Chapter 3

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Casting his reflexion in the mirror one last glance, Dante sighs and sits down at the edge of the bathtub. He watches Kat, sitting on the closed toilet lid, vigorously shaking a small bottle.

"Let me do it", he suggests, already reaching out with his right hand.


She turns away, frowning, shaking faster. She can do this. No need to patronize her, even if he has more strength in his arms.

It's a quiet afternoon. Gray skies, small gusts of wind coming through the partly opened window. No screams or fighting can be heard from down the street.

Kat gets up and orders Dante to change seats, so she can walk around him while dying his hair.

She slips into a pair of disposable gloves, unscrews the top of the bottle and steps closer.

Dante grabs the towel tighter, which lays loosely around his bare shoulders.

"Don't make a mess", he demands and looks into her face. "I don't want black stains on my skin."

Rolling her eyes, Kat grabs him roughly by the head and turns him, so he's forced to look straight ahead.

"Why?", she snaps, starting to squeeze the black, thick liquid onto his scalp. "Are you planning on seeing a hot chick tonight?"

Dante closes his eyes. "Indeed I do!"

"Oh, yeah?!"

It's silent for a brief moment, before he starts laughing.

Blindly he reaches for her naked thigh, slips two fingers under the tight shorts.

"I was hoping you were free tonight."

Biting her tongue, Kat tries to concentrate on getting the dye evenly spread on his white hair.

Of course she hasn't planned anything. No need to let him know though.

"We'll see", she finally replies, a lot softer than before.

She draws one parting after another, squeezing the black stuff out of the bottle, carefully rubbing it into his strands.

Her heart beats faster than usual. His hand, his fingers - still at her naked skin, moving slowly, caressing her. It makes her nervous, sends strange feelings through her body, reminding her of yesterday morning.

Still she's not sure, if she can trust him again in this point. He'd lost control before. What shall be different this time?


It doesn't take long, not even ten minutes, then she's done.

Kat throws the bottle away, which isn't even empty. His hair is still short, even if it grew about an inch. When she gets rid of her gloves, Dante starts talking again.

"How long?"

"Twenty minutes tops. Fifteen should be enough already."

"What shall we do while waiting?", a suggestive smile already on his lips.

She shakes her head and steps back, sits down on the edge of the tub. "Just sit there and don't make a mess."

He doesn't stop staring at her and Kat turns her head, inspects the tiles on the wall.

"Stop that", she whispers, "you're making me feel uncomfortable."

"You've got mad long legs", he replies instead and doesn't avert his gaze.

Instantly Kat shifts around, look of defense on her face, she then looks to the ground.

"Actually", she starts, "can you leave the bathroom for a minute?"

He blinks. "Why?"

Kat sighs and sounds annoyed. "I need to pee."

A smile forms on his lips again and he leans forward, enjoying the fact that she doesn't like the current situation, which is plain hilarious for him.

"You said I shouldn't make a mess. I better stay here, while you do your business."

To his surprise she doesn't unsheath her claws, but simply complies. She gets up.

"Fine. But turn around. Don't look!"

Marvelling about her sudden casualness, he stands up and walks over to the sink, his gaze lingering on her body a second longer, before he turns around, facing the door.
Kat stares at his back, bites her bottom lip and slowly opens her pants. She undoes the button, pulls down the zipper, tugging her shorts and underwear down her thighs, then lifting the lid of the toilet and sits down.
One second ago she really thought this would be easy, no big deal. But now. Now she can feel the inhibition threshold building up. Conscious kicking in, awkwardness creeping over her.

Dante crosses his arms in front of his chest, waits.

She wishes she could read his mind right now. Hopefully he won't crack anymore jokes.

Exhaling nervously, Kat closes her eyes, tries to relax.

When the hot stream finally hits the porcellain, her cheeks turn slightly red. She can feel the heat on her face, suddenly remembers that one time, when she and Vergil–

"You often mark your territory when guys are around?"

"Dante!", she hisses and would love to get up and smack him. Even if he faces away from her, she knows he has that smug grin on his face - she hates that expression. And if she'd tell him, he'd only say she loves it. What an idiot.

But for the moment Kat feels relieved, reaches for the toilet paper and sighs.

Seconds later, she's fully dressed again, washes her hands and avoids to look in the mirror, since Dante had turned towards her.

She takes her sweet time with the soap and rinses her hands extra thoroughly. The towel dries her wet skin, and she continues to wipe her fingers, even if there's nothing to dry off anymore.

Meanwhile the flushing tank has been filled with water again and it gets quiet.

When awkward silence is spreading around them, Dante finally reaches for her shorts and hooks his index finger into one of the belt loops, gently tugging her closer.

"What are you doing?"

Instead of answering, he leans in to kiss her, but Kat frees herself from his grip and takes a step back.

"Careful", she pants, "you'll get the dye all over me!"

Dante makes an annoyed sound, settles for sitting on the egde of the tub again.

Kat leans with her behind against the sink.

They wait the rest of the time in silence.


She hands him a clean towel.

"Here, hold this above your eyes to protect them."

Dante does as told and leans over the tub, while Kat tries to get the water temperature just right.

When she starts washing out the color and massaging the scalp, he closes his eyes. And even when the water turns colder, he still seems to enjoy it.

It takes a while, but finally the water is clear, thus Kat turns it off.

He takes the towel and rubs it over his head a few times, before standing up straight and casting the mirror a glance. Much better this way.

Apparently Kat has the same thought - he finds her staring at him with a strange expression.

Not hesitating any longer, Dante throws the towel to the ground and reaches for her. His strong hands cup her face, pulling her close to seal her mouth with a searing kiss.

Only mildly surprised, Kat responds quickly. Her long, delicate fingers running through his wet, short strands, she closes her eyes and gives in.

He walks her backwards until her shoulders hit the wall, not breaking the kiss for one moment.

They've been in this exact situation countless of times already. To her own surprise though, it doesn't bother her anymore. She doesn't feel trapped, she's okay, the uncomfortable feeling not arising this time.

"Kat", he breathes, finally pausing the kiss. "Sleep with me."

He's still close enough to touch her lips with his own while talking.

"What? Now?", she asks, a little taken aback.

Dante doesn't answer. Instead his right hand trails down her shoulder, carefully touching the scar next to the strap of her top. He looks into her eyes.

"Does it still hurt?"

Kat turns her head to the side. "No", she says after some pondering. "Sometimes I think it does, but..."

He just nods slightly, before leaning in, his fingers sliding the strap down over her shoulder at the same time their lips touch again.

Her hands are wandering to his lower back, pulling him closer. Their tongues rubbing against each other. Dante blindly reaches for the handle, pushes the door open, before urging her down the hall, walking her into the general direction of the bedroom...


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