"Who are you, and what do you want?"

Ogichi sneered, his eye blazing with hatred towards the new comers and boiling with possessiveness towards his orange haired twin sleeping in his lap. Ogichi carefully lifted Ichigo's head and placed it down on the couch's cushion, allowing himself free movement.

"We could ask you the same thing," the female responded.

Ogichi smirked while casually replying, "My name is unnecessary; I'm defending my territory. There, I scratched your back, now you scratch mine."

"I am Yoruichi and this is Kisuke. We're here for him," Yoruichi replied, motioning towards Ichigo.

Ogichi growled possessively, his hand moving to block Ichigo's face from Yoruichi and Kisuke's view. "You can't have him."

"We noticed," Kisuke replied. "I think someone's in love."

Ogichi wasn't fazed by Kisuke's comment. He learnt how to hide his blush long ago.

"Knock it off Kisuke."

"Yeah kiddo, listen to your girlfriend now," Ogichi repaid the tease.

"Kiddo? Just how old do you think we are," Kisuke questioned, not at all fazed by the girlfriend comment.

"A thousand and five hundred give or take ten years."

"A thousand and four hundred, actually," Kisuke corrected.

Ogichi gave them a wicked smirk, his eyes shining with a newly cunning gleam. "So, just how old do you think I am... kiddo?"He chuckled. "I'll give you a hint, double your age."

Kisuke and Yoruichi's eyes widened both in disbelief and shock.

Ogichi opened his hand and Ichigo's sword flung out into his palm. With a warning gesture, pointing the sword at Yoruichi's throat, Ogichi hissed, "I understand that there is a war taking place; many others have already tried recruiting us. We have no intention of joining either side, so, if I see either of you here again, I will kill you."

"U-Understood," Kisuke stuttered.

Yoruichi, however, wasn't so compliant. She removed the knife from within her sleeve and jumped to Ogichi's back. Her dagger aimed straight for Ogichi's neck, but none other than her own blood was spilled.

Ogichi looked down at her and smirked. "No blade can pierce my flesh. No object can bruise my skin. No heat can melt my body. No cold can freeze my heart. I am immune to death."

Yoruichi stared at her hand with fear. Shards of her own knife lay lodged in her skin, bleeding heavily, while Ogichi's neck remained completely flawless.

"Now leave. I will not kill you if you're gone within the next ten minutes."

Ichigo's eyes slowly opened, catching the sort-of death threat given by Ogichi. He watched the two others vanish before sitting up straight, eyes never leaving the albino.

Ogichi sensed Ichigo awakening. Sighing with exhaustion, he turned to the orange headed Vampire.

"Who were they?"

Tired of lying, Ogichi simply replied, "Vampires."

"Vampires," Ichigo asked in shock, "What did they want?"


Ichigo eyes darted to the floor and his body begun to shake. A conflict went on inside his head, half of him was confused and the other half was furious.

Ogichi made his move to sit down beside Ichigo, but the teen had seen his movements and jumped off the couch. Ichigo was prepared to once again yell at Ogichi, but was stopped at the strangely soft expression on Ogichi's face.

When Ichigo turned to leave, Ogichi snatched his hand.

"Let go of me!"

Ogichi said nothing, not even when Ichigo started clawing and screaming to be released.

"I said let go!"

Ogichi gave Ichigo's arm a harsh pull making him land on his lap. Before Ichigo could get up again, Ogichi wrapped his arms around Ichigo's waist.

"Damn it! I hate you, stronger than I've hated anything else in my entire life! Why can't you just leave me alone?"

The words hurt, but Ogichi bore with it just so he could hold Ichigo.

"Let me die! Please, just get out of my-!"

"Shut up!"Ogichi screamed, finally losing to his inner emotions,"Just shut up!"

Ichigo froze, numb, petrified... The hurt in Ogichi's voice stunned him to the bone. The caring arms around his waist made him feel warm. It was just like that time a few days ago... he was secure... warm... loved... insane. Ichigo couldn't summon the will to reject his shadow. He almost laughed at his own stupidity, but he didn't want to hurt Ogichi. See, funny right?

"Too many times I've protected you from war! Too many times I've defended you from things you know not to even exist! I pray you, give me some respect!"

Ichigo sat in silence and just listened. He could feel Ogichi's grip grow tighter; he could see his mind as it slowly begun to crack.

"Ichigo, you haven't any idea in the slightest how much you need me. You sleep at night only because I erase the nightmares that invade your mind. You stay at peace in this apartment only because I send away the intruders who come to invade your life."

Ichigo stared out across the room, one eye on the wall opposite and the other on his slowly darkening mind. Ichigo's was slowly lowered onto his back, but before he could even register that he'd moved a kiss was on his lips. After the initial shock was gone, Ichigo melted and his sanity shattered. He, much to Ogichi's surprise, hungrily kissed back fighting to devour the other's lips.

Ogichi smiled, fighting against Ichigo with twice the passion. His hands grabbed Ichigo's shoulders, to which the orangette moaned, and held him firm showing Ichigo who was boss.

When they pulled away, their heads didn't move far. Foreheads didn't part and lips barely did. Ogichi's eyes were closed. He panted heavily against Ichigo whilst enjoying Ichigo doing the same thing to him.

"I... love you Ichigo... I really... truly... do."

"Maybe..." Ichigo panted. "Maybe I... love you too..."

"That's what I wanted to hear."

Ichigo snatched Ogichi's lips again, this time kissing at a slow and much more pleasurable rate. He couldn't believe how much of an idiot he'd been to possibly ignore Ogichi all this time. How could he not have noticed? How? These questions wracked the deep crooks of Ichigo's mind while his more recent thoughts were about the albino in front of him.

Was this considered incest? And would moaning at the pain Ogichi's nails have caused on his thighs make Ichigo a masochist? They both surely didn't care.

Ogichi was glad he'd finally gotten what he always wanted, Ichigo. It was true. For nearly three thousand years, three thousand fucking years Ogichi had lusted after Ichigo, and with great patience the snake had finally coiled around his prey.

As for Ichigo, he never really knew what he wanted. He mourned for Rukia, apologized and prayed to her for one hundred years. Then the next he spent on his sisters and another hundred years for his father. But there was nothing he wanted more than to seek his revenge on Inoue. Obviously the girl was dead, and Ichigo was smart enough to figure that pursuing a pointless goal would lead to his loss of control and eventually Ogichi would control his mind.

Now, however, he didn't care what the consequences were. Ichigo had never felt so right in anyone's arms, he'd never felt so secure or happy in his entire life than he did right now leaning against Ogichi's warm body. It was like all his worries had flown out the window (along with his sanity) and Ichigo had finally found a place to belong.

"Never leave me?"

"Never would even dare."

You're mine now Ichigo, forever and always will be. You can never leave my sight, you will never lose my protectiveness... and perhaps you've even gained a monster's love. Ogichi thought quietly to himself. He laid down on the couch, placing Ichigo on his lap, and watched Ichigo drift comfortably to sleep.

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