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Cora sat at the table, arms crossed, a pout on her face.

It wasn't working.

Regina was still mad at her for spending a thousand dollars on clothing. Even though she had bought them some toys… well Regina technically bought them herself, BUT SHE PICKED THEM OUT.

That was worth something...



So here Cora sat, a pout on her face as she watched Regina argue with Emma a little over Cora's punishment.

"Baby, she can be my deputy at the station, I'll keep an eye on her." Emma assured, pulling Regina into her arms.

"Emma no! Remember the last time she was your deputy for a day?" Regina huffed out, accepting the embrace.

"True… well what do you suggest?" Emma asked, completely ignoring the brunette sitting in the corner like a toddler.

"This is bullshit." Cora muttered out, loud enough for the girls to hear.

"Mother please." Regina breathed out, feeling a headache coming on.

"Mother please." Cora mocked, making her voice higher pitched but with Regina's edge to it.




"STOP IT RIGHT NOW!" Cora mocked back, her eyes gleaming in amusement as Emma stifled a snicker.

Regina glared angrily before Emma pulled her closer, instantly calming her.

"What's your idea?" Emma asked once more, rubbing soothing circles over Regina lower back.

"I think she should have to get a job and actually work. I think waitressing at Granny's would be good." Regina suggested.

"You know Granny is my best friend right?" Cora asked, raising an eyebrow in amusement.

"Yes I am aware mother, but you don't realize how… hardworking, Granny is." Regina replied, flashing her familiar Evil Queen smirk.

Emma visibly gulped when she saw that smirk; it never boded well for anyone who was on the receiving end.

Even Cora turned a few shades lighter.

"Okay." Cora squeaked out, not wanting to argue with her daughter.

"Excellent. Why don't we go and have that chat with Granny now?" Regina suggested, pulling from Emma's embrace and walking from the room.

"I have a feeling I'm not going to like this." Cora said to Emma.

Upon receiving a nod from Emma they followed the former Evil Queen from the room and to the diner.

"Miss Lucas, could you please get your grandmother for me?" Regina asked politely.

"Sure thing Madame Mayor." Ruby said before seeing Emma and Cora enter, "Hey Emma! Cora!" Ruby said with a smile before heading to the back to fetch Granny.

"Madame Mayor." Granny stated respectfully, her face breaking into a smile as she eyed the three women, "Table?"

"Actually I was wondering if you would be willing to take on another worker." Regina replied with a smile.

"Sure I can always use more help around here." Granny stated.

"Excellent." Regina replied before shoving her mother forward, "As you know my mother owes me some money and well… she needs to work for it."

"Welcome aboard Captain." Granny said with a smile, "Why my diner though?"

"Well it was either here or the Rabbit Hole, and I don't think Regina wants to hear about her mother stripping for Storybrooke." Cora replied bitterly.

"You would seriously want to take your clothes off for these people?" Emma asked with a laugh while Regina grimaced.

"HEY! I have a hot body." Cora replied saucily, "Don't believe me, ask Leroy."

"I can attest to that. It's all Leroy goes on about. Your mom is a MILF Regina." Ruby chimed in with a wink, making Cora's eyes light up.

"Okay that's enough. Granny take… take care of her." Regina muttered out before turning on her heel and pulling Emma along with her.

"Okay Cora. I want you to start out by waitressing. I'll show you how everything works, follow me." Granny said with a smile, leading Cora through the steps.

"How are the preparations going Blue?" Hook asked with a smile.

"Well Captain. We are almost ready to depart." Blue answered her Captain.

"Excellent. Cora has been laying low for the past few days after her little incident with you. Which leaves the town open for possibilities." Hook responded before donning his leather jacket.

"Your bike is ready Captain!" Mr. Smee piped up, running up to the dark haired man with enthusiasm.

"My dear ship mates prepare to take over the town of Storybrooke! The Captain Swan ship WILL sail!" Hook called out, looking at his crew of twenty.

"AYE AYE CAPTAIN!" They all called back.

"Today… WE RIDE!" Hook yelled out, receiving a chorus of agreement from the crew.

"This is such bullshit Ruby." Cora muttered to the brunette as she rushed by, heading to take another patrons order.

Not only did she have to work at this insufferable job to pay Regina back, but also at her daughters' suggestion, she had to wear a most embarrassing outfit.

Apparently her grandson had been in on it as well since he watched the cartoon that created it, Regina magicking it into existence.

Cora donned the official Weenie Hut Jr. outfit from Spongebob, that cartoon with the yellow sponge that Henry so adored.

Apparently Henry thought it would be amusing, which Regina and Emma agreed on.

So far today Granny had been working her like a mule, Regina wasn't kidding about the woman.

She paused in front of the patron, clearing her throat.

"Welcome to Granny's diner, where friendly service is a priority, what can I get for you?" Cora asked with a fake smile.

"I'll have… a hamburger, an order of fries, anddddd a strawberry shake." The man said with a smile.

Cora began to write the order down when he interrupted.

"No. Diet Coke."

Cora scratched out the shake.

"No. Strawberry shake."

Cora wrote it back down.

"No. Diet Coke."

"OH FOR FUCK SAKE! MAKE UP YOUR FUCKING MIND YOU INDECISIVE TROLL!" Cora yelled out in frustration, startling the patron.

"CORA!" Granny yelled in warning from behind the counter, making the older brunette grumble before looking back at the man.

"My apologies… what would you like?" She repeated, a tight smile on her face.

"Strawberry shake." The patron answered as Cora wrote it down. "No wait…"

Cora paused her writing, tightening her hold on her pen.

"Both." The patron answered with a smile.

"You know that I was the Queen of Hearts correct?" Cora asked with a low voice, making the man gulp before she walked away in a huff, handing the man making the orders her slip.

"You okay Cora?" Ruby asked with a sympathetic smile.

"No. This stupid outfit is causing people to snicker at me when they walk by." Cora pouted.

"You look cute." Ruby complimented, bumping her shoulder with Cora's and making the older woman smirk. "If the outfit bothers you so much why don't you magick it away?"

"Regina enchanted it, only her magic can remove it." Cora said with disgust.

"BOTH OF YOU! OFF YOUR ASSES! ORDERS UP!" Granny shrieked from the back, effectively startling the women into gear.

Cora grabbed the patron with the strawberry shakes order and she had just sat his food down when the door to Granny's swung open.

"Bring me some Rum." Hook boasted out, making Cora roll her eyes before turning to look at him.

His eyes trailed across the room, landing on Cora and her ridiculous outfit.

"Cora… what on earth happened to you? Did your ship sink?" Hook asked with a smirk as he took in her outfit.

"My ship is just fine Hook, more than I can say for yours or that twat of a first mate you have." Cora shot back, matching his smirk with her own.

"Oooooh, fiery. I love my women that way." Hook replied cockily.

"Mmmm, just how I like my men." Cora said with a smirk, walking towards Hook.

"Fiery?" Hook asked in amusement.

"More like crispy." Cora commented, showing him the fireball burning in her hand.

"Oh Cora, you wound me so." Hook said with fake hurt, "I'm surprised your daughter let you off her leash long enough to have a job and dress like…"

He trailed off, his eyebrows knitting in confusion.

"What on earth are you dressed like?"

"You know, I really have no fucking clue." Cora replied, looking down at her outfit.

"It's quite awful."

"It's hideous."

"Not to mention embarrassing."

"It's absurd."

"Preposterous." Hook finished, the two trailing off into silence before Hook continued, "Did your daughter do this?"


"She's quite the creative one isn't she?"

"Oh you have no idea, you should hear her and Emma having sex."

"That creative huh?"

"Oh yeah they are seriously the kinkiest bitches I have ever met."

"Can't deny that there."

"Did you just agree with me?" Cora asked in surprise.



The stared at each other, Hook's eyes slightly widened.

"Well I best be off, have new recruits to well… recruit." Hook said before turning, allowing Cora to see that back of his jacket.

"White Hookers?" Cora asked in amusement, making Hook turn around.

"Oh yes love, White Hookers, it's the official Captain Swan biker gang." Hook replied with a smirk before leaving the building.

"White Hookers?" Granny asked, coming to stand next to Cora.

"That is a horribly stupid name."

"I'll say; he probably came up with it."

"He is not the brightest." Cora agreed.

"Okay seriously Cora you gotta go ask Regina to allow you to take that outfit off, I think you're scaring off my customers." Granny said pointedly, making Cora huff in agitation before leaving to get Regina.

"Emma." Regina panted out, her hand firmly planted on the top of Emma's head, her fingers tangling in the blonde curls as she held her tight against her center.

With Cora out of the house and Henry off at school, the two women decided to stay home for the day and do more productive things… each other.

"Yes! Right there!" Regina moaned again, just on the edge of her release.

Just a little more. Regina thought to herself as she felt her orgasm building, just on the cusp of breaking.

"Emma get your head out from between my daughters legs, this is important!" Cora yelled out, slamming the door wide open and making both women jump.

"Fuck!" Regina shrieked out as Emma forcefully pulled away from her, throwing the covers up over them so they were decent.

"CORA WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!" Emma yelled out angrily, her eyes glaring daggers at the woman.

"Regina you un-enchant this blasted uniform this instant!" Cora huffed out.

"You really think I would do you a favor NOW?" Regina asked in angry disbelief, frustrated beyond belief that she had been so close just to be denied.

Cora rolled her eyes.

"You un-enchant this uniform and I will take Henry out of the house once a day for a week for… let's say three hours." Cora suggested.

"Four." Emma stated, just as frustrated.

"Fine four."

"Do I get a say in this matter?" Regina demanded.

"NO." Emma and Cora said together.

"Baby the sooner we compromise the sooner I can pick up where I left off. Ya dig?"

Regina gave the blonde a disapproving stare for using 'ya dig', before nodding in agreement with her logic.

She waved her hand, effectively un-enchanting the wardrobe her mother was sporting.

"There. No will you please get out of our room, actually our house. I don't feel like soundproofing."

Cora squealed happily before running out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

"You know… I didn't realize that we had two children already." Emma commented with a small chuckle.

"I agree." Regina sighed out, falling back on the mattress.

"Now… where was I?" Emma asked with a wink before descending on her fiancée.

Cora made her way back to the diner, a different outfit on, thank goodness. She paused when she heard some commotion coming from the alleyway nearby and quietly crept closer to the alley, staying flush against the wall of the building.

She peeked her head around the corner, her eyes landing on Hook and his so called "White Hookers".

"God that's a horrible name." Cora muttered as she watched the group all together, joking and laughing and causing a bit of a ruckus.

"If Hook can have a gang, so can I." Cora muttered to herself before magicking halfway back to the diner.

She thought up a plan in her head and was almost back to the diner when she spotted the Blue Fairy up ahead.


"Rachel." Cora said with a smirk, loving how Blue's irritation was evident when she called her that instead of her actual name.

The stared each other down, sizing each other up before both of them dove at the other head first, instantly hitting the ground and rolling.

"I WILL END YOU!" Cora yelled out as she landed a punch to Blue's face, the fairy swinging back with her own in full force.

"BRING IT BITCH!" Blue screamed, rolling them so she was on top as she wailed on Cora.

"OH FUCK NO!" Cora yelled, swinging at Blue and knocking her off.

By this point they had drawn a crowd of people, all stopping to watch the two women wrestle on the ground and beat on each other.

"WHITE HOOKERS BITCH!" Blue screamed, diving for Cora.

Cora kicked Blue mid fly, knocking the fairy to the ground.

"Seriously that just sounds wrong." Cora commented, waving her hand and poofing Blue somewhere else.

"Cora two, Blue zero." Cora said proudly, wiping the trickle of blood from her mouth before walking away, leaving a group of confused citizens behind.

She picked up her pace and ran back to the diner, flinging the door open.

"GRANNY!" Cora yelled out, drawing everyone's attention. Granny came around from the back and stood in front of Cora, her eyes widening as she took in her state.

"Cora what the hell happened to you?" Granny asked, taking notice of the blood, "IS THAT YOUR BLOOD!?"

"Yeah." Cora answered proudly.

"You look like shit."

"You should see the other bitch." Cora commented, "I wanna start a gang."

"A gang… Cora like an actual gang?"

"No like a biker gang." Cora said excitedly.

Granny just stared at her for a moment.

"A biker gang." She stated.

"Yes. A gang of SwanQueen shippers to go up against Captain Swan shippers. Come on it'll be fun."

"Cora we can't have everyone in the armada own motorcycles." Granny chided.

"Well then just thirteen of us." Cora stated proudly, "I can magick them bikes."

Granny gave it a thought for a minute.

"I already have a motorcycle." Granny pointed out.

"I am not surprised."

"Where'd this idea come from?"

"I was watching Sons of Anarchy."

"Does Regina know you were watching that?"

"No… and she isn't going to." Cora started, "IS she Granny?"

"No ma'am."

"Good. Let's get this thing started."

Cora put her leather jacket on with a bit of flare, popping the collar and zipping the front up. She looked to her right and smile at Granny who had just put her sunglasses on and was beginning to tie her bandana on her head.

She looked to her left and gave Snow a smile as she watched the younger woman put her jacket on, pinning a bunny rabbit to the front of the jacket.

She suppressed the urge to roll her eyes before turning and examining the rest of her gang.

Her biker gang was comprised of the seven dwarves, all dressed in the leather jackets and bandanas. Leroy had wanted to wear assless chaps but everyone favored on the word 'no' for that one.

She also had James and Snow in the group, as well as Granny and Ruby and of course Henry.

She looked down to her grandson who was beaming up at her with his leather jacket and shades.

"Let's roll people." Cora said with a smile as they prepared to depart from Granny's diner.

Just as Hook and Blue walked in.

"Well well well, seems you wanted to start a gang of your own. Is this all of you then? What about your 'armada'?" Hook asked with a smirk.

"We can't have the entire armada on bikes running around Storybrooke now can we?" Cora asked, returning the smirk.

"I heard about your little gang and I came to offer a challenge. Today at five, a showdown between my gang and yours, oh and no magic." Hook said cockily, crossing his arms and wearing a smirk.

"You're on, penis." Cora said with a smirk, watching Hook's face crease in confusion.

"Did she just call me a penis?" Hook asked Blue, frowning when she nodded in affirmation.

"Meet us in front of the clock tower." Hook stated before turning and leaving the diner.

"Well my mateys, prepare yourselves for battle." Cora said to the group, "The end in nigh."

"Cora don't make it sound so dark." Snow whimpered out.

"Oh will you grow a fucking backbone!"

"Cora! Henry!" Granny huffed out.

"It's okay I'm used to it." Henry said with a smile, looking up at his Nana.

"See, he's fine." Cora said pointedly.

"Hey guys." Snow piped up, drawing everyone's attention.

"Yes Snow?" Cora asked with an eye roll.

"Are we going to have to fight?"

"Yes Snow. It's a showdown." Cora replied in irritation.

"But I don't want to fight."

"You have to."

"Snow since when did you have a problem kicking ass?" Ruby asked in confusion.

"I took an oath to promote peace and prosperity."

"I totally saw Hook knock a squirrel out of a tree the other day." Cora pointed out to Snow.

"What." Snow stated, her eyes large.

"He knocked a squirrel from a tree with a rock, for fun."

Snow stayed silent and everyone watched with united nervousness.

Her eye twitched slightly.


"Snow channel that anger towards Hook. Let's go." Cora said to the fuming brunette who stomped her way out of the diner.

"Did he really?" Ruby asked out of curiosity.

"Hell no." Cora replied with a smirk, "I just need her fired up."

Cora mounted her black Harley and Henry hopped on the back, she smirked back at her grandson, giving the motorcycle a pat.

Once her crew was all on their bikes they took off down the street, racing towards the clock tower.

Granny cranked the stereo on her bike, blasting Bad To The Bone by George Thorogood as the rode down the street.

The ride was short and they parked the bikes in the middle of the street. Word of the upcoming showdown spread throughout Storybrooke, already drawing a crowd.

"Where is Hook? It's five o'clock." Cora said to Granny as she dismounted her bike and shut off the song.

"LOOK CAPTAIN!" James yelled out, pointing off in the distance.

Cora squinted her eyes and looked ahead, zeroing in on the group that was approaching, at a rather slow pace.

"What the actual fuck?" Cora muttered to Granny as they watched the White Hookers approach….

On bicycles.

"You have GOT to be kidding me." Cora said bitterly.

"Cora!" Hook called out, panting as he peddled his bike, "I see you took up my challenge."

"Hook at the rate you're peddling we will just have to blow on you to beat you."

"Blow me? That's an idea."

"I'm going to ignore that." Cora said with some disgust.

Hook and his gang hopped off of their bicycles and eyed up Cora's motorcycles.

"So. Who am I addressing?" Hook asked, wanting to know the name of their gang.

"We're the Regal Knights, the biker gang of SwanQueen shippers." Cora stated proudly, "And we are going to kick your asses."

"White Hookers! ATTACK!" Hook called out, his gang rushing forward and attacking the Regal Knights.

Cora went straight for Blue, resuming their earlier wrestling match, while Granny and Ruby went at Mr. Gold and Mr. Smee.

"HOOK!" Snow screamed out, drawing his attention.

"Snow. My future mother-in-law." Hook stated with a smile, opening his arms.

"I'M GOING TO FUCK YOUR DAY UP!" Snow screamed rushing forward and hopping on Hook, knocking him to the ground as she began to pummel him with her fists.

"How! Your hands are like tiny daggers!" Hook yelped out as Snow continued to hit him.



"A FAMILY!" Snow yelled as she clocked Hook in the face before she felt herself being pulled away from him by another White Hooker.

"Hang on Snow!" James called as he rushed to help his wife.

"GET OFF OF ME YOU SAGGY TITTED BITCH!" Blue screamed out, trying to swat Cora off of her.

"MY TITS ARE NOT SAGGY!" Cora yelled as she continued to wail on Blue, suddenly they heard a scream of pure rage, stopping the two women struggling and looking up just in time to see Henry rush straight for Moe.

"VIVA LA SWAN QUEEN!" Henry screamed as he jumped on Moe's back, beating up on the man's head.

"Makes me proud." Cora told Blue before the fairy took a swing at Cora. "OH FUCK NO YOU DID NOT JUST DO THAT!"

Cora pushed Blue back on the ground.

"FUCK YOU RACHEL TICE!" Cora screamed as she hit Blue, knocking the fairy out cold.

"FOR SWAN QUEEN!" Granny screamed as she pulled a WWE dive on Mr. Gold, knocking him out as Ruby pulled Mr. Smee's cap over his eyes, making him run around in circles.

Hook was left alone and his eyes met Cora's.


"WHITE HOOKERS!" The two screamed in unison before charging at each other, Cora and Hook colliding and battling each other on the ground.

"Just give up Cora!" Hook yelled out as they continued to roll.

"NEVER!" Cora yelled back, still rolling.

"I feel like I should start singing."

"Singing what?"

"That roll in the hay song from Young Frankenstein." Hook commented as they continued to roll on the ground, switching spots.

"Oh yes it's quite a good musical."

"Indeed it is."

"Why are we talking?" Cora asked before she stilled her rolls, straddling Hook and throwing a punch at him.

"Damnit Cora! For an older woman you can really pack a punch."

"I DIDN'T CHOOSE THE THUG LIFE!" Cora yelled as she landed another blow.

"THE THUG LIFE CHOSE ME!" Cora continued as she went to land another.

They continued to wail on each other until Hook grabbed her hands and flipped them, pinning Cora to the ground.

"I feel like we should kiss."

"Sometimes I feel like hiding all of Regina and Emma's sex toys but then I think, ehhh better not." Cora replied with a sassy smirk, kicking Hook in the groin and knocking him off of her.

"Thank you kinky bitches." Cora said happily as she stood up from the fight.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!" Emma's voice rang out, stilling everyone's movements.

"HENRY WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Regina shrieked in horror as she rushed to her son who just hopped down from Moe.

"It was a showdown Mom." Henry explained, Regina looking around her in horror as she watched everyone begin to stand, getting ready to go at each other again.

"HOLD THE FUCK UP!" Emma yelled out, holding her hands up and rushing to stand in the middle, keeping both sides at bay.


"Will someone please explain to me why my SON was involved in this?" Regina asked both sides haughtily.

"It's a showdown love." Hook offered, wiping the blood from the corner of his mouth.

"Between who? The Captain Swan Shippers and the Swan Queen shippers?" Emma asked in confusion as she looked back and forth.

"Well more like the White Hookers and the Regal Knights." Cora corrected.

"You've gotta be fucking with me here." Emma said with a laugh before looking to her mother. "You went along with this?"

"Hook threw a rock at a squirrel." Snow defended.

"Why do I keep hearing this, I never hurt a fucking squirrel!" Hook huffed out in agitation.

"You didn't?" Snow asked in confusion.


"Coorrrraaaaaaa." Snow whined out. "Why did you tell me he did?"

"Because you were being a pussy Snow." Cora pointed out as if it was obvious.

"Mother! Language!" Regina scolded, pulling Henry closer to her.

"It's okay Mom. I already know all the words." Henry said with a smile while Regina's face paled.

"Alright that's it, all of you go home. I am NOT dealing with gangs." Emma said firmly, shooing everyone away.

"Fun sucker." Cora mumbled as she began to walk away.

"OHHHHH NO! YOU GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE CORA MILLS!" Regina yelled out, moving forward and grabbing Cora by her ear and pulling her down the street.

"I cannot BELIEVE that you would include Henry in these shenanigans, how irresponsible of you!" Regina continued her rant as she dragged Cora down the street, making Cora protest back while Emma and Henry lagged behind a little.



"NOT IF YOU DON'T ACT LIKE IT!" Regina yelled back as she pushed Cora into the house. "GO TO YOUR ROOM!"

"This is bullshit." Cora mumbled as she stomped up the stairs, "I am so hiding their sex toys now."

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