Grace woke up to a ringing in her ears and a pain in her head. She blinked a few times, looking around with confusion before remembering what happened. She struggled to sit up and winced as she caught her reflection in the broken window. She clutched her side and took a few slow breaths. She could hear the sirens in the distance and knew help was on the way. She could vaguely hear people talking and she knew they must be with the people in the other car.

The sirens got closer and Grace could see the ambulance pull up. She could see her brother in the passenger seat and tried calling his name softly but he didn't respond. He wasn't moving and Grace could see he was badly hurt as they were hit on his side. She couldn't see her mother as she was sitting behind her but she wasn't moving either.

A paramedic was suddenly in front of her. He was young and Grace registered that he was good looking. He had opened the door and was talking to her but she wasn't listening, she could barely hear him. He was looking at her head and when he touched the cut she winched and came around.

"Does anything else hurt?"

"My ribs and my arm." She mumbled and turned towards her brother. "Jake."

"I've got him," the other paramedic said from the other side of the car. She locked eyes with Grace for a few seconds and smiled before checking on her brother. The fire trucks arrived on scene and distracted Grace. She turned her attention back to the female paramedic and caught her gaze again.

"Mills," she said. "I need you to go get Casey."

"Casey?" He frowned. "Don't you need squad?"

"Yeah we will, but I need you to get Casey." She pushed. "Grace, do you remember me? I work with Matt."

"Yeah," she nodded. "I remember you."

He frowned but got up and went to find Casey. He saw him, Severide and the Chief talking and he quickly approached them.

"Mills, what do we got?" Chief Boden asked.

"Two car collision, five victims, two unconscious and on trapped." He responded. "We need to get the door off."

The Chief nodded and turned to Severide. "Get your guys over there."

"Wait, Casey," Mills interrupted. "Dawson said to get you."

"Okay," Casey frowned. "Why does she need me?"

"I don't know but the girl in the car, I think Dawson knew her and she mentioned you."

"Who's the girl?"

"Her name is Grace."

Mills watched the fear creep into Casey's eyes and the panic come across his face. He took off towards the car and dropped to the ground in front of Grace and Dawson.

"Gracie," he said, pulling her into his arms and looking to Dawson for answers.

"She's okay," Dawson confirmed. "The cut on her head won't need stitches, she probably has a few broken ribs or at least bruised and a sprained wrist."

"Thanks Dawson," he nodded and he could see her hesitate. "What is it?"

"Jake's trapped in the car."

"What?" He gently pulled Grace back and went to see what was going on but she held onto him.

"No, Uncle Matt don't leave," She whined.

"Gracie, I need to help Jake okay?" She stared at him for a few seconds before nodding. "Stay with Dawson."

Casey ran over to the car and kneeled beside it. "Severide?"

"We're going to take the door off but he's starting to wake up."

Casey nodded. "I got it." He ran over to the driver's side and climbed in. "Jake?"

"Uncle Matt?" His voice was laboured and Casey could hear the pain in it.

"Hey buddy," he soothed. "They're going to get you out, okay? But I need you to stay calm."

"Where's Grace?"

"She's okay, she's already out of the car." Casey paused. "Your mom is out too."

"Matt," he shook his head. "She was drunk, probably high too."

"It's okay bud." Matt frowned, trying not to show his anger as he clenched his jaw.

"You can't let her take us back." He begged as they got the door off and started to pull him out. "Please Uncle Matt."

"Don't worry, Jake. I'll take care of it."

Casey came around the car and helped lift Jake onto the stretcher and into the ambulance. He looped an arm around Grace and pulled her close to him as Dawson and Mills worked on Jake. He shook his head, wondering how they could be going through this. They were just fifteen years old, they shouldn't have to deal with any of this.