crimson Fighter kept shaking off. But Jin was never branded for cowardice; "An honourable warrior fights for a just cause," he once said, "I have no desire to participate in a duel that serves no rational purpose." Arrogant fool! It served a very rational purpose.

"Why would you ask such a thing, little goddess?" He responded, pulling on the smiling poker face. "Everything is perfect."


Unlike other children, he was not scared by the deafening cracks of thunder or the sudden flashes of lightning. He didn't even care as the rain poured down by the bucketful, soaking through his clothes. Ignoring the fact that all trees attracted lightning, the boy walked on. Where was he going?

He didn't even look back once.

After some time, the thunder and lightning finally subsided, but the rain continued to beat down mercilessly. The water droplets turned his hair into a soggy mess, but it did nothing to douse the flames that had ignited in his heart. The anger that no one would accept him simply because of his differences. The disgust at the lengths they would take to avoid him at any cost. The frustration of not being able to retaliate on the children simply because he didn't have the power. One kid he could thrash easily, but a gang-up he could not beat. He'd once took everyone on a full-scale battle with only his hands and feet, but the kids tattled to their fathers, who would come out and beat him. The whole injustice of it all! If only he could have the power to get vengeance!

He hated them.

He loathed them.

If only he had more power…

He walked on, barely noticing the transition of the trees from rough barked pillars to smooth, lofty poles of green that danced elegantly despite the rainstorm. Choosing a particularly sturdy-looking one, he sat by it, brooding. It was always like this. Whenever that taunting got too far, he'd escape to the woods. The forest was his friend. It provided a temporary reprieve until he had to return. He'd gladly live in the forest, eating the fruit and running with the foxes, but they wouldn't let him. Why they didn't when abandoning him would be a hell of a lot easier, the boy had no idea. Maybe because they needed someone like him to shove around for their entertainment.

No one loved him. That was a fact he had realized a long time ago, and he faced it now. He just sat there, becoming wetter by the minute, his fury diminishing by a wave of numbness. It was better this way, to just not feel anything…


Were they already searching for him? He scrambled to his feet. But he heard nothing more. But it certainly wasn't a figment of his imagination. He had definitely heard the sound, which resembled something heavy falling to the ground. After several seconds passed, he was just about to resume his sitting position again when he heard another. A groan. A grunt of a wounded animal, coming from the direction opposite of the village.

Curiosity settling in, he went off. Perhaps it was an injured wolf. If he could heal the animal, maybe they'd become friends. It'd become his loyal pet. Then they could punish the villagers, and then…then…his wild dreams were shattered as he stumbled across not a wolf, not even an animal, but a human. A man. Stopping in his tracks, he had half a mind to turn back before he realized that this was no ordinary man, let alone a person from the village. He would have recognized the face.

And the odd garment that covered his left arm, a black glove with a strange blue orb that gave off a mysterious light.

He looked back at the man. His eyes were closed and he was covered in cuts and bruises, but his breath came in short wisps of steam, which meant that he was alive.

For some strange reason he could decipher back then, he carried him on his back, half-dragging him to a small cavern that he had stumbled across multiple times on his escapades but didn't go near because a group of foxes used to live there. Peering in, the den was completely deserted. With some effort, he got himself and the man in, laying him on a bed of dry grass. The boy looked at him in a mix of suspicion and wonder; suspicion because no one, not even those in the neighbouring villages dressed in such a way. But he was clearly someone trained in martial arts, with a muscular physique and a strange emblem tattooed at the side. He reached in his pocket; as a frequent participant in streetfights and brawls, he always carried a stash of cloth strips to serve as bandages and wrapped it around the man's wounds as best as he could.

His work was interrupted when the man spluttered, coughed, and opened his eyes. "Wha…?" He looked around, and his eyes fastened on a small boy with startlingly red eyes staring at him intently. "H-hello."

The boy did not respond, continuing to stare at him as if he was looking at a human for the first time.

"I do not remember being in a cave...I was so sure that I would be dead. Did you save me?"

At this, he gave a slight affirmative nod.

The elder gave a wry smile. As his eyesight adjusted to the darkness, he noticed the child's shabby attire, the wary suspicion in those crimson eyes, and the guarded stance he sat, ready to bolt or fight at any moment. A surge of compassion stole into his heart; despite the physical differences, he resembled his...favourite... "Thank you. I am Asin Tairin. What is your name, boy?"

At this, he hesitated, dropping his gaze and studying the ground. After staring at him for a few seconds, Tairin was beginning to think that either the boy could not speak or he had stumbled across a foreign country when a small voice startled him.

"I have no name."

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