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I am having trouble finishing the last lemon for this story.  Where the other lemons were a bit mechanical and impersonal, I wanted this last one to be romantic and sweet.  Where Aoshi can be romatical and sweet, he is afraid that it may ruin his image but he is willing to do anything for Soujirou, so if I can find the right words the lemon will be completed soon and posted to our site, www.wandering-samurai.com.  An update will be sent out after it is posted.

Originally I was not going to write an epilogue but this one scene kept trying to be included in the story so I gave in and put it here.  I still plan to write the sequel so this is not the end of their journey together it is… the beginning.

A Reason for Love

Epilogue: Lost in Love

It was past dusk when Aoshi left the clinic, the sling that had held his arm in place now lay on the cot inside.  He felt relieved, the burden that he had placed on his shoulders was now gone with only traces of the heavy guilt remaining, just enough for him to remember but not enough to hamper his plans for the future.  With the addition of Soujirou in his life, he could now look forward to a productive and useful future.

Turning back, he locked eyes with the flirtatious doctor who was standing in the door way silhouetted by the light from inside the clinic.  Nodding his head, he then continued walking away, feeling her eyes following him until he was consumed by the darkening night.

Starting his journey back to the dojo, he came to the bridge and stopped in the middle, peering down into the dark flowing water beneath him.  Time is like the water, he thought, ever moving and standing still for no one, and now it is time to move.

Following the path that would take him along the riverbank, Aoshi slowly walked toward the dojo.  He suddenly stopped. There standing by the side of the river amidst the glow of the fireflies was Soujirou.  Looking across the water at the reflections of light from the fireflies, the young man appeared to be lost in the beauty that surrounded him.  Aoshi waited not wanting to disturb the quiescent aura that the young man was experiencing and yet at the same time wanting to share the moment with him.

Soujirou could feel Aoshi's presence as he drew nearer then stopped.  He smiled as the worry and stress that he had been feeling quickly began to fade away.  Tomorrow they would be starting on their journey away from Japan and he had some strange feelings about leaving their homeland to start a new life.  But knowing that he would always have Aoshi beside him helped to quell his fears.  So he just stood, waiting.

Aoshi moved forward without making a sound.  Standing directly behind the young man, he was not surprised when Soujirou said, "I felt you coming towards me."

"Did I interrupt anything?" Aoshi asked, feeling the young man lean back against his chest.  He wanted to wrap his arms around him but resisted.  He could feel a change in the young man's emotions.

"No, but…" Soujirou said, then stopped.  He extended his hand and waited until a firefly landed on his palm before he finished saying, "I am a little frightened."

"Misao won't hurt you, no matter what she says," Aoshi stated, remembering the threat that Misao had voiced days before in the dojo.

"I respect girls but I am not frightened by them," he said, watching as the firefly resumed its journey.  "It's the uncertainty of the future that scares me.  Before I have always had a goal, something tangible in front of me to work towards.  And now I feel lost."

"Then we can be lost together." Aoshi quietly said, "And then…  we can find our way together."

Soujirou turned and pressed himself firmly against Aoshi, hugging him as Aoshi accepted the young man's embrace.

Thanks for reading and they will be back in the sequel…