So guys, once again, I'm depressed.

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Ichigo awoke on the couch. He was alone… no, he was never alone… but that was a normal everyday thing. Ichigo sat up straight, stretching out his arms, and then his legs as he stood tall. The couch was so uncomfortable, why the hell did he sleep there instead of his bed?

He cracked his head from side to side… aware of the eyes devouring his toned body… Never once did the thought occur to check his surroundings. No one would be watching him; he was the only one in his apartment after all.

Ichigo scratched the aggravating itch on his thigh. His other hand covered his mouth while he yawned, and two other hands smoothed over his shoulder muscles in an endearing massage… Ichigo moaned freely as these unholy hands intoxicated him… Ichigo must have been imagining things. He had two hands, not four; obviously he was still just waking up.

Ichigo walked into his bedroom. He slowly undid his pajamas… toying with his own nipples and swaying his hips to an unknown tune. He watched his one audience member slowly lick his lips as he beckoned Ichigo towards him… Ichigo sat down on his bed, pulling off one article of clothing after another until he was left with nothing other than his underwear. He then moved over his closet, hoping to assemble some decent clothing.

The orangette yawned again as he browsed through his wardrobe. He wasn't sure what he wanted to wear that day, but he knew it was definitely not going to be… the red thong he was wearing only served to emphasize the major hard on he had right now. Pale hands moved slowly down his body, down to the thin piece of clothing that left practically nothing to the imagination.

Ichigo stared himself in the mirror and sighed. This was going to be one of those anti-productive days, he was sure of it. It was then that he noticed something… a mark… on his neck. As Ichigo moved in closer to the mirror, he could make out… there was definitely going to be a mark left from Ogichi's possessive bite. But Ichigo didn't mind, he kind of like being…

"Marked?" Ichigo questioned with one hand on his neck and the other on the mirror. "But when did this happen?"

"That is an excellent question…" Ogichi purred into Ichigo's ear. "When did I bite you… was it last night? Was it just now? Or was it while you were sleeping? Are you still sleeping?"

"Stop it…" Ichigo murmured. "Stop it... you're… you're-"

"Confusing you? That's right, you're confused aren't you? Or maybe… you're just insane."

"Insane?" Ichigo's eyes widened in horror. "No, I assure you… I am not insane."

Ogichi blew cold air onto Ichigo's wound. The orangette hissed in pain, or was it he moaned in hot pleasure?

Ichigo was back in front of his mirror… Unnoticed by him to be surrounded by darkness. His chest was bare, but across his legs was tight black leather. Ichigo swallowed nervously, almost afraid to look at his reflection. When Ichigo finally looked up, he was graced with his own self staring back at him. Ichigo sighed in relief then nearly screamed as a white hand clasped down over his mouth.

"That's right, you've lost. You belong to your insanity now." Ogichi grinned darkly. "You belong to me."

Ichigo shook his head in denial. Ichigo nodded his head obediently, wantonly rubbing his groin against Ogichi's. The leather was constricting, but god did it ever feel so good.

Ogichi had a strong grip on Ichigo's hips. He used his inhuman strength to slowly guide Ichigo's clothed member up and down his own. The speed was almost torturous, but Ichigo… he let out an inhuman growl to match Ogichi's inhuman hold. Ogichi grinned; he was getting exactly the kind of reaction he wanted from his immortal host.

"S-Stop…" Ichigo whimpered. "More," Ichigo demanded. He leaned in, placing his lips against Shiro's in an almost dominative fashion. Ichigo's eyes widened when he found his lips against Shiro's. He had done so willingly, what the hell was happening to him?

Ichigo and Ogichi fell onto a bed. Black silk bed sheets twirling around their frames as they wrestled about, fighting for the leading position. Moments later it was Ichigo who had won, pinning Ogichi's hands above his head and straddling his insanity's hips.

Ogichi smirked. "That's it Ichigo. Keep going…"

Ichigo dove in for Ogichi's neck. He ran his tongue across the pale skin, enjoying the salty flavour as it rolled across his taste buds. A vanilla-lavender scent invaded his nose, making him high and pushing Ichigo to unlock the very core of his instincts. He trailed his tongue down Ogichi's chest, over the ripe and trembling muscles, and down his midriff. Ichigo nipped at one of Ogichi's abs making the alabaster skinned man jerk.

Ogichi moaned out his content, his chest rising and falling with his heavy breaths. Ichigo gazed up into Ogichi's eyes, grinning at the lusted and hungry look.

Then, slowly, reason seemed to sink back into Ichigo's mind. He leaned away from Ogichi, his hands rather gracefully unhooking themselves from their white copies. "Why am I doing this…?"

Ogichi brought his hand up to Ichigo's face. He gently cupped Ichigo's cheek, only to have Ichigo swat it away… Ichigo brought Ogichi's hand closer to his face, gentle nuzzling into the familiar gentle touch.

"You have nothing to fear Ichigo," Ogichi reassured. "I will not hurt you. On the contrary, the darkness will guide and protect you forever."

"No. This is wrong," Ichigo stated. "This is just… so…"

Ogichi gave Ichigo a passionate, hot kiss. Ichigo's eyes rolled back in pleasure and he moaned into Ogichi's mouth.

"It's so… right."

Ogichi raised his eyebrow.

"This is so fucking right!" Ichigo exclaimed proudly. He placed another kiss to Ogichi's lips before starting to grind their hips together again. Ichigo moaned loudly while Ogichi's hands roamed his back, playing with his bumps and curves. Ichigo pulled back to catch his breath. A small string of saliva connecting Ogichi's lips to Ichigo's as they both panted in unison.

"God you're so fucking amazing," Ogichi growled.

Ichigo laughed. "I could say the same to you." And he descended onto Ogichi once again. This time his target was his insanity's chest. His tongue drew lines down the center of Ogichi's chest, before his mouth wandered over to one of Ogichi's nipples.

Ogichi gasped when Ichigo's teeth came in contact with a rather sensitive area. He chuckled, sliding his hands from the bed, up Ichigo's legs to the orangette's hips. He bumped Ichigo down lower on his knees, momentarily causing Ichigo to lose contact with his chest. Ichigo settled himself back down, rolling his tongue around Ogichi's perk bud before the latter started grating his knee against Ichigo's erection.

"Ah!" Ichigo inhaled sharply. His hands took hold of Shiro's shoulders, his nails digging in to his reflections back. A thin coat of sweat gathered across Ichigo's skin, Ogichi sharing the same reaction. They brought their mouths back together for a wet and rather sloppy kiss. Neither of them seemed to mind the mess they were making, it only mattered that they got closer to each other.

Slowly but surely, Ichigo began to lose himself. He could feel the heat pool in his stomach, and he knew he was getting close to release. Ogichi could sense this too, and before he made his sweet strawberry come in his pants, he removed the leather article that was containing Ichigo's arousal.

Ogichi gaped at the sight above of him, drool slowly filling his mouth. He licked his lips at the sight of his strawberry's delicious cock, Ogichi's hunger growing tenfold at the lusted look on Ichigo's face. Ogichi smiled, he was going to make this a morning that Ichigo remembered throughout all eternity.