Authors Note- So this is the alternative ending!oh also I changed my mind so sorry. I wanted Clove to have a son instead of a daughter. Don't ask why. But his name is Alexander. get it. no yes okay?I hope you enjoy :) R&R -Catoloverxclovelover

Im in my kitchen right now sipping on coffee. It has been two years since the Titanic sank into the ocean.

My son sits on the table sucking his thumb. His dark brown eyes concentrate on me as I hold a cupcake in my hand. Its Cato's 21st birthday.

"Its daddy's birthday, Xander" I tell him sitting down on a chair and placing him in my lap.

I let him eat the cupcake and he gets blue frosting in his hair.

"You know if I did that when I was your age I would have gotten in so much trouble. But your way to cute to punish. You look to much like your daddy" I say putting my arms around my son.

He probably doesn't know half the things I'm saying. Well he is only about one and a half. "Daddy!" Alexander yells.

My eyes look up to the door way of the kitchen and there Cato is standing there with a huge smile on his face.

"Yeah Xander there's daddy" I say with a smile.

I pick Xander up and go over to Cato. "Happy birthday" I tell him and he kisses me.

I cant believe two years ago we both almost died in the crash of the Titanic.

(Back to the crash)

"Cato, wake up. Please wake up" I tell him over and over.

Cato's blue eyes come open and look at me.

"They came" I whisper to him and he slowly turns to see. Were going to be okay.

(Clove talking about the past)

That night Cato and I were saved. Both okay and healthy.

We got engaged a month later. A few days after the wedding in June of 1912 I found out that I was pregnant. Already 3 months. On October 31st I had Alexander. Cato named Alexander and since then we have lived together in the mansion my family owns but never goes too.

(Back to normal clove)

I put Alexander to bed and go back to my bed room.

Cato sits down on top of the covers wearing what he usually wears to sleep his pajama pants he sleeps shirtless. I sit down next to him and he puts his arm around me and I lay on his chest

"Can I ask you something?"

"Of course you can Clove you know that you can ask me anything"

"You might get mad at me" I say

"What is it?"

"I-Im-I... Cato I cant I'm afraid you'll get really mad"

"I wont just tell me please."

"I-I-I'm-I'm pregnant" I say in a stutter he is going to hate me.



"When did you find out?"

"After you left around noon. Glimmer came over with Jasper and since she is pregnant again she said she had her suspicions that I might be. I took a test and it was positive"

"Why would you ever think I would be mad about that? Thats great Clove. Did you not want another child?" He asks

"I don't know I already have my hands full with Alexander but I guess I could make it work. There is nothing I can do. Anyway I have you"

So that is my alternative ending did you like it? Cato didn't die! Yay! So I was thinking Maybe I will make a few more chapters for the Alternative Ending. Let me know. R&R its short