TA 2959 – One year later

"Khagam!" Thorin yelled as he ran towards Kili, who held his arms open for his son.
"Thorin," Kili said sighing as he held his son. In truth Kili had not thought much about having children, he thought more of adventure and battles; it was seeing his brother and Eleni with Nali that had made him realize how he wanted that. His heart was nearly bursting with the love and joy he held in it, having never thought he would have this happiness.

The greatest part of it was due to his wife, and Eleni had been right – there was no one more beautiful than Nyr to him. Neither he nor his wife spoke before they were in each other's arms, their lips molded together.

"I am so happy you're home," Nyr said against his mouth.
"I missed you," he mumbled against hers.

"Ew," Thorin muttered as he looked up at his parents, gagging slightly at the sight.

Kili looked down at his son, who looked very much like his mother except for his dark hair. "I believe it is time for bed," he said ruffling Thorin's hair. They had arrived late that evening and his brother and Eleni and their children had already left for the night.
"Can I stay with you," Thorin asked wrapping his arms around Kili's waist.

Kili looked to his wife, having wanted to take her to bed, to see her smiling as she nodded. "We can later," she whispered as she kissed him softly. "Tell me of your trip."
"We did not come across any trouble, but we did have Beorn with us," Kili said remembering Nali's shrieks of delight as Beorn ran with her on his back.

"I am glad he was with you, Eleni's really missed him," Nyr said, knowing Beorn was a very special person to her friend.

"I did teach Nali how to catch her food, and Eleni tried to teach her how to prepare it but Nali kept gagging."
Nyr smiled at the thought, Eleni still had a wild air about her but it had been tamed with the years. "How was Rivendell?"

"It was as beautiful as I remember," Kili said taking on a melancholy tone as he often did when he remembered a time in which he had been with Thorin. "Eleni really missed it." He had seen the absolute joy on Eleni's face and knew that she had; which was not surprising for it had been her home and was therefore filled with people she had known all her life.

"Was she sad to leave?" Nyr asked, knowing how hard it was to leave a place you knew, Erebor was very different than the Iron Hills but she loved it all the same.

Kili thought a moment before answering. "No, she missed Fili. I think perhaps Nali was the saddest, she was in awe of everything."

"What was it like?" Thror whispered as he laid beside his sister in her room.

"It was the most amazing place I've ever seen," Nali said in wonder. "There was water everywhere; it flowed through the path and you had to jump on the stones across, it surrounded the whole place and there were lots of waterfalls. And the sun made everything look so golden and warm." She could still picture the place her mother had lived before, the place where her mother and father had first met.

"What were the elves like? Were they like Prince Legolas?" Thror asked, not so sore he hadn't gone for he had enjoyed his time with his father.

"They don't live in caves like Prince Legolas," Nali said, having though all elves were like the woodelves. "They were beautiful and fancy."
"Ooh, were they more beautiful than Tauriel?" Thror said as he pictured it, though from a dwarf's mind it hardly measured up.

"Yes, the Lord Elrond's daughter was the most beautiful woman I've ever seen," Nali said as she remembered Arwen.

"More beautiful than Khagun?" Thror asked disbelieving.

Nali rolled her eyes and huffed. "No one's more beautiful than Khagun."

"What is it?" Thror asked when he heard his sister sigh, knowing something was bothering her.

"It's nothing, a lot of the elves stared at my beard," she said quietly as she brought her hands up to cover the hair on her jaw. She was quickly growing not to like it, seeing her mother did not have one, and then all of the lovely elves who had no hair on their faces at all.
"I think you're beautiful," Thror told her softly as he kissed her cheek in the dark. "So, did you see Beorn?"

"I rode on his back all the way there and back. I was glad he came, he made Khagun smile," Nali said remembering how Beorn and her mother had talked over meals when he would become a man.

"Do you think he'll ever tell us stories about Khagun when he knew her?" Thror asked knowing Beorn had treated many of his mother's scars.

"No, they never talk about those times," Nali said, wondering if her mother had her own insecurities.

"I wish we could sleep with them," Thror said having wanted to sleep with his mother on her first night back but Nali had pulled him into her room instead.
"You can't Thror," Nali sighed.

"Why not?"

"Because it's been a year and they missed each other," she told him sternly, not understanding why he didn't get it.
"Are they kissing naked?" he asked, Nali having told him what her mother had when they talked about love making.

"Yes," Nali exclaimed, happy he now understood.
"That's so gross," Thror said, not old enough to find girls appealing in the slightest.

"I think it's sweet," Nali said, now that she had her first moonblood she was officially a woman – something her father was entirely unhappy with. They were less than three years apart and yet their view on love was vastly different; though they could agree on one thing – neither one of them wanted to see their parents in the act of making love.

"How long is he staying?" Fili asked as they walked to their room. Aragorn had returned with Eleni, something that had surprised Fili.
"Two days and then he will return to Gondor," Eleni told him smiling softly. "He is not the boy I remember. He is not Estel."
"He is Aragorn son of Arathorn," Fili said squeezing her hand, knowing her nephew reminded her greatly of her brother.

"That is a title he does not desire and I cannot blame him. It has brought nothing but misery," she said bitterly.
"You have more than misery," Fili reminded her and the dark cloud that fallen over her eyes lifted as she smiled at him. "How is Gilraen?"
"She is well, I've missed her greatly." And so Eleni told Fili of what all she and Gilraen had spoken of, and of Beorn who she had missed as well, and the few people she had cared for in Rivendell; but in all honesty Eleni hadn't been very sociable and neither had her brother. "She is getting older," Eleni said quietly.

Fili's brows furrowed.

"Beorn is too." It was then Fili realized and he took her in his arms.
"Everything that lives dies. You will have me, and Nali and Thror, and Kili and Nyr and Thorin. Did your time away make you forget your family here?" he asked looking at her sad face.

"I believe my time away from you did," she said softly.

"Well then it's obvious, you will never leave me again," he said as though he had come to a great conclusion, making her smile.
"Never again," she agreed as she wrapped her arms around him in return. He sighed heavily as he stretched his arms around her back. "Are you hurt?" she asked.

"No, I am sore. I have been all through Erebor seeing to the finished message system. Which is now running perfectly I might add," he said moving his body as though his shoulders needed to pop.

"Would you like me to rub you?"

And that was where they were not too long after; him lying bare on his belly and Eleni straddling his waist as she began massaging his stiff muscles. She started with his arms before moving to his shoulders and down his back, pressing her fingers firmly into his skin as she rubbed away the strain. He groaned occasionally when she came to a place that was more sore and she would knead harder. She felt the slight shiver in his spine when she came to his hips, her hands ran over his bottom and down his legs, her thumbs pressing firmly between his thighs.

His arousal was no surprise when he rolled over for her to massage his front, and she smiled before she began again at his arms. Seeing in his eyes that he wanted her then, it having been a long and lonely year apart. But she continued on kneading his muscles, her hands moving lower on his chest until she came to his hips. His eye were staring at her filled with such lust and desire she could do no more than smile innocently as she skipped over his hips and began again at his calves.
His breathing deepened as she slowly kneaded her way back to his waist, rubbing each sore thigh before moving to his groin. She touched him everywhere but where he wanted, her fingers pressing lightly in the space between his legs, her fingers trailing around and above his swollen manhood; his hips raising to seek her touch until finally her own desire overtook her. She pulled her dress over her hips and settled on top of him, guiding him inside her. It was not long before he had pulled her dress over her head and turned them so she was beneath him.

"Don't ever leave me again."