Hellooooo! To everyone who was hoping this was a Percy Jackson update nope sorry but that should be soon ;) Sooo yeah I got into this series a little while ago and as I do with all series I enjoy looked on fanfiction for stories about it and saw there were no stories for Alex/Aiden. I mean none… at all… so I decided since this is the main pairing I should do one! So hope you enjoy it and please review

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What If's

This was going to be a LONNNGG car ride. I tapped my fingers against my thigh and looked out the window again. 1 hour down 3 more to go. Great. I sighed, I should have listened to them! I should've known it wasn't going to end up good. Apollo himself told me not to leave the house with Seth for gods sakes! Then Hades just had to show up and make everything even more difficult! If I just would have listened this all would've been avoided. I sighed again, listening had never been my strong point- like ever.

"Alex." I turned my head towards Aiden.


"You're not still thinking about it are you?" I blushed. Aiden always seemed to know what I was thinking. "Alex I told you don't think about it. It's not your fault all you're doing is torturing yourself." He glanced my way.

I sighed knowing he was right "I know but I just can't stop thinking about the what ifs. What if I'd let Hades take me, what if I just listened for once, what if I'd just stopped living."

"Stop thinking about the what ifs and focus on the right now's. Right now your alive, right now we're doing something to stop him." he paused "Alex you can't help the stuff you do its part of your personality its who you are and I know right now your struggling with it, but don't go around trying to fix something that's already perfect." I stared at his liquid silver eyes and really thought about what he said. It was so frustrating! Sometimes even I got mad at me.

"But what if I was never born? Then none of these innocent people would have to die." A silent tear of frustration rolled down my cheek. Gods I'm so horribly girly sometimes. Then Aiden spoke up in almost a whisper.

"If you weren't born then I wouldn't be able to call you Agapi Mou, Zoi Mou."


"Please don't say stuff like that Alex, I lost you once I don't need that to happen a second time."

"I'm sorry Aiden I shouldn't have said that. Sometimes I just don't think before I speak." He chuckled.

"Sometimes?" He cocked his eyebrow.

"Okay 99.9% of the time." I smiled

"That sounds about right." He placed his hand in mine. And right then I wished we could've stayed in that moment for the rest of our lives. Peaceful, safe, and together.