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Author - angels entwined

Prompt - fly, fly away

Pairing - Mr. Everdeen/Mrs. Everdeen

angel's lullaby

He used to sing with the mockingjays.

He's gone now, she thinks, and even the thought is dull. Some part of her wants to rage and storm at the unfairness of the world, but this isn't in her nature. She is a healer, and she doesn't cause destruction. She doesn't blow up and throw tantrums.

She can see him now, walking through the woods while her oldest daughter hurries along with him. She can see Katniss falling silent and picking at her braids while he lifts his face to the sunlight filtering through the trees.

He sings. He sings so many things, lullabies and folk songs and pretty little melodies he picks up from who-knows-where.

Even the birds fall silent. He has the voice of an angel. The voice of perfection.

(But sometimes, he's more like a bird. Because now he's flown away from her with the mockingjays.)