Title: The Mind's Abyss

Summary: He was just your average teenager looking for a way to survive in a rough world. Ichigo Kurosaki never meant for anything bad to happen when he left Inoue Orihime for someone else, but he never knew the girl was a witch either. A nasty one at that.

Pairings: Previous IchiHime and IchiRuki. Undecided HichiIchi… or possibly just no other pairings at all.

Warnings: Dark fic, lots of character death, possible yaoi… defiantly not for the faint of heart.

Rating: M

The night was young, but a combination of vapours clouded the skies making it gain an age of three hours. It was merely a matter of minutes before the sky would release its hold on the water and said liquid would fall to the ground below.

Inoue Orihime cared nothing of the weather. She walked through the wet grass on nothing but bare feet. Her destination was that of the castle's gardens, which also bore home to the meeting place for her and her beloved Ichigo.

Inoue was a fragile girl, her body thin but tall. Her bright red hair was always tossed carelessly behind her head but still head such naturally beautiful curls. Tonight she wore a long turquoise dress with a corset pattern above her waist. A black ribbon made a series of loops around the bottom half of the dress, resembling a scalloped pattern.

"My love," said boy called.

Inoue turned around with a smile. Her eyes met with Ichigo's, a well-built man with hair a shade brighter than hers. Inoue held her hand out for the young adult and he took it, though he took it with sorrow.

"I must confess something, dear Inoue, and I'm afraid it may bring you sadness."

"What is it," the girl asked, her tone turning cold.

"Inoue, I admit my love for you was great, but I fancy another, I have for a long time." He tightened his grip on her hand. "I deeply apologize."

"I- I…" Inoue stuttered. There was a sting of pain in her heart. She was devoted to him, she loved him, but he no longer shared the same feelings. "I must retire to my room," she softly cried. Inoue tore her hand out of his, droplets of silver pouring from her eyes as she turned away.

"Inoue!" Ichigo called, but she did not look back.

Her footsteps were hard with anger as she ran towards the doors of the castle. Inoue sadly opened the doors. Her footsteps turning soft against the rock floor when she walked inside. Her hand gave a gentle shove to the door, but the force didn't matter, the castle doors still slamming shut.

Inoue leaned her back against a wall, sobbing loudly as she slid to the floor. About a minute later laughter begun to take over her crying. A cunning grin spread across her gentle features, and excited glitter appeared in her eyes. The pained feeling she had in her heart lifted as soon as one thought came to her mind, 'If I can't have him. Then no one can.'

Keeping this thought present in her mind, Inoue ran down the hall.

Ichigo started his walk home, guilt still heavy on his shoulders. Tomorrow he'd be able to inform Rukia of the good news, but tonight however he'd be thinking of Inoue. His every thought would be on her health or her future, and then he would tell himself it'd all be fine.

Thunder cracked off in the distance quickly followed by blinding lightning. After blinking the blurs away, Ichigo took to running home. His father, Isshin had been struck by lightning before. Even though he lived it was still Ichigo's wish that he hadn't.

"Welcome home brother," Yuzu greeted cheerfully as Ichigo walked through the front door. She gently placed the candle she was carrying onto a small wooden table allowing the light to spread throughout the small room.

"Thank you Yuzu," Ichigo replied, taking off his damp coat and placing it on a hanger.

"So," the blond giggled, "how was your night?"

"Uhh…" Ichigo sighed. His hand came up to scratch his neck. "It could have gone better..."

"I gather it wasn't pleasant," Karin, the other sister, commented.

"It could have been worse. Inoue retired to her bedroom, and I think I will do the same."

Yuzu sighed with worry, but before she could say anything Karin jumped up. "Sounds like an excellent idea. Have a good night brother."

Ichigo responded with a weak smile before kicking his shoes off his feet and to the side. He made his way to the stairs not even glancing once at his two sisters. The stairs creaked as he jogged up them. Whether from his weight or their age Ichigo would never know.

He reached his room fast, and at an even greater speed he removed his shirt and collapsed onto his bed.

Inoue lifted a book from the shelf, dust escaping into the air as she did so. She shoved bottles and parchment off of a large stone slab then replaced the mess with the book. Her fingers snapped and immediately the great book fell open.

"Now let's see," she spoke to herself, dragging a black nailed finger down the page. Her nails matched the kimono Inoue now wore in place of the dress. Purple roses decorated the black but didn't dare touch the sash around her waist.

As Inoue's finger reached the bottom of the page, her smile turned sour. Having found no spell that met her desires, Inoue pinched the page and tore it from the book in frustration.

"Kore wa dōsa shimasen!" She hissed. (t: This will never work!)

'But do I really want it to,' Inoue questioned herself. She turned from the book to pace in front of the window, contemplating on what she should really do in this situation with Kurosaki. It was obvious the man had feelings for two women. Inoue Orihime and Rukia Kuchiki. What feelings were stronger was obvious, Ichigo just revealing that answer an hour ago.

Inoue paused in her thoughts to stare out the window. The clouds were pouring buckets onto the town below, a perfect mirror as to Inoue's inner feelings.

With one glance at the paper in her hands, Inoue's head was made up. Written in perfect letters was the spell she had been searching for, the spell that would lead Ichigo into the darkness… forever.


That was all the Kurosaki house was.

The family beneath the roof was also silent, peaceful, and completely oblivious to the monstrous storm above or the trouble slowly approaching the door.

It was Karin who answered the knock, being the first to answer meant that she was the first to die. Yuzu was second, along with a crack of lightning, and her final action was the scream that woke the sleeping teen above.

"Y-" Ichigo used his hand to silence his own scream. It was to prevent the attacker from knowing about his presence. He shut his eyes tight once the cry of his father met the air, immediately afterwards rushing to the other side of the room to grab his sword. After it was secure in his hand he crouched down and crawled towards the stairs.

Ichigo could hear the creaking footsteps of the murderer as they came up. He attacked, screaming with rage and shoved his blade straight through the perpetrator's flesh. Ichigo silently prayed to god that the spot he hit was vital.

"I- chi- go…"

"R- Rukia!?"

Ichigo didn't want to believe it, but as lightning flashed through the window it was all true. Rukia's grey eyes had turned even further colorless as the life left them. Ichigo's sword had penetrated her stomach making crimson stain her clothing.

"No! Oh Rukia, what have I done," Ichigo cried out. He caught the weak body of his true love in his arms, the raven haired girl still clinging to life.

"Y- You've sav- ved m- me," Rukia stuttered.

"To what purpose is saving when the damsel is lying in a pool of her own blood?"

Rukia gave a weak smile, her eyes searching for the face she loved but darkness preventing her from finding it. "I- Inoue had b- bewitched me to k- kill y- you. In m- my current st- state I am no longer a- able to realize her goal, and s- so I am free…"

Ichigo's lips met hers. It was a plea for her life, but also a silent good bye.

"Kurosaki," Inoue sneered from the shadows.

Ichigo's eyes opened wide with fear, but in almost the same instant turned hateful. He removed his blade from Rukia's corpse, stood up straight and turned to meet the voice. "Inoue, I swear on my life, you will pay for what you have done."

"I'm afraid, dear Ichigo, that if you wanted me dead you should have killed me back in the garden. Your words mean nothing, for you cannot kill what death has already taken."

Ichigo's look of question was almost comical. "Answer me this witch, if you are already dead then how is it that you stand before me?"

Inoue laughed, this time her voice circling around Ichigo, "It's a curse that we share. You shall suffer for all eternity alone in the darkness while I shall not be there to enjoy watching you slip into insanity."

All traces of light faded with Inoue's voice. It was then that the darkness was brought back into light by a tiny blue flame produced in the middle of the room. Red begun to bleed from the walls destroying the blue and the flame itself, turned crimson, slowly made its way over to Ichigo.


The boy's head turned around rapidly, but no matter where he looked he knew it was useless. The voice wasn't coming from a human, it was coming from his own mind.

The watery voice laughed, the fire connected with Ichigo's chest and the teenager screamed.

Umm… yeah. A lot darker than I thought! :)

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