The titanic cato and clove version

Authors note: Okay so this is obviously a Cato and Clove and is pretty ooc but hey i like the humane parts of Cato and Clove sorry if you don't but i do. I don't own most of the dialogue or ideas Titanic or The Hunger Games. Thats all James Cameron and Suzanne Collins. So anyway I hope you like and please REVIEW. Also this is shortish because hello the titanic is like a 3 1/2 hour movie! Still good but you get it.

Clove (P.O.V)

It flashes on the tv after slowly flipping through channels.

"Findings of the titanic the ship is found!" Then an announcer comes on a blonde tall male who i am guessing was one of the people who found something.

"Yesterday searching through a safe we found in the ruins of the titanic we found this picture of a woman wearing the Heart of the you know who this is please let us know" he says.

"Leah dear can you get me the phone" I ask and my granddaughter an she passes me the phone.

"grandma what is it?" She asks.

I dial the number i need. A man picks up.

"Hello?" It answers.

"Yes can i please speak to Brock Lovett ?" I ask.

"He is busy who is this?" The man asks.

"My name is Clove Ludwig. I am just wondering did you find the heart if the ocean?" I ask.

"I will go get Brock for you" he says I wait for a few minutes then he comes on.

"This is Brock Lovett." He says.

"My name is clove Ludwig and i'd like to ask have you found the heart of the ocean." I say.

The next day Leah and I are flown onto their ship to speak to those people who had a great instrest in what i had to say.

"so clove do you know who the woman in this picture is?" Brock asks.

"Well thats me" i say and they all look shocked.

"Nana are you sure thats you?" Leah asks.

"Of course its me" i say with a smile. "Clove you just became my new best friend" Brock says.

"So would you all like to hear the story" i ask."it was o so many years ago".

"So are you going to tell us what happened ?" My granddaughter leah asks me. Leah has blond hair like him but brown eyes like me. The team members who were searching for the ship surround us.

" I was getting to it leah"I say. I have never talked about this with anyone never told anyone who he was... They all sit in chairs around me with wide eyes in anticipation waiting for the story.

" it was a bright and sunny morning of april 13th 1912."

I start and now I go back to the day I first stepped on that massive ship that was known to be unsinkable.

Back to april 1912...

I look back at the land as we sail off. Hundreds of people on the unsinkable ship. So many people who now seem to look like ants as they wave goodbye to all of us. Next to me is my older sister Glimmer who my mother adores because she doesn't mind being all primp and proper all the time.

I love my sister though i wish i was as pretty as she was striking features, long blond wavy hair, emerald green eyes as for me i have long brown hair and the eyes to match i am a good height i suppose for 17 year old.

I also have my mother, my father and also my fiancé is 20 and is also married to a man she loves , Marvel Quaid who is also better than who I'm marrying. Im the youngest and the only reason why I'm marrying him is for his money.

Its not my choice its my mothers ,Gale Hawthorne is who im marrying. He is tall and muscular but vindictive and rude and I hate him.

Gale wraps his strong arm around my waist as we walk through the decks searching for our rooms.

Gale bends down to whisper in my ear "Clove would it kill you to smile" he says rudely with anger in his voice.

I put on a fake smile as we walk. Thank anyone really that we have separate rooms I'm staying in the biggest suite possible with Glimmer.

I reach my room. "See you for dinner. Wear something nice" he says flatly and starts to walk to his room but stops a few steps later.

" And clove do NOT embarrass me ... And be on time for once".

I stand there like an idiot till he walks away he didn't even look at me once.

I turn the knob to my room to find Glimmer getting things ready for tomorrow with the captain.

"Clove tommorow would you like to borrow my red dress it complements your skin tone and clashes with my eyes" glimmer says.

" thank you glimmer" I simply say i walk towards the door to leave. "Wait where are you going" Glimmer asks smoothing her dress out on her bed with purple sparkles slightly on her hands.

"For a walk" i say. "With Gale?" Glimmer questions. "No I'm trying to get away from him" i say.

"Alright be good" Glimmer says "And be back before mother finds out".

Back to present...

"So when are you going to talk about ... Him ?" Leah asks me impatiently like she used to do when she was 5, 21 years ago.

"Yeah" one of the workers asks me.

"You need to know the whole story i will have to tell you how we met, why we met, what he did for me, the reason of the picture you found, what we did with are last few hours and how we went down. Now where was I ... O yes now i remember."

Back in the past...

It was a little after lunch that didnt go so well.

Of course Gale had to order for me but Mrs. Molly Brown had a few little jokes to throw in.

I get up and walk out Molly wasn't bothering me she is more causual in behavior than the others. Gale comes to bring me back angry.


"I felt like I lived my life it was filled with parties and things like that. It was over i was living in hell. No one cared about me they wouldn't have if i was gone."


I run through the decks it is dark now I bump into a few people but dont care. Im at the top of the boat the deck at the tip of the ship. I climb over the railing and look down.

Do i really want to do this?

"Dont do it" a voice says.

"Why do you care you dont know me" I say I turn my head and a tall blonde muscular handsome man stands before me.

"Well it doesn't matter it isn't a good idea thats all I need to know" he says.

"Dont go near me" I say. He starts to take off his jacket and shoes.

"What are you doing?" I ask. "If you jump i jump its simple" he states.

"What you're crazy" I say in disbelief.

"No disrespect mam but I'm not the one hanging over a railing of a ship ripping through icy water."

" You know it hurts alot.I'm from Minnesota and i went ice fishing with my dad once. Ice fishing is when-" he says but I cut him off.

" I know what ice fishing is!" I yell. "Sorry you just seem like an indoor type girl. But anyway i fell through some thin ice and the water feels like a thousand knifes hitting you at once. So I am really not looking forward to jumping in and gettin you" he tells me.

I stay silent maybe he is right."it would save you and me the trouble if you just came back over the railing."

I turn around and look at him just inches away from my face."I'm Cato Ludwig" he says "Clove Isabelle Grace Alicandra Fuhrman Kentwell" I say breathless.

"Well thats a mouth full" he says. Suddenly I slip and scream. "Grab on" cato says and I grab his hand and try to climb back up but slip againl and scream agian.

Cato gets an even tighter grip on me as he pulls me over and we both fall on the ground. He was on top of me and a few men show up this definitely doesn't look like what actually happened.

The men yell something at but I'm too breathless and frighted but relieved to know.I'm alive what in hell was i thinking!

Then gale shows up. I am up off the ground with a blanket around my shoulders while they arrest the man who just saved my life while Gale yells at him.

"Gale stop he didn't do anything to me. He saved me actually it was an accident and he helped me. I was leaning over the edge to look at the uh... Uh... Uh... What do you call them the round spinning things..." I lie.

"propellers" Gale suggests. "Yes those" I say. "I slipped and almost fell over the edge and uh, saved me from falling but almost fell himself" I finish.

"Well than the boy is a hero" one of the men says. "Is that what happened ?" One man asks "yes" Cato answers "Then give the boy a reward a $20 should do it" Gale tells one of them men "$20 is that the reward for saving the life of the woman you love" I ask.

" would you like to join us for dinner tomorrow?"Gale asks.

"Sure" Cato answers. That night back in my room Gale puts something around my neck a gift.

My eyes widen as i see it in the mirror the heart of the sea 56 carrots,Wow.

The next day...

I walk along the deck with Cato.

"So we walked about 2 miles on this deck im pretty sure you didnt come to talk to me about my life and the weather" he says.

"I just wanted to thank you for saving me and for covering for me" I say.

"So why did you try to do it" he asks.

"Many reasons" I say.

"So do you love him?" He asks.

"Excuse me" I say shocked.

"do you love him?"

"What? well thats rude i dont need to answer that to you its none of your business!" I protest.

"Well its just a question" he says.

"No it isn't. Well I thanked you now I'm going to leave" I say shaking his hand good bye. "And you have insulted me"

"well you deserved it" I say.

We keep shaking each others hands for a while. "I thought you were leaving" he says.

"I am" I say and start to leave. "you are so annoying" I say. " wait, This is my part if the ship you leave" i say stubbornly.

"Oh ho ho. Now who's being rude" he says.

"What is that stupid thing you are carrying around" I say and grab the leather portfolio thing out of his hands.

I sit down and he sits next to me. They are all pictures of people. "You are very good at drawing" I say.

"Are these real" I ask.

"Yes i drew them in paris" he says. "Paris! You really get around for a-"i say.

" You can say it a poor guy. and uh well in Paris woman will pay you for you to draw them with there clothes off" he says.

"You used this woman alot" i say pointing out a slim girl with long dark hair who is covered partly covered in a sheet.

"Oh thats katniss she has very nice bone structure" he says. She does actually nicer than me.

"Were you with her?" I ask.

"As in couple,No definitly not she was a good model though stuborn at first but had a nice sense of humor very sarcastic" he tells me.

"You have a gift" I say.

"Well thank you" cato says with a smile. We walk along the deck for a while.

"I wish i could live care free like you" I say.

"Well when we are in America I will bring you to do whatever you want ride on a roller coaster ,go fishing ,ride horses anything" he says.

My mother ends up behind us. "Clove we need to get ready" Glimmer tells me and pulls me down the hall. I can almost hear my mother glaring at Cato.

Glimmer and I get ready for dinner I wear her red dress and silver heels. My hair is down and curled and I have red lipstick on.

It the grand foyer at the top of the stairs Gale walks with my mother by his side.

Glimmer is walking next to our father and I just stand up on the stairs by the clock.

But when I look down I see Cato standing at the bottom in a formal suit. I walk down and he takes my hand and kisses the top of it. "I saw that on tv once" he says.