A/N: For the Slash/Femmslash BC (yellow) and the Broaden Your Horizons Challenge (AU). For Sam and Laura because they've made me fall in love with this ship.

Draco thinks that Charlie wears yellow well. The sunshine material of the older man's shirt, coupled with his bright red hair remind Draco of a flame.

And Charlie is exactly that- fire. He's unpredictable and burns so bright that everyone knows to keep a safe distance. He's something that could destroy so easily, something that radiates power. In his own way, Charlie is dangerous, the kind of person to approach with caution.

But Draco has discovered the other side of the flame. Charlie is the warmth the wraps around him on the coldest nights. He is the light that never fails to guide Draco home.

He is Charlie Weasley- fiery, unpredictable Charlie Weasley- and he is the dragon's flame.