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Kim's POV

Ah, my first day at high school. Pooie. Let me introduce myself. My name is Kim Crawford, but do not call me Kimmy. You will die. Anyways, I am walking to my first day of Seaford school. I'm really nervous because I don't know anyone and

"Hi!", a preppy voice shouted, tearing me from my thoughts. "Who are you? Are you new?", she asked. I replied with a simple nod. She pointed in the direction of two big blue doors and said,"all newbies to the theater!" So to the theater I went.

It was really bright. They had a disco ball and a banner saying 'WELCOME NEWBIES'. Wait to make us feel welcome,I thought. Then, as I was pondering over this, a loud male voice came through a mic. "Good afternoon students! I am the principal, Mr. Lee, and um...welcome!" I almost laughed at how nervous he sounded. "I will call out names of 20 students at a time. These are your classes. There will be 6 homerooms. Let us begin! 9-1:will the following students please join your teacher! Jackson Brewer, Mark Buldwin,Kimberly Crawford..." After that I zoned out an went to my teacher.

-line break-

Well, from a first look at my class,I can already label everyone,from the populars to the nerds to the loners.

"We are going to play a game to get started. It's called the number shout! I assign you a number for the year and you will say it everyday for attendance. Got it?", our teacher said, earning some nods of approval. She started assigning numbers. I'm 3. When we started, I heard, "1" "2", so I quietly but strongly shouted out "3!" After this I just zoned out. I should probably stop doing that.

"Everyone! We are doing a start of the year project! Biographies about your partner! I will now list the partners. Jackson Brewer...and hmmm...Kimberly Crawford. I walked over to him and introduced myself. All I was thinking the entire time was you are really hot.

"Hi, looks like we're partners.", I said.

"So you want to get started?" I replied with a simple sure by nodding my head.

"So Kimberly, tell me about yourself", he stated calmly.

"Well, first of all, do not call me Kimberly. I prefer Kim. Okay, I do karate, I'm a second degree black belt, I have a dog, my favorite food is bacon, and I think regular coke tastes way better than diet. Like really? Who cares about that? Now, what about you?", I said.

" My name is Jackson Brewer, but I prefer Jack. I am a third degree black belt in karate, I basically live alone because my parents are always away on business, my favorite foods are pancakes and muffins, and I totally agree about the coke thing",he stated.

"You know," he started again,"you're cool. You wanna sit with me and my friends at lunch today?"

"Sure", I said with a smile, completely oblivious to all the death glares I was getting from girls.

-line break-

I was walking to the lunch room with Jack when I heard,

"Yoo man! Who's the chick?",someone shouted.

"The chick has a name!", I shot back.

"That's Jerry", Jack whispered,"he is the crazy one." I walked over to their table and Jack started the introductions.

"Kim, meet Jerry", he said, pointing to the Latino boy,"Milton", again pointing, but to a scrawny red head who looked like a nerd,"and Eddie", he finished, pointing to the chubby African American.

"Guys, meet Kim. She is going to be our new best friend."

For some reason, I smiled a bit at this.

-line break-

The first day of school was over, and Jack offered for me to come to movie night at his house. Of course I agreed, calling my single father to tell him I made friends and I would be home a bit late.

We started walking to his house, until we came to the next door house to mine.

"Jack. We're neighbors!" I said. And sure enough, the bay window in his bedroom was, when opened, about 3 feet, not even, away from mine.

He just smiled, but I could tell he was thinking.

We went inside and got set up. We decided to watch scream 4. I was next to Jack on the couch, Eddie was on the floor, and Milton and Jerry were on beanbags.

At the end of the movie, I was on Jacks lap, my face buried into his chest. He just held on to me, rubbing soothing circles on my back.

"Shit.", I muttered.

"What's wrong?", Jack asked.

"It's getting late. I have to go." The others nodded in agreement and Jack led us all to the door. I was last out. Before I left, we exchanged numbers and I said,"that was fun. My place next time?" "For sure", he said. "Bye" I said. "See you tomorrow!", Jack yelled as I ran home.

When I got there, I ran to my room and leaned against my door.

Little did I know, Jack was doing the same thing.

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