I was booting up my laptop when I thought of how you had to write your letter. The last time I wrote a letter by hand was last year, and it hurt like a bitch. I know you don't write much, so that must've been a pain in the ass. It would've been nice of North to give you a laptop or one of his fancy typewriters. You're not too bad of a typer. Remember when I taught you? You tried to use the standard keyboard position, but you couldn't get your fingers to work as one so you ended up adiavi dafuodaofd all over the document. You were so embarrassed that you went for a cool down lap around the neighborhood.

I'm not as good as writing letters as you, though I'm definitely better. To be fair, I'll do what North suggested you do in your letter: pour out my emotions.

When Baby Tooth delivered your letter, I had no idea what to think. From the way she was spazzing out and chirping that wedding song, I thought it might have something to do with a Guardian getting married. I didn't know if Guardians could get married; you had never told me. So my thoughts went to hell and I thought, maybe, you were getting married to Tooth. It pissed the hell out of me, just thinking of you and her – you and anyone really.


(Cue dramatic music.)



Keep going….






Almost there….





I've like you for a really, really long time. It started off as a hero worship kind of love. Before I turned thirteen, I thought of you as the coolest dude on the planet. Not just in the temperature sense, but because you were so kind to me and you paid me the most attention of all your other believers. Even when the Jack Frost bandwagon started rolling and all these kids were catching glimpses of you, you dedicated the most time to me.

When I turned fourteen I started getting jealous of the others who spent time with you. Truthfully, I have always gotten jealous when you were with others. It just escalated to the point where I could practically feel the jealous boiling in my stomach. It was as if I wanted you all to myself. I felt selfish, but I couldn't help it. When you shared your stories of the fun you had with Bunny painting eggs and making some of them look like North's Russian nesting dolls, I was seething on the inside. You sounded so happy and sudden it felt like you and I had never had good times. I was THAT selfish.

And that's a warning you have to consider. If you want to date or whatever you want to call it, I AM SELFISH. I GET JEALOUS EASILY. I'm trying to work on that. I promise I'll try not to go up in flames whenever you talk about the fun times you have with others, or when you make plans with others instead of me, especially when you hug Tooth. Of course I trust you. I don't think you'll go around messing around with other people. I KNOW you won't cheat. After eight years of knowing you, I KNOW you are trustworthy. So when you talk highly about others and I look…awkward I guess…KNOW that I trust you and that I'm just jealous. BUT I'M WORKING ON IT! I promise my life on it that I will work not to get all knotted up over who you spend time with.

You also should consider that I

Hold on I think you're at my window. I thought you said you'd come the night after I get the letter but you just couldn't stay away from me, could you?



Jamie snatched the letter from the printer and tripped over his rug as he bolted to the window. He yanked it up, slamming it so hard against the frame that it bounced back. He pushed up barely enough for him to shimmy out onto his balcony.

"Jack!" He waved the letter over his head. He didn't care if his neighbors saw him and thought he was delirious and in need of mental help. "I saw you! Come out!"

No sooner had he called Jack out, the paper was plucked from his fingers. He looked up into the night sky, soft flakes of snow kissing his skin.

"Are you mad?" Jack asked from the roof, poking his head over the edge to look down at Jamie. He looked hesitant to come out further. As if Jamie was going to lash out at him. Well, he couldn't lie; he would lash out – with a kiss. "Should I leave and read this…?"

"No, you idiot! Read it now! Or just get your ass in my room."

"I can't read in the dark so…" Jack dropped on the balcony, eyes unusually wide.

"I'm not mad at you," Jamie laughed, gesturing for Jack to go in. "Just get in and read the darn letter."

Jack sounded confused and uneasy about Jamie's jubilance. "If you're not mad, then what are you?"

Jamie seized the front of Jack's sweater and yanked him close. He heard the sharp intake of Jack's breath before he meshed their lips together. Then he swung Jack around so the spirit's back was to the open window. Jack looked dazed and blown out of his mind, stoned even. "Woah," he said, eyes wider than looked comfortable. "That's – woah…" His voice was a breathy whisper.

"I know, right? Now get in there so you can read my letter."

Jack climbed in the room quietly, his arms and legs stiff. He sat on Jamie's bed as he read the letter. It took him longer than it should have. Jamie noticed how his eyes kept flicking back and forth over the same area. Jamie's kiss must have slowed his mind's speed.

When he finished, Jack put the letter on the bed quietly. He stared across the room at Jamie who sat the desk. "I'm numb from the shock," Jack said.

Jamie crossed the room to Jack. He drew the spirit into a hug, standing in the gap between Jack's parted legs. Jack wrapped his arms around Jamie's waist, pressing his head against his chest.

"I didn't think of you as the jealous type," Jack said.

Jamie ran his fingers through Jack's hair. "Really? Even with all the attention you showered on me?"

"Not really. But I like it. It's like, you really want me."

"I do." Jamie tilted Jack's head back, kissing his forehead. "Do you want me?"

"Ever since I made your nose bleed." Jack grinned. Jamie's heart stuttered at the beautiful deep blue Jack's eyes became. He had never noticed Jack's eyes to change shades – not in the eight years of knowing him. Maybe he had never gotten close enough.

"That's really romantic." Jamie pressed an open mouthed kiss to Jack's lips.

Jack inhaled sharply. His pupils were blown almost large enough to block out the blue of his irises. "Really? I was being funny."

"I was joking."

"Sorry. I'm still in shock so it's hard to tell."

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