Disclaimer - Nope. I'm not Suzanne Collins.

Author - angels entwined

Character - Lavinia

Prompt - feathers

shallow memories

She remembers hazy days - days of downing gulp after gulp of alcohol, flipping lazily through channels. She drowns in memories all the time because that's all she's got left - a ruined servant with blank eyes in the Capitol.

She remembers smiling on moonlit balconies, chatting animatedly with friends, gossiping about the latest victor, hurrying to get a brand-new surgery, and pillow fights with feathers drifting through the air as one by one, everyone collapses in exhaustion.

She knows you can't get anywhere by remembering, but it's all she's got.

Feathers, moonlight, gossip, alcohol, television.

So shallow.

But she clings onto them tighter than she clings onto life.