Disclaimer - I do not own the Hunger Games trilogy. Suzanne Collins does.

Author - irmaida

Pairing - Glimmer/Seneca

Prompt - cheating


It feels like all the air has been knocked out of him. Oh, it hurts; he'd cheated for her, he'd pulled strings for her, making sure she was well equipped in the Games, he had worked hard to make her victorious, he's the reason she's still alive. He had risked his job, his reputation, his everything, because she had made it worth it, and now, she has been with another man, playing him like a marionette, cheating on him.

He can't breathe.

Many times she'd made him breathless-the first time he'd seen her, when she'd come out for the interviews in that golden dress, her kisses, her little flirtatious smiles. But this is a different kind of breathless. One that hurts. One that is killing him. Like one of those giant wrecking balls they use on construction sites has just socked him in the stomach.

(And he can't breathe.

So he stops.)