Disclaimer: The Hunger Games trilogy belongs to Suzanne Collins.

Pairing - Madge Undersee/Cato

Prompt - piano

Author - Zoe Alexandra Morrison

Broken Chords

Her fingers attempt to dash across the black and white keys to play the familiar tune, as she cries. Her body is wracked with sobs, and the tears are pouring into her lap. The chords are broken and disjointed. Fitting, she thinks. Broken chords on the piano, broken chords to her heart.

The day of the Victory Tour's stop in foreign to her tongue, because she's never really cared before. It's not a Victory though, she thinks. Ever. The Victors are broken, and the Districts are broken, and she's broken because she lost her best friend and the boy who made the cakes that so delighted her as a child, and played the songs on the piano that so enlightened her as a teen.

And, she stops playing because it just hurts too much. But then large, calloused hands are continuing the song, and when she turns to face the intruder, she's greeted by the sight of a large bulky mass, with a tear-stained shirt. He sits with her and talks with her and teaches her a new, happier, song on the piano.

He promises her that he'll stay. He does.

The chords are broken, but the chords in her heart are being pieced back together.