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Lucas quickly got out of his car, and hurried inside with a bouquet of flowers in his hand. He went upstairs where he knew Peyton was, and found her in the bedroom, standing in front of the mirror. She was fussing over her wig.

Lucas stood in the doorway taking in the sight of his fiancée. She was wearing a skirt that went to her knees, and clung tight in the perfect places, and a plain white shirt, with a vest over it. She sighed in frustration pulling the wig from one side to the other. "You look beautiful." He smiled, getting her attention.

"Oh look who finally showed up! You're only…" She looked at her watch "Twenty five minutes late!" Peyton said, before picking a pair of earrings to wear.

"I'm sorry. One of the boys needed to talk with me after practice about something…" Lucas said, sitting on the bed.

"Everything okay?" Peyton asked, worried.

"Yeah. He's just having some trouble in school. I'm going to talk with his teachers… get him a tutor." Lucas said, thinking about his plans. "I got you some flowers today!" He held up his bouquet.

Peyton smiled, and walked away from the mirror, to him. "Well this makes up for the fact that you're late." She took them from him, and sniffed a pink carnation. "They're beautiful. Thank you!"

Lucas pulled Peyton onto his lap. "You're welcome." He kissed her passionately on the lips. Today had been his first day back at work since Peyton's surgery, and to say that he has missed her would be a big understatement. "How was your day?"

"Quiet. I missed having you here. There was no one to help me do my crosswords." Peyton joked. She had spent most of her days after her surgery lying in bed doing so many crosswords. Lucas always had to help her finish them though."

"Trust me, I missed being here." He said, kissing her again.

Peyton smiled widely, and sat up. "I'm going to go and put these in water, and you need to get changed. We don't want to make Brooke and Andrew wait for too long." She stood up, and walked out.

"How many times has Brooke been late for dinner reservations with us?" Lucas yelled after her, smiling.

He joined Peyton downstairs twenty minutes later wearing nice dress pants, and a white wife beater.

"You can't wear a wife beater to dinner!" Peyton said, the second she saw him.

"I know." Lucas said. "I just ran out of clean shirts here though. We'll have to stop at my house on the way to the restaurant and I can get another one."

"Lucas there's something we need to talk about." Peyton said, apprehensively.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong… it's just that we've been engaged for what… a month now?"

Lucas nodded his head.

"Well we still haven't officially moved in together yet!"

Lucas smiled, as he realized where she was going with this. "Are you saying you want to move in together?"

"Well it would be nice… to have all of our things together under one roof… and make my dad's house our house…"

"You want me to move in here?"

"Well I just thought we'd stay here… we can move into your house though, or shop around Tree Hill. What do you think?" Peyton asked.

"I think that nothing would make me happier than living in this house with you!" Lucas said, taking her hand.

"Seriously?" Peyton gripped his hand, excited.

"Seriously! I've been meaning to bring up this topic earlier. I just didn't know how."

"You knew the perfect way to propose to me… but didn't know how to bring up moving in together?" Peyton laughed.

"I'm a dork sometimes, okay?"

"It's okay. You're my dork!"

"Well I guess your dork better call a real estate agent tomorrow then!"

"Yes please!" Peyton said, excitedly. "But right now we have to get going!" She took his hand, and led the way out to his car.

They made a quick pit stop at Lucas's house so he could get a clean dress shirt, and then went to the restaurant. Brooke and Andrew were sitting at a table with a view of the water talking when they arrived.

"Hey ." Brooke greeted her best friend excitedly. "You look so good!"

"Thanks Brooke. Gaining weight everyday!" Peyton said excitedly.

"You're still too skinny though. As your doctor, I think I might have to get you your own bread basket for tonight!" Andrew joked before giving Peyton a quick hug, and shaking Lucas's hand.

"So let's get the medical talk out of the way, and talk about other things…" Brooke said once everyone had settled at the table and given their orders to the waitress. She knew Andrew was dying to ask Peyton some questions.

"Well I was used to seeing you two every two days… And now I have seen about twice since you were released from the hospital!"

"I know. It's weird not to be at the hospital that much now. It became such a normal part of our everyday life." Peyton said, looking to Lucas who agreed.

"I know. So how are you feeling? How are the pills I prescribed helping with the pain?"

"They work good. I can actually sleep at night now." After Peyton's surgery she had a lot of back pain, and had not been able to walk for a while. Now she could, thankfully.

"That's good to hear. And how is the physical therapy going?"

"I actually stopped that last week. They said I didn't go anymore!"

"What? You didn't tell me that! That's great news!" Brooke chimed in happily.

"Yeah, it is good!" Lucas agreed.

"Alright enough with the medical talk. Let's talk about normal things now." Peyton suggested.

The foursome enjoyed their three course dinner, and wine while they caught up. When the girls had finished dessert Peyton suggested that she and Brooke go for a quick walk. When the girls left Andrew and Lucas were getting on the topic of basketball, so they would be busy for a while. Lucas could talk Andrew's ear off about the game.

The moment they were outside Brooke let her know that she knew Peyton didn't just want to walk. "What's up?"

"Well, I've been doing a lot of thinking even though this is a no brainer kind of thing..."

"I swear I am over Lucas… he's all yours." Brooke joked.

"HA HA. Very funny." Peyton said sarcastically. "You have to close your eyes. I have a surprise for you."

"Okay!" Brooke said excitedly, shutting her eyes tightly.

Peyton reached into her bag, and pulled out a large wad of tissue paper. "Okay. Open."

Brooke opened her eyes and Peyton handed her the gift. "What is it?"

"Just open it." Peyton encouraged, watching excitedly.

Brooke slowly removed the tissue paper, and smiled. "A Posh Spice mug!"

"Look inside."

Brooke tilted the mug, and looked inside. There was writing on the bottom of the mug. "Will you be my maid of honour?" She read out loud.

Peyton laughed as Brooke realized what the question was. "Oh my goodness Peyton, yes a thousand times over!" Brooke embraced her best friend. "Thank you so much for this honour."

"Thank you Brooke. There's no one else I would standing beside me when that day comes!"

Brooke wiped at her eyes quickly, before linking arms with her best friend. "We should get back. I can't wait to tell Andrew the news!"

"Oh hey, I meant to ask you how the move went!"

Brooke had moved in with Andrew about two weeks ago, but Peyton couldn't help because of her back. "It went well. Still finding some spots for things… but it's going better than expected. I really love him, Peyton."

"I know, and I am glad you do. Lucas and I approve of him, and he treats you like a Princess… You two are perfect for each other!"

The girls went back to the restaurant excitedly, and Brooke began to share her ideas for Peyton and Lucas's wedding day.

"When Peyton walks down the aisle to Lucas there should be butterflies released, and when you two kiss I think fireworks should be shot off to symbolize the spark you two have always had for each other…"

Peyton shot Lucas a scared glance, playfully, and he gave her a wink back. Brooke was definitely willing to help with their wedding plans!

Lucas went to the Tree Hill Real Estate Agency office first thing the next morning, and spoke with an agent. They went to Lucas's house, and talked about the details of selling Lucas's house and about pricing before Lucas quickly signed papers and he watched the man hammer a "For Sale" sign onto the front yard.

Lucas took a picture on his phone, and sent it to Peyton.

He went to work following that, and was about to go to a meeting late in the afternoon when his favourite blonde showed up in his office. "Peyton, what's up?"

"Okay I know you have some meetings to go to this afternoon, but I just had to come and tell you some news. I was too excited to wait!"

"What is this news?" He smiled, seeing her so happy.

"My boss in LA called me… They have a client for me!"

"WHAT! That is great news. When are they coming?" Lucas asked, hugging her.

"Next week! So soon! My boss is having the rest of the recording equipment delivered tomorrow, and then we are ready to go! How awesome is this! This is like a dream come true!"

"I know! You've worked very hard for this true to come true… I couldn't be more proud of you!"

"Thanks Lucas. I'll let you get back to your meeting though." She gave him a kiss goodbye. "See you at home!"

That weekend Nathan and Haley helped Lucas and Peyton move the contents of Lucas's house into Peyton's, and got the house ready for some showings that were coming up.

The house had only been on the market for a week when Lucas got the phone call that the house that he had grown up in all of his life had been sold. He had mixed feelings. He was very happy to be moving in with Peyton and to continue their lives together, but he was going to miss his house that was for sure.

Lucas and Peyton were on their way to his house to give the keys to the new owners.

"I'm sure they are nice people." Peyton consoled him. "A nice family."

Lucas nodded his head.

"They are going to take really good care of it. I bet there's going to be a broody teenage boy in your old bedroom that likes to bounce his basketball off the ceiling and listen to records and read books."

Lucas smiled at the thought of that. When they got to the house he took a deep breath, and got out of the car with Peyton. The real estate agent was waiting on the front door step. "Hi Mr. Scott. The buyers should be arriving any minute now."

As if on cue a black sleek sports car pulled up to the curb in front of the house. Peyton gave Lucas's hand a small squeeze as they watched the buyers get out of the car.

"Lucas… is that? Oh my god, it is!" Peyton was shocked.

Lucas couldn't believe his eyes. "Are these the buyers?"

The real estate nodded his head. "Yes. Do you know them?"

"That's my mom!" Lucas said, running down the stairs towards his family. He scooped his little sister up into his arms and spun her around through the air happily.

He engulfed his mother in a hug, and she kissed him on the cheek. "Surprise Lucas! We bought the house!"

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