Disclaimer - the Hunger Games trilogy belongs to Suzanne Collins.

Author - our little infinity

Pairing - Prim/Rory

Prompt - stuffed animals

Stuffed Animals

You play with the old, tattered stuffed animal. It was your mother's before you, and even though it's silly, you like to cuddle the fraying bear and pretend you are far away from this gloomy place.


Watching him at school, you smile. Rory is so... lovable. so sweet. He's always there when Gale comes to your house, and you make small talk and laugh with each other.

'He is cute,' Mira's voice breaks your daydreams.

'What are you talking about?' you reply, praying that your cheeks aren't as red as they feel.

She rolls her eyes. 'Come on, Prim, you've been staring at Rory Hawthorne for a couple minutes now.'

'I don't know what you're talking about.' You stand up and walk stiffly away.


Rory comes to your house one day before the reaping. You sit on the bed together quietly. He puts his hand down on the blanket and it touches yours. You stiffen. 'I'm sorry!' He jerks his hand away. 'I didn't - I mean, I -'

'It's okay. I'm sorry. I was just surprised.' You smile, blushing. All you want to do is kiss him, but that wouldn't be right. He looks up, noticing something. 'You still have a teddy bear?' He grins cheekily.

'Um. Yeah, I guess. I don't know why; it's childish.' You blush even more than you already were.

He laughs. 'No, it's not silly. It's really cute.'

'Uh, thanks.'

The two of you sit in silence for a while and you look out the window, watching it rain.

'Do you know...' Rory's tone turns mischievous. 'Gale is absolutely head over heels for Katniss.'


'You can't tell her though. He'd murder me personally.'

'I won't,' you promise.

Suddenly, like a breath held in, he says 'I'm head over heels for you too.' He blushes suddenly, realizing what slipped out. 'I mean - oh damnit. I'm sorry, I'm sorry. oh damn - '

You smile. 'Rory Hawthorne, I just may be in love with you too.'

He looks up, smiling that mischievous smile you love so well. Then, it's a collision of lips and teeth.

He winces. 'That was an elegant first kiss,' He says sarcastically.

'It's your first?' You're surprised.

'Yeah. Why?'

'I just... well, you know.' You blush.

'No, I don't...'

'You're cute, okay?' You're terribly embarrassed, but strangely gleeful at the same time.

'Why thank you,' he winks. 'What about you? Your first?'

You nod.

'Well, I'm surprised for the same reason. now that we know each other's deep dark secrets, I should go. See you later!'

And he's off, acting like nothing happened.

You're kept up all night, remembering that beautiful feeling of his teeth crashing against yours.


And then the next day, it all is ruined, and it's all your fault. You are is worthless compared to Katniss, and you should be the one dying. It's all your fault.

During that time, you and Rory grow closer. You watch together and he comforts you when things get too brutal. You know what pain Gale must be going through as he watches Katniss and Peeta on the screen. when she comes back, you are overjoyed, but you come crashing down again the next year with the Quarter Quell announcement.

And when you're taken to 13 you're scared.

And when you go in and save those capitolite children, you're not. You know you'll die, and you know that you'll do what's right and you know that Rory - sweet Rory - is okay.