Author's Note: Another story completed! Nice little fluffy feel good piece. This part however is solidly smutty. WARNING MAN-MAN LOVING, don't like don't read.

Big thanks to ravingbeauty for getting another done for me many thanks!

Something Missing

Part 5 – Missing Piece

"Tony, can I ask you something?" Steve queried as they headed towards their rooms in the Tower. Dinner had been wonderfully romantic, his date going right for the first time.

"Shoot," Tony replied, shifting his weight as he leaned on his crutches.

"How come you sent the e-mail?"

Tony grinned as the doors dinged open, "You should know by now Steve, I have a flare for the dramatic."

Chuckling, Steve followed the limping figure out, "But you couldn't be sure I would come."

Tony paused, turning to face him in the dark hallway. "I hoped your curiosity would get the best of you," he whispered. "If it didn't work out, I am nothing if not persistent." Moving closer to Steve, Tony balanced on one leg as he tugged the other man towards him; the taller bending slightly. They met somewhere in the middle.

Their first kiss was short, chaste, but incredibly powerful. Steve had been kissed before, but this was nothing like his stolen moment with Robert. They parted, Tony waited for some reaction from the other man.

Smiling, Steve closed the distance between them again. This kiss was more heated, deepening as their tongues duelled for supremacy. Tony groaned taking a step forward, pressing closer, completely forgetting about his bad leg. Pain flared sharply, gasping he pulled away from the kiss. Automatically reaching out to grip Steve's arms, the super soldier supporting him, easily taking the extra weight.

"Sorry for ruining the mood," Tony mumbled, looking angry with himself.

The blond gave him a sweet smile, "Not at all."

Tony wrapped his arms around Steve's neck the soldier easily lifting him. "My hero," he teased as Steve carried him up the stairs to the billionaire's room.

As Steve set him down on the bed, the genius looked sullen and put out. "What's wrong?" Steve asked as he settled beside the injured man on the comfy monstrosity.

"Well," Tony answered, "Usually about now I jump you and we spend the rest of the night bumping uglies." At Steve's confused look, Tony grinned and clarified, "Having sex."

Steve went from his normal skin colour to red in a heartbeat, looking down at his hands. "We, ummm… we can wait…" he mumbled.

Tony leaned into him, chuckling, "Going to have to, Spangles. My leg isn't going to let me do much of anything." Glancing down, Steve looked at Tony's leg where the brace pulled the denim snug over Tony's swollen leg. "Doesn't mean we can't fool around a bit, though," Tony breathed as he pulled Steve into a slow, leisurely kiss.

Steve smiled, "Yeah?"

Tony chuckled tugging off his shirt, filling the room with blue light as his arc reactor was uncovered. Steve paused for a moment to look curiously at the mechanical inlay.

The genius hesitated, seeing those beautiful eyes drop to his chest; he reached up to cover his hardware self-consciously. "Sorry, I'll put my shirt back on…" he apologized.

Tony was moving to tug the white t-shirt back on when Steve stopped him, "No, don't. I'd like to see." Blinking in surprise, Tony nodded slowly, allowing Steve to study the device. "Can I touch it?" he asked hesitantly.

Tony nodded, "Yeah."

They fell back onto the bed Tony stretching out. Steve leaned on his elbow, carefully tracing the edge of the reactor, where metal and skin met. The shorter man shivered, biting his lip to keep from moaning at the erotic feeling.

No one touched his arc reactor. Pepper had flat out refused after the one time he'd asked for help. During his few romantic encounters since then, he had never taken his shirt off; as a result, they were usually quick, dark, and impersonal, with the girls leaving soon afterwards.

It was the most vulnerable part of him and he guarded it closely. With Steve, though, there was no hesitation, no disgust – just acceptance.

Tony was drawn from his reverie when a warm palm fanned against the light and Steve smiled down at him; Tony reached out, unbuttoning the soldier's shirt. Pushing it off wide shoulders, the material pooling around his elbows. Tony scooted closer they were kissing again, hands exploring and memorizing, warm flesh shivering under every touch and caress.

Tony forgetting himself tried to roll closer, his injury protesting painfully. Breaking away, he cursed abruptly sitting up.

Steve sat as well, kissing Tony's neck comfortingly until the pain began to subside and the dark haired man slumped forward miserably. "You should rest, Tony. It'll help you heal," he murmured against the warm skin.

"Only if you stay," Tony answered as he reached up to grip Steve's arm with a strong hand.

"Wasn't going anywhere."

Grinning, Tony bent slowly and, with Steve's help, began to work the brace off of his leg. When Tony finally wriggled free of his jeans, the blond hissed in sympathy at the sight of the terribly bruised limb.

"Oh, Tony…" Steve mumbled as he carefully strapped the brace back on, at last giving into his compulsion; tenderly kissing his knee. Tony started in surprise and Steve was gratified to see him blush faintly. Grinning, he tugged off his socks, leaving the smaller man nude save for his boxer briefs, brace, and gauze-wrapped arm.

"Your turn," Tony said, voice gravelly, as he looked up at Steve. Reaching out to undo the larger man's pants, the genius grinned wickedly at the very noticeable bulge in the cornflower blue boxers. He could barely restrain himself from touching as Steve tugged off his pants and climbed into bed.

Tony groused and grumbled as they arranged themselves in the large bed. He had never felt more frustrated in his life. This was torture, plain and simple, to be so close and not be able to do anything about it.

Chucking, Steve spooned the smaller man pulling the smaller frame close, mindful of his injured leg. Feeling him sigh heavily as he settled into the embrace, Steve kissed his dark hair and murmured, "Goodnight, Tony."

The blond rested a hand against the blue glow and sighed contentedly as the emptiness in his chest began to fade away.


He was in agony, utter and true agony – and it had only been a week. A week pressed against the sexy as hell Captain America every night, waking every morning with a raging hard on. All because of his damn leg.

Sighing, Tony slumped over his workbench and stared at the hated brace, visible where his loose sweat pants were hiked up past the knee. It was looking better, but it still had a long way to go. He wished he had Steve's crazy healing abilities.

The thought of the big man brought a soft smile to his face. He supposed he couldn't really be all that mad. After all, he did get to wake up to Steve every morning.

At that very moment, the man on Tony's mind was worried.

Steve was supposed to be paying attention to the trainees running drills, but his mind was on Tony. Their new relationship was in its infant stages, Steve giddily excited to wake next to someone every morning. And at night Tony was there as well; making it a point to try and come to bed at a reasonable hour.

Something was off, though, for both of them. There was a tension, thick and hard to define. Steve felt it acutely but couldn't quite understand what it was. Frowning, he stared intently at his feet.

"Hey, Cap, how are things going with your old man?" Clint asked as striding up grinning.

Steve glanced over at him, raising an eyebrow. "He's not an old man," he defended his boyfriend.

The archer took his measure, laughing, "Oh, no? Looks like he still hasn't been able to seal the deal."

Steve frowned, not understanding the phrasing.

"Good god, you two still haven't had sex yet."

Steve blinked at him as everything clicked into place – the frustration, that strange awkward tension between them, it all made sense. Not that he didn't want to; having done his research like any good soldier, he was very much eager to. His hesitation had been in deference to Tony's injuries. But what if they took that out of the equation? Steve was a strategizer, a planner, and a tactician – why hadn't he thought it out before?

Glancing at the clock, he grinned when he saw it was almost lunch, "I have to go, be back in a bit?"

Clint eyed him warily, "I don't want to know."

Steve's smile got wider.


"JARVIS re-run that simulation again and this time account for varying degrees of wind." Tony frowned at the arrow, a project Clint had asked him to look into. It had seemed easy enough at the outset, but as he was fast learning, it wasn't so simple. Fingers tapping restlessly, he watched the screen as the AI went through all the lines of code again.

"Sir, Captain Rogers is home," JARVIS announced.

Tony frowned; he had programmed the system to alert him when Steve returned from work. "It's not that late already, is it?"

"No, sir. It is only just past noon."

Worried now, Tony wheeled toward his crutches; something must be up for Steve to be home so early. He was just about to grab them when Steve entered the lab, looking ruggedly dashing in what Tony assumed were workout clothes.

"Steve, is everythin-," Tony was cut off, much to his surprise, by a harsh, demanding kiss.

It took Tony a fraction of a second to catch up and wrap his arms around the soldier's neck. He shuddered as he felt the strong hands smooth down his back and settle on his hips. Having kissed Tony until he was dazed and breathless, Steve abruptly pulled back. Tony had just opened his mouth to ask what was happening when Steve tugged the inventors t-shirt off before making quick work of his own. And then Steve was back, kissing him again.

Tony, still seated on the chair, hadn't been able to get a word in edgewise. As long as Steve kept doing what he was doing, though, Tony really couldn't bring himself to care.

Steve gripped Tony's hips again, lifting him easily setting him on the workbench. Swallowing the smaller man's gasp, he stepped between the others legs going for his waistband. Tony tried again to speak, but could do no more than stare, wide-eyed, as Steve carefully worked his sweatpants down over his brace before stepping out of his own.

"Lube?" Steve breathed against Tony's kiss-swollen lips.

Lube? Tony was having a hard time collecting his disjointed thoughts. "Umm… hand cream, cabinet…" he managed, watching as the brawny figure moved quickly to collect it. When he returned, Tony hadn't moved an inch. Was this really happening?

Steve kissed him again, biting his lip hard as he yanked Tony's underwear, easily ripping the material off.

"Oh, my god…" Tony moaned against those lips. He had to be dreaming. He had fallen asleep at his workbench and was having the most erotic sex dream of his life.

His train of thought derailed again as Steve began working his way down his chest. Moving between muscular legs, he lifted Tony's hips; slightly titling the man back, Steve licked the weeping erection, before swallowing it thickly.

"Steve!" he cried out, ignoring his bad limb as he tried to wrap his legs around the broad shoulders. Panting, he buried his hands in soft blond locks as the man worked him, supporting his bad leg with a wide shoulder.

Blue eyes, dilated with lust, glanced up as Tony arched wantonly into Steve's mouth. Humming around Tony's length, Steve slicked up his fingers and gently pressed into his soon-to-be lover's tight opening; the smaller man inhaled sharply as the muscle gave way.

Finally caught up to where all this was going, Tony was all for it. He had perhaps pictured things going the other way, but for now… being taken by Captain America sounded like the best idea ever.

A second finger joined the first as Steve stretched him patiently; long fingers curved, searching for that spot, causing Tony to cry out when he found it.

"Steve… please, Steve…" Tony begged as he thrust into that beautiful mouth. He'd been dying for this for a week, and now that it was here…

Then the fingers were gone and Steve gave him one final lick before rising to stand between his legs again. Quickly slicking himself, he pressed forward slowly, watching the other man pant beneath him, carefully pausing when the muscle gave way and he slid inside.

Tony clenched his jaw, trying to relax. It had been a while… a long while.

But then Steve was kissing him again, distracting him, and damned if it wasn't working. He moaned at the feeling of his lover's thickness buried deep inside him. Clutching at the strong shoulders, kissing the other man harshly, Tony moved slowly, rocking lean hips against the blond's.

Groaning and panting, they moved together on the workbench, gaining speed and momentum with every movement. Their sweat-slicked bodies moved together desperately as both men simply felt one another.

Steve moved then; gripping Tony's hips, he lifted him, guiding his good leg to wrap around his waist. Tony cried out as the angle changed, deepening with each thrust. "Christ, Steve… oh, god," he moaned as Steve held him, impaling him once more. It only took a few more thrusts and Tony was shuddering his release, warm wetness spreading between them as he tightened impossibly around the big man. Steve followed moments later, shouting his own release, gripping hard enough to bruise.

As Steve collected himself, he could feel Tony panting against his neck, clinging to him tightly.

"Wow," the genius huffed, bemused.

Pulling back to kiss him sweetly, Steve hummed in agreement; Tony wincing as the other slipped from his body, a little disappointed at the loss. The big man gently set his lover on his feet, supporting him as they made their way to the shower, kissing and caressing as if they couldn't get enough of each other.

Clean and towelled off, Tony yawned widely Steve tugged his tracksuit back on. Sleepily, the billionaire sat on the couch. "Where you going?" he asked, not wanting to blond to leave, not after that.

Grinning, Steve came to sit beside him on the couch; the anxiety and tension gone now, and Steve felt like he could take on the world. "Back to work," he answered as Tony awkwardly climbed into his lap.

"Nope, you're calling in sick, staying here with me. We'll get fast food, watch movies, and later…" the genius trailed off, grinning wickedly.

"Ok," Steve chuckled as he pulled Tony close and kissed him deeply. "You know, I'm glad I went on that dating thing," he confessed as dark eyes looked at him curiously. "If I hadn't, I wouldn't have realized what I had in front of me the entire time."

Tony grinned, a faint tinge of pink about his cheeks, "You're a hopeless romantic, Rogers, but I think I like that." Curling close to Steve, he called out, "JARVIS, call in sick for Cap, would you?"

The smooth British voice replied, "Of course, sir."

Gathering Tony to him, Steve sat back, glad he had found his missing something.