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Pairings: Bo/Lauren

Time-Frame: Set directly after Episode 3:02

Rating: M (Contains scenes of violence, sexuality and mild nudity)

Summary: Set directly after Episode 3:02, following an AU storyline of our own creation.. Distinctly Bo/Lauren centric.

Heavenly Resonance. - Part One

By: The RainbowWriters

"Hey Bo-Bo, a word." Kenzi made a 'causal' stroll passed her best friend who was sat on the couch trying her best to ignore the Mesmer who was sprawled next to her, annoyingly flipping through the new channels on the TV. He didn't settle on one for more than a minute before changing it but he didn't seem to be paying attention as the young human motioned with her head to the kitchen. Where, after Bo breathed out, she pushed up from her place to join her best friend. "We really need to think long term for a moment." Kenzi looked passed Bo into the room obviously to Vex. "The new cable is nice and everything but..." She looked back at her best friend seriously.

"I know exactly what you mean." Bo gave a sigh and looked to where the Mesmer was laid down oblivious to them. "He really knows how to eat and cramp our style."

"Oh and talking about eating." Kenzi backed up a little and pulled open the fridge door and pointed to the shelves in the door itself that were filled with bottle after bottle of different flavoured high electrolyte replacement sports drinks. "Are we preparing for a marathon?"

"Um Lauren's coming over later, it was a little joke gift for her." Bo blushed slightly.

"Oh god." Kenzi groaned and leaned her head back against the fridge as she closed it again. "I thought it was bad when you couldn't decide, now that you have, you and doctor Hotpants have barely parted thighs, each others not your own as if that needed clarification."

"I am allowed to enjoy my girlfriend, we are just going through the hyper sexual first few months of a relationship." Bo pointed out, sticking out her tongue at her best friend playfully. "What about I try to get rid of Vex for the night? Give you some time off from babysitting him."

"Months? You two are going to be like this for months?" Kenzi's blue eyes went wide as she stared at her best friend. "Fine, get rid of him for the night and I will be your best friend again for a while." She folded her arms across her chest with a huff.

"Okay okay... Vex..." Bo walked over to the couch as she dug into her pocket and held out a bill towards him. "Fifty bucks is yours if you get off my couch and don't reappear until tomorrow morning."

"Fifty bucks?" Vex frowned at the offer and looked at the money, "What kind of a place am I going to find for fifty bucks? I get entertainment worth more than that by staying right here." He leaned back down, briefly fluffing the pillow beneath his head. "Give it to the human, she's homophobic, doesn't like the clam derby, I've gotten quite the taste for it as it happens." He shrugged.

"I'm going to pretend you didn't just make a clam joke..." Bo leaned forward and stuffed the fifty into his arm sling making sure to poke the still healing bone enough to make the Mesmer jump in discomfort. "Take the money, here take an extra twenty upgrade to a place without roaches. I don't care if you sleep in a gutter, tonight the club house is off limits. Get me, homeless guy who wants to be let back in tomorrow?"

Vex let out a hard sigh and pushed up from the couch.

"Fine, though I don't think much of your hospitality succubus." He stalked off towards where his coat was. "You coming?" He looked at Kenzi. "I don't know why I'm asking, God knows listening to your constant whining about how tired you are of listening to the battle of the beavers..." He grumbled as he pulled on his coat.

"I have other plans." Kenzi held up her hand to him and made gave him a wave.

"She better not have gotten more than my tiny allowance for her night out." Vex hesitated with a scowl.

"She is civilized Vex, I haven't had to bribe her." Bo snorted at him and waited until he had finally left before she turned to Kenzi. "I know Vex talks out of his ass most of the time, but are you sure you're okay with the whole Lauren and me thing?" She checked wanting to make sure her recent love bubble wasn't blinding her from Kenzi's discomfort.

"What?" Kenzi initially did the brush off thing and then frowned and sighed a little softly. "That is yes of course I am, that you have chosen and that you seem to be happy with that choice is good." Kenzi looked at her best friend. "You are happy right? I mean it's probably not wrong to judge a succubus' happiness on how many times she has sex, but you're not just a succubus to me, you're my best friend, so verbal confirmation would be good."

"I am." Bo gave an immediate happy smile that lit up her entire face. "I love Lauren, I have for along time and now I get to share everything with her like it should be." She reached out and put her hand on Kenzi's arm. "And I also meant are you okay with the gay thing Kenzi? I know you've always been more Team Dyson."

"Well yeah I am more about the manly abs and the wolf junk but it's what floats your boat babe not mine." Kenzi shook her head. "And if it's the Doc that's doin' it for you right now," She paused and shrugged. "Who am I to judge right?" She dropped her arms to the side again and glanced at Bo. "When you expecting her over?"

"Not till nine at least, she's working hard for the Ash." Bo glanced over at the clock to see that she still had close to two hours. "Did you want to grab something to eat with me first?"

"I don't know Bo." Kenzi shrugged, to be the whole turning down a meal offer a little odd for the younger woman. "I just might chill." She wandered through to pick up some of the litter Vex had left strewn over the couch and the coffee table before sitting down on the arm of the couch.

"Are you alright?" Bo moved over immediately and frowned at her. "You're turning down food, that worries me?" She pointed out her reasons immediately.

"I just miss home, this place you know it's home." Kenzi frowned. "Going back underground with Oz the other day, it just." She shivered slightly not actually verbalizing everything she felt.

"Reminded you of a few things you'd rather forget." Bo gave a soft nod that she understood. "Do you want to talk about it?" She slid onto the couch cushion looking at her best friend.

"I don't do that you know?" Kenzi sighed again shaking her head. "The past is the past and you live through it and make sure it doesn't happen again." She picked at the material of the couch as she spoke. "I guess it's just harder being here with Vex here all the time and then Lauren."

"Do you want me to call Lauren and cancel tonight?" Bo frowned seeing how much her best friend seemed to be struggling with her history and the change in life since the Garuda.

"Would you?" Blue eyes looked up and over to the succubus.

"Yeah of course." Bo nodded her head immediately. "If my bestie needs me my girlfriend will understand." She pulled her phone out. "Let me call her and you figure out what to order in for us to eat yeah?"

"I'll go look at menus." Kenzi nodded and pushed off the couch and moved into the kitchen to give Bo some privacy.

"Well hello, I wasn't expecting a call." Lauren's voice instantly filled with a soft purr of attraction when the succubus' call was answered after just the second ring.

"I wish I could say I was just calling to hear your voice but..." She looked back to see Kenzi was indeed purposefully busy. "I'm afraid I have to beg your forgiveness because the whole thing with Kenzi's friend Ozzie has done a bit of a job on her mentally and she needs a little one on one best friend attention. Can I get a rain check for tonight?"

"Oh." The reason for her lover's call was obviously a complete surprise for the blonde, but typically for Lauren she recovered the next instant. "No, of course." She immediately compensated for her initial response. "I'll just go home." She assured Bo that it would be fine. "My offer still stands to check her over for anything residual from the Piper's thrall." She underlined. "Not tonight obviously, best friend time comes first, just generally."

"I don't think it's the Piper, but I'll keep an eye on her and if anything sticks out to me I'll double check with you." Bo assured her. "And for the record..." She turned her back on the kitchen. "Girlfriend time and best friend time aren't something I see being in competition very often and I will make it up to you, extra special make up."

"I don't need make up." Lauren's tone was lighthearted. "I'll just go back to my place and have a quiet night. We're probably bordering on seeing each other obsessively anyway."

"I don't mind anything obsessive if it involves you. What time do you think you'll go to sleep? Because I could call you later for a good night." Bo put forward the idea.

"You're having a bestie night with Kenzi, you won't even think about me after a few drinks." Lauren laughed softly.

"Oh trust me I will, make sure you're comfy preferably naked when I call." Bo teased her.


"So I was thinking shots." Kenzi balanced two full bottles of spirits on top of the pizza box that she carried over to where Bo was sitting nursing the remote flicking through the options for movies. "Or do you prefer just beer." She turned around rather precariously to show that she had a bottle of beer stuck in each back pocket of her jeans.

"I prefer both." Bo said encouragingly reaching out to pull the beer out of both her pockets with a deep laugh. "You've been hiding the good stuff from Vex I see."

"Yes and you don't get to know where I keep them either." Kenzi pushed mess aside on the coffee table to make room for the pizza box. "We have tequila and vodka."

"You are so sneaky, I love it." Bo encouraged clapping her hands together. "And I have to admit that you were completely right about needing time away from Vex, knowing he's not going to walk in and start being annoying is like heaven." She leaned back waiting for Kenzi to pour her a shot.

Kenzi chose tequila as her first choice and poured two shots.

"So what are the plans to get rid of him?" She asked holding up her glass and Bo's.

"Well..." Bo gave a sigh and took the shot, drinking it quickly after she clinked it into Kenzi's as a cheers. "Lauren says his arm should be healed enough for him have use of it again in another three weeks, but I'm thinking of just tying him up and delivering him to the Morrigan." She gave a light laugh. "I just can't believe with all the flash and bling he had all the time, it was all Mommy Evony's money."

"Good if you can get it I guess." Kenzi threw the shot down her throat. "He was useless by the way, on the case. Worse than taking along like a pet dog, a least a dog would have been able to sniff out a trail or something." She quickly poured herself a second shot glancing at Bo to see if she was ready for another.

"He seems to only be good at insulting people and controlling them." Bo gave a nod that she planned on staying step to step with Kenzi, after all if this was a bestie night it might as well be a true one. "Have you heard from Ozzie? Lauren said that the medical results for him and the other people that we found in that holding container have returned to normal, she's been keeping a particular eye on his tests for you."

"He's sent me a couple of texts." Kenzi nodded. "It was a bit hard explaining the dream weaver and the constant reference everyone was making to 'humans'." She refilled their drinks and downed hers again. "But Oz is a cool kind of guy..." She shrugged. "He doesn't demand be explanations or anything, which is a good thing considering, right?" There was something unusually pointed about the younger woman's tone.

"It is." Bo nodded catching the tone but not wanting to really challenge it. "And how about we try to have him by for pizza night or something? Maybe not having his 'humanity' pointed out to him will help him settle into the idea that you're okay and taken care of."

"Taken care of?"Kenzi gave Bo an odd look. "I'm not your puppy."

"That's not what I meant Kenz." Bo frowned at her. "Are you okay?" She asked softly. "You know you can talk to me about anything right?"

"Yeah." Kenzi rolled and reset her shoulders a little and picked up the tequila and refilled their glasses. "I guess just with how the Piper was keeping those people and Fae just crated up, or down underground... Made me forget the good Fae." She downed her drink quickly. "Gave my humanity a bit of a push for freedom, I know you don't look at me and think slave or pet."

"Never." Bo underlined. "In my mind Kenzi you are stronger and braver then all of the Fae I've met, me included, because you are human. Everything you do in the Fae world, you do it knowing how vulnerable you are. And I say we drink to that, to Kenzi." She reached and poured them another shot each urging Kenzi to pick hers up. "The bravest woman I know and one I love, my sista." She spoke from the heart.

"To me." Kenzi hit Bo's glass and downed the alcohol blinking slightly as it stung a little having done so many in such a short space of time. "I was thinking." She played with the glass in her hand a little. "Ozzie was telling me about a cool group of people he's hanging around with these days, I was thinking of maybe, chilling out with them sometimes." The raven haired girl glanced at Bo occasionally as she threw out the idea.

"What do you mean?" Bo found the question out of her mouth before she could stop it. "I mean it wouldn't matter who you want to hang out with Kenz, but that made it sound like you wanted to bail on our place at times."

"Well occasionally maybe I'd crash with them." Kenzi still played with the shot glass in her hand. "If they head out of town for some reason, I might tag along. I mean I know a couple of them from way back. I totally don't mean bail on you." She shook her head though blue eyes didn't come up to look at Bo. "Just you know maybe give you a little time, Hotpants time." She did look up now with a slight smile. "I'm getting education I never wanted." The smile grew slightly.

Her smile wasn't met by one from the Succubus, whose frown was firmly in place.

"You want space from me because of Lauren?" Bo questioned slowly putting her glass down.

"You took from all of that that I don't like listening to your marathon sex sessions with the Doc?" Kenzi blinked at her wide eyed.

"No..." Bo let the words filter through her brain again but kept frowning. "You're getting fed up with the Fae aren't you? All of the fae crap you have to deal with because of me."

"No way!" Kenzi put down her glass and moved next to Bo on the couch. "Bo, no it's not that, I just... I guess I miss people." The younger woman breathed out a little. "I know that sounds crazy but I miss normal complicated people who aren't going to eat me, sell, buy or try to feed off me. Human's are mean, greedy and selfish but at least what you see is what you get, and there are good ones out there." She frowned and looked down at her hands on her lap. "You, I love you, you're good Fae, and the Fae around you are good Fae too but I... I'm not Fae." She tried to explain.

"Kenzi..." Bo reached out and put her hand over both of her best friend's. "If you want to hang out with friends, non fae complicated friends, that's cool. But no matter what life was like for you before we met, now that we have, this is your home, our home and I'm cool with a few days out of town but I need my Kenzi fixes. Call me selfish but I need you in my life, daily if I can get it." She made the honest admission.

Kenzi looked up slightly slowly with a soft smile.

"I'm just feeling really..." Kenzi took a deliberate breath a frown replaced the smile as she tensed up a little, her blue eyes meeting brown. "Lost."

"You're not lost beautiful, you're here with me, where you are meant to be." Bo assured her putting her arm around the brunette and pulling her closer in a sideways hug. "But if you need time to detox from the Fae world, I understand. I wish I could detox from it sometimes."

Kenzi wasn't sure why but suddenly she found herself crying, not soft gentle tears, but hard sobs that came from deep inside herself, something she hadn't done for so long that she couldn't physically remember when.

Bo didn't say anything else, but she did hold her best friend close, tight almost as she wished she could make the emotional trauma that Kenzi was going through go away. The truth was she didn't know enough about the young woman's past to truly understand how any of this could have effected her. Not that any of that mattered, all she really wanted was for Kenzi to be happy.


Kenzi's emotional breakdown hadn't lasted all that long, but it was clear that just the act of having a good cry and reconnecting with the Succubus, who had spent every moment soothing and reassuring her, had given her a better sense of balance for the moment. They had surprising enough begun to ease off on the drinking, turning instead to watching some of the illegal cable television that Vex had installed, pushing out the world around them.

That was until Kenzi's phone had come alive with the noises that proved she had a incoming message, that was instantly repeated when another message came through right after it. Absently the younger woman took out her phone and scrolled through the communications.

"Apparently Ozzie is all excited, a few kegs fell off a truck and his friends are having an impromptu bonfire beach party." Kenzi gave a soft laugh at the idea of a beach party in January. "I'm guessing they're going to turn up the heat and hope girls show up in bikini tops." She showed Bo the message.

"Do you want to go?" Bo questioned with a smile when she read it. "Sounds like good clean non fae fun."

"No, we're having bestie time, you blew off your girl friend for this." Kenzi turned the phone around and read the message again. "You could come?"

"I know I could, but I was listening when you said you wanted time away from Fae and Fae seems to follow me wherever I go." Bo gave a soft smile. "Sounds like fun though..." She heard another two messages come from Ozzie obviously trying to convince her to come, and she looked down with Kenzi at the text. "And free booze thanks to him. I can drive you over, there might be cute boys."

"I'll only go if you promise to call Lauren and see if you can sneak girl time." Kenzi looked at her best friend with a slight grin.

"Ummm... okay." Bo grinned back at her. "But I'm not suggesting you go for that reason, I want you to have fun."

"I know that, I'm the one who got the texts." Kenzi wiggled her phone. "And unless you somehow sent a message to your grandfather to off load a few kegs somewhere so Ozzie could find them, then this really can't be pinned on you." The young woman's fingers flew across the phone keyboard as she sent a reply to her friend to let him know that she was throwing on some party gear and on her way. "Bo none of what I said before was about you." She dropped the phone into her lap and looked at the succubus, "I love you." She leaned and hugged her tightly. "I don't even know what is going on." She admitted. "But whatever it is, you're still the best."

"Thank you for underlining that, but if it is you can tell me." Bo assured her softly hugging her best friend tight. "I love you so much, I don't even think you can understand how much I just want you to be happy."

"I need to go get ready, you going to slip into something super sexy for your girl?" A small smile curled up Kenzi's lip. "Show that blonde of yours what my bestie is made of." Her smile spread to brighten her whole face.

"You betcha, you didn't raise no frigid succubus." Bo pushed up to stand when Kenzi did to go upstairs.


Less than forty five minutes later, Bo had already dropped Kenzi off at her party and into Ozzie's very excited company. He'd even seemed disappointed when Bo said she wasn't also attending, his cluttered memory still able to focus enough to know that she had 'helped' him and was one of the good guys.

Now as Bo was stood in front of Lauren's door, dressed quite literally in enough tight leather to have turned her on already just with ideas, she took a deep breath of anticipation as she finally knocked on the door and waited for Lauren answer. Immediately she posed a little, so that when the blonde looked through the security peep hole to unexpectedly see her.

There was a slight pause when obviously the blonde did look and then the door was pulled open and the blonde face was beaming as the barrier swung open. Unlike the succubus, the blonde was dressed down not up, wearing a sloppy grey sweater that in no way shape or form 'fit' her, sliding off one shoulder even as she just stood there at the door. She had on plain loose cream coloured pants that were almost as loose as the sweater.

"Bo." The small breath Lauren took as she said her girlfriend's name underlined the happy surprise she felt at the sight of the brunette. "What happened to not seeing me this evening?"

"Kenzi got a call to attend a kegger for free with her friend Ozzie." Bo spelled out grinning at the reaction she had immediately received. "She said I should come and show you how sexy her best friend is."

Lauren gave a very classic smile as she stepped backwards to open the way into her apartment.

"Well then you'd better come in." She offered Bo the easy access. "You do look very..." Lauren unconsciously licked her lips. "Sexy." She used the word the succubus had already offered. "But then I think for a succubus that is intrinsic to your nature."

"That compliment seems indecisive." Bo smirked as she followed the blonde in and made sure to close and lock the door behind her. "I'm going to have to help you decide whether I'm just sexy or if I'm sexy because I'm a succubus." She slowly began to sway her way towards the blonde, reaching up as she got close to push the loose sweater off Lauren's shoulder.

"And just how are you going to do that?" The blonde tipped her head slightly with a soft smile, her hair gracefully falling to gather on the shoulder that still was covered with grey material.

"I was thinking of peeling all this leisure wear off you and licking you from head to toe." Bo explained a glint in her eyes.

Lauren closed her eyes as a body wide shiver of pleasure ran through her body, a shiver she knew Bo could feel even though there was still only minimal contact between them.

"What about picking Kenzi up after her party?" She tried to focus on conversation for a moment, all the important questions in her head having to be answered before she could relax.

"She has cab money in her boot." Bo outlined reaching up to the other shoulder, sweeping blonde hair off Lauren's shoulder first before she pushed the sweater off it as well.

"So I have you all to myself, all night?" Lauren let her eyes close, her mouth opening slightly as her breathing dropped a little heavier as her body flooded with arousal.

"You do, unless you'd rather have... whatever you were up too." Bo looked around but there was no clear indication of what the blonde had been doing. "What were you up too?" She grinned as she purposely moved around the back of the blonde and smoothing long hair further out of the way leaned in to kiss her neck.

"I was just relaxing with a book." Lauren rolled her eyes slightly as another strong wave of arousal washed through her body as Bo's lips caressed her skin. "Well..." She stopped. "Sort of."

"Sort of?" The inflection in Bo's voice turned the two simple words into a question, as she continued to pepper the blonde's skin with kisses.

"Yes." Lauren felt a soft blush enter her cheeks as she tipped her head forward slightly letting her hair fall naturally totally out of her lover's way. "The book was sort of relaxing."

"So really, you were dozing?" Bo ran her hand down Lauren's back even as she whispered the words near the back of her ear.

"No." Lauren denied taking in a soft gasp of air as a race of pleasured chills followed the sweep of the brunette's hand. "It had been a long day and I had expected to end it with you..." She tried to lead Bo to the true conclusion of what had been her outlined plan for her evening, "Then you called and cancelled but..." The blush in her cheeks deepened slightly.

"Oh!" The reality of what Lauren was trying to tell her finally dawning on her. As the idea fully cleared in her mind and then her body she had to give out a low growl of instant arousal. "Really? Mmmm that's a show I could watch."

"Bo!" Lauren tried to sound horrified that the succubus would say such a thing but it wasn't a total surprise really. "I just planned draw a nice bath, read a little and relax, all very mellow." She tried to down play the sexuality.

"So would you touch yourself in the bath or after the reading?" Bo asked the direct question in a breathy tone before she dragged her lower lip up Lauren's neck.

Lauren caught the edge of her lip with her teeth as once again the touch of her lover's warm lips fuelled her desire.

"That depends." The warmth and thickness of the blonde's voice was almost shocking.

"And would it be manual or with battery operated assistance?" Bo asked just before she let her lips close around Lauren's earlobe.

"If I didn't get where I needed to in the bath without assistance, then I'm technologically sound enough to employ assistance." Lauren purred back, her breathing staggering a little as Bo inched naturally slightly closer to her.

"I could run you this bath." Bo let her arm curl around so her hand was flat on Lauren's stomach pulling her back closer to the brunette's body. "Maybe even join you in it."

"Are you sure you don't need a night off from me?" Lauren teased softly pressing her hand over Bo's against her own skin.

"Am I sure I need a night getting you off?" Bo teased back instantly turning the blonde's words around. "Always."

"I'll get drinks and fresh batteries, you start the bath." Lauren leaned back for a moment against the succubus just letting the feeling of closeness overwhelm her for a moment.


"So Kenz having a good time?" Ozzie carried over a plastic over filled beer to where the dark haired woman was sat around a blazing bonfire with at least ten other young people, though there had to be thirty or more of them altogether, with a stereo playing music loudly in the dark night as people danced and chatted in groups, or attempted to toast various things in the hot flames.

"Awesome." Kenzi grinned at him and took the beer he'd offered. "I haven't been at something this Burning Man in along time." She looked around. "Do you know a lot of these people?"

"A lot, I know all of these people Kenz." Ozzie laughed loudly and dropped onto his haunches beside her and looked around. "I'm not gonna go through everyone just one's you're gonna see a lot now you and me are gonna start hanging around together more. That's gonna happen right?" He glanced at her.

"Totally." Kenzi assured him. "So come on, give me the highlights?" She leaned down to kneel on the ground on a patch of cardboard there for the purpose.

"Okay, so..." He looked around again. "Couple dancing by the fire, Skin and Shade. Great people." He nodded at a tall thin guy in khaki cargos and an army coat, with a messy mop of brown hair, and a slightly shorter, skinner girl, in impossibly tight black jeans and a weathered grey denim jacket, her long reddish hair was tied back in a thin pony tail. "The guys you want to talk to if you want art." He said with a nod and a smile.

"I might need a new tattoo." Kenzi gave a nod. "Whose that?" She pointed to a pair of tall dark haired boys that while they weren't identical, had styled themselves to be almost so.

"Oh." Ozzie glanced to where Kenzi pointed and laughed brightly. "You wait till you meet all of them. The Baxter Boys. There's five of them altogether." He shook his head and stole some of Kenzi's beer. "A little weird, got this whole clone thing going on but great with the tech and getting hot electrical gear." He gave a shrug. "Now if it's other stuff you want. TY over there is your man." Ozzie pointed through the flames slightly to a shorter, much stockier looking man, who also seemed somewhat older than your average early 20's kind of age range. "If it's in a store in the city, he can probably get you it. Just you know make sure you come through with the deal you know." The young man looked at Kenzi with his bright smile, the type that said that he knew she was good with what he was telling her. "Okay then we've got the urban crew." Ozzie pointed to a group of at least six people who were all sat together, either on milk crates, or strips of cardboard like the one Kenzi knelt on, near the fire.

On closer inspection there were seven individuals gathered together, just one was stood in the shadow of the rest of them making them a little harder to see. Three of the group were girls, four boys. All dressed very typically individually in a mixture of denim and leather, camo and even muted plaid, with hair styles that ranged from the standard buzz cut to the outrageous seven inch blue and white tipped Mohawk that one of the boys sported.

"These are the guys you're really gonna get to know." Ozzie said, the pride in his voice obvious. "You wanna meet and greet?" He glanced sideways at his old friend.

"Yeah that's why I'm here, get back on the in side." Kenzi moved to get up reaching out her hand for him to help him. "And I want to see you show off how cool you are knowing everybody like always. There was never even a sewer rat you didn't know sweetie." She teased him as they started to head over.


"I never knew you had whirlpool jets in here." Bo had to giggle as she put her hand in front of one of the higher ones and managed to spray water over the tiled wall next to the corner tub. "Are they directional?"

"No they're fixed." Lauren's smile was wide and bright as she watched Bo's discovery finding herself greatly amused and happy all at the same time. It wasn't that her arousal had dimmed any in the time it had taken for the bath to be run and the bedroom to be prepared for later. Or when they had slipped out of their clothes and into the hot water to slide to opposite sides of the tub, their legs sliding against each others in the centre, but more than a full sense of relaxation had filled her as the reality of Bo being there settled into her consciousness.

"Still its nice." Bo leaned into the water a little more, letting her legs slide up the sides of Lauren's until she could gently hood her feet behind the blonde. "Why haven't we done this before?" She grinned wanting to show Lauren that she was enjoying this as much as the blonde seemed to be. The simple fact of them being in the same space, for the immediate moment almost as satisfying as their love making.

"Because so far in our relationship, whenever one or the other of us takes any clothes off, the other one jumps them." Lauren said with a classic smirk.

"You're right Doctor." Bo grinned at her with a soft laugh, slipping her hands down into the water to guide Lauren's legs up over her own so that with a simple pull of her strong legs she made the blonde slide across the tub closer to her, their lower bodies entwined together under the hot water. "I hate to break tradition."

"I thought that was exactly what you liked to do." Lauren lifted one wet hand out of the water and drew it over Bo's collar bone, trickles of water trailing over the succubus' skin in glistening wet lines.

"Not our traditions." Bo gave a soft shake of her head as still under the water she slid her flat palms up the outside of Lauren's thighs to the top of her hips before she curled them around and then slid them down the inside area that she could reach.

"You think we're going to form traditions?" Lauren gave a soft almost perplexed smile as her pleasure notched up again from Bo's touch.

"Most certainly." Bo acknowledged as her hands continued to play on the sensitive flesh of Lauren's inner thighs. "Like our new Gatorade tradition, there is two cases of it in the fridge at my house for you." She grinned as she let the fingers of her right hand skim high enough to brush over soft waxed skin.

"What flavour?" Lauren's eyes fluttered closed briefly a soft moan escaping from her lips as she drew her fingers back along Bo's collar bone.

"Six different ones." Bo admitted that when she'd seen the cases it had been hard to choose, so she'd impulsively picked up the two mixed flavour cases to cover all her bases. "I was wondering doctor..." She continued to make Lauren use her mind as her fingers inched over sensitive flesh slowly towards their intended goal. "Would bathing you in it help with your medusa ollygotta?"

"Medulla Oblongata." Lauren corrected with a soft smile. "And no, not really, it would just be sticky and very..." She paused as a smile spread across her face. "Well we'd need a second bath after the sports drink one." She let herself breath a little heavier as Bo's touching turned her on even more. "It wouldn't actually help with my hydration at all, absorbing liquid by osmosis isn't something human epidermis is capable of." She teased Bo a little with mild 'geek speak'.

"Mmmmm." Bo closed her eyes as she finally let two fingers press in a swallow depth between wet lips, knowing the rush of hot water with her fingers into the intimate area would have a doubly arousing effect on her lover. "You make science so sexy."

"The stimulation of your cerebral cortex is by definition arousing." Lauren purred pressing herself a little closer to Bo in the tub.

"Stimulate me baby, stimulate me." Bo used her free hand to help guide her closer as she switched the movement of her hand, using her fingers to guide a path for her thumb so that she could directly press the pad of it against Lauren's centre.


"Here you go." The young man that had been introduced as Jazz handed Kenzi her fifth beer as he squatted down on the cardboard beside her and offered her a bite of the hotdog he had in his hand.

"Thanks, I didn't even realize how hungry I was." Kenzi admitted chewing through the large mouthful.

"You obviously don't get out enough, night air is good for you." He took a deep breath of the smokey air and breathed it out. "Makes you hungry." He chuckled and handed Kenzi the whole hotdog. "I'll just cook another one when my beer runs out." He picked up his cup and took a healthy swig. "You know you're a bit of a legend, when Oz gets drunk he talks about you a lot it's good to finally meet you, to know you're not some made up perfect girl." The rather 'pretty' young man laughed as he looked sideways at the raven haired young woman, the bright flames of the still burning bonfire dancing brightly in his dark blue eyes.

"A legend eh? That could be hard to live up too." Kenzi gave a laugh as she continued to eat the hot dog, partially convincing herself it was the outdoors and the high concentration of weed in the air around them that was making her hungry.

"Don't sweat, we're all legends in Ozzie's eyes in one way or another." Jazz laughed and took another drink. "He's a good guy." He added in a more serious tone as he glanced over to where the young man was chatting with the pink haired, brown eyed young woman named Medi that she'd been introduced to along with the other members of the urban crew. "Though he's never gonna learn with that one." He added shaking his head softly.

Kenzi looked up and appraised the interaction for a long moment before she had to laugh.

"We've all got to have dreams." She smiled at Jazz.

"Yeah but like I tell him, stick to ones that have a hope of coming true." Jazz leaned back a little. "I'm surprised he's not hitting on you."

"Me and Ozzie? Naw, too much history." Kenzi shook her head. "I wish he would find his Juliet though, he deserves it."

"Well if he would look in the right place..." Jazz shifted his eyes subtly to the very soft spoke blonde that had been among the crew who had had the ill fitting name of 'Flash' considering how almost shy and soft spoken she was, then again knowing street talk that maybe exactly why she had earned it.

"She likes him?" Kenzi picked up on the hint immediately.

"Huge crush." Jazz laughed softly as he chugged more beer. "He's so funny, he's so bold, he's so brave.." The young man continued to chuckle. "But we have this code, no one ever rats anyone out in the crew." He shook his head. "And to let that slip would be ratting her out."

"But I'm not part of your crew." Kenzi gave him an evil smirk.

"Well how about that?" Jazz smiled even more, leaning back even further on his hands.

"I like you're style." Kenzi grinned pushing up. "I'm going to get another beer you want one?" She didn't even take notice of the half finished one beside where she'd been sitting.

"I won't say no to a hotdog." Jazz gave her a quick salute.


"Bo... oh... god..." Lauren curled her hand around the top bar of the headboard and gripped it hard, her other hand was meshed in the succubus' long dark hair and had once been adding a little pressure to the back of her lover's head that was buried tightly between her long legs. But the pressure had long since eased off and now the threaded fingers were little more than just another touch point between the two women as their bodies moved rhythmically on the bed.

Tipping her head back, pressing it into the pillow behind her the blonde squeezed her eyes shut as she felt her body arch a little in response to her lover's direct attention, the stimulation becoming too much to just exist in a state of constant arousal.

Then just as Lauren was about to lose control, jarringly Bo's cellphone began ringing. The problem was the blonde was almost too far gone to focus on the distraction.

"Bo..." Lauren tried to get her lover's attention but at the same time her body was trembling.

"Ignore it!" The mumbled instruction came from between Lauren's thighs, the attention of her tongue barely missing a motion.

"Yes!" Lauren arched more. "I mean no, Bo... it's late...it might be... oooooh God..." The blonde's hips bucked hard as she pulled on the wooden pole of the headboard. "Important." She panted the word, her breath coming in pants as she felt her body internally beginning to spasm and jump.

Bo didn't pay her concern any mind, after all she was only going to be intensely busy for another minute at most as she knew the blonde's body and she was going to need a cool down period when her orgasm fully broke through her. She concentrated the efforts of her tongue, her own body rising with intense pleasure at her lover's enjoyment.

As it happened the succubus was right and the next moment the blonde cried out Bo's name, her hips pushing down hard against her lover as she was completely over taken by a mind blowing orgasm. It was only thanks to good workmanship that the bar of the headboard that Lauren was gripping was ripped off as the blonde's arms went taut, her impressive biceps tightening to keep her upper body tense as she literally rode out the heights of her pleasure.

Bo's tongue led her through the intense release and into the slow down afterwords before the brunette finally pulled her mouth free and slowly slid her body up the blonde's.

"Can I just say you taste like heaven?" Bo admitted huskily as she stared down at her lover.

Lauren's breathing was still slightly laboured as her brown eyes opened somewhat heavily.

"So I don't taste any different after a bath?" She asked with a smirk, slowly uncurling her fingers from around the headboard.

"I dare to say you taste more pure." Bo grinned leaning down to kiss her gently before she eased off to rest her body to the side of the blonde, playing lazy fingertips over the doctor's skin. "You just taste like heaven." She gave a soft one shoulder shrug to underline that her point just couldn't be argued with or even altered.

Lauren slowly bent her arm down, the muscles in it screaming slightly having been braced up and back for a while now, and tucked it under her cheek as she turned her head on the pillow to look at her lover. Her smile was blissful.

"You should check your phone, make sure your bestie didn't lose her cab fare, or the boot her cab fare was in." She offered the possibilities with a softer smile.

"I'm only checking in case it is Kenzi, if it's anything else short of an apocalypse I'm not returning the call." Bo vowed as she rolled to reach out for the phone. "And even then hell, the light and dark must have found ways to survive before me, they can get their collective big boy pants out of storage and deal again without me." When she finally turned the display and read the number she groaned. "It's Dyson." She rolled her eyes.

Lauren drew in a breath through her nose, her brain torn between her good girl response of 'call him back, you know you should' and her bad girl response of 'screw it you're not Dyson's go to girl anymore.'

"Sorry Dyson didn't get your call." Bo turned and dropped the phone off the bed. "He has his brand new bitchfaced partner, she can go work the case with him. She made it very clear my help wasn't necessary anymore, there were procedures to follow." She turned back instead and began to place kisses over Lauren's shoulder. "Ready for round three?"

"Isn't this my round?" The blonde pushed up on her hand and leaned putting her other hand on the mattress the other side of Bo's head, her face millimetres above the succubus'.

"I thought for sure by now, with all the liquid you've lost, you'd be too dehydrated." Bo teased instantly, as always loving the feel of the blonde pressing down from above her.

"Well you're not the only one who's had time to shop." The blonde purred sliding her leg over Bo's body to straddle the succubus, bringing her body down to rest her weight deliberately on Bo's stomach.

"I love you." Bo spoke the heartfelt words before she pressed her mouth up far enough to mesh it to the blonde's.

"Mmmmm I don't think I could ever get tired of hearing you say those words." Lauren said, her voice breathy as she briefly broke their kiss. "I..." She stopped as the sound of her cell phone ringing and vibrating on the bedside table broke her concentration, her brown eyes momentarily flickered over to it.

"Check it quick before you lose your round and I get another one." Bo teased, even though she could guess that if it was Dyson something big enough was going on to ruin the rest of their private evening.

With a sigh the blonde shifted slightly and grabbed her small phone not managing to catch it before the caller rang off. Her brow crumpling into a frown she pulled up the caller ID only to discover it was Hale, or rather The Ash.

Her frown becoming more pronounced Lauren rolled off Bo and gathered her hair in one hand to throw it over her shoulder as she sat up, very aware that she hadn't yet told her lover who the call had been from.

Bo sat up with her, almost instantly assuming it must be the Ash, the way that Lauren's demeanour had always changed with the current leader of the Light Fae called easy to read. Except now the leader of the Light was Hale, a friend to both of them and she gave a soft sigh almost wishing that the doctor could have found a little relaxation from that fact.

"I have to return this." Lauren glanced at Bo, the frown on her face now hard, spoiling what had been a look of blissful relaxation.

Before Bo could say anything from where she had just dropped it off the bed her own phone began ringing again.

"Okay I was joking when I said apocalypse." Bo scowled and rolled onto her stomach to reach off the end of the bed picking hers up to answer the call. "You found us, what's up?"

"Lauren is with you?" The siren's reply was business like and almost short, far from the usual relaxed calm Hale they were so used to.

"Yes, she was literally just returning your call. What's going on?" Bo questioned again, never remembering to have any protocol especially now that Hale was the man in charge.

"It's Light Fae business Bo, can I speak to Lauren." Again Hale's tone was verging on dismissive.

"Fine... The Great and Powerful Wizard of Ash for you." Bo held the phone out to the blonde making sure he could hear the title she used to mock him slightly put off by his tone. When Lauren took it she immediately exchanged it for the blonde's phone, intending on now calling Dyson back to see what on earth was going on to make the sky fall this time.

Lauren let her hair fall over the phone as she held it up to her ear, she shifted almost automatically to sitting straighter and more upright in the bed, as if at respectful attention.

"Of course." The blonde said after a long moment of silence, obviously spent listening to whatever the Siren relayed. "Right away Sir." She held her head even and level, her jaw locking slightly and flexing as she listening again for a long moment.

"Is he being mean to you? There is no being mean to Lauren!" Bo made sure she said the words more than loud enough for Hale to hear.

"I understand that." Lauren glanced at Bo her eyes pleading with her silently for the succubus to for the moment just keep calm. "Yes." With the last affirmation she pulled the phone away from her ear dropped it back onto the bed.

"What is going on?" Bo questioned her immediately.

"A light Fae elder has been murdered." Lauren slipped out of the bed, unfortunately for the blonde the change in elevation proved too much too quickly, making her head swim violently. Reaching out her arm she braced herself against the wall.

"Lauren!" Bo instantly was up and holding onto her to support her. "Sit back down." She instructed easily leading the blonde to return to the bed. "Dehydrated remember?" She gave a soft loving smile. "You stay here, I'll get you one of those sports drinks you rave about. The mighty Siren can wait an extra two minutes while you drink it before I drive you over to the compound."

"We're not going to the compound." Lauren did steady herself on the bed. "He was found dead on his estate, his head on the gate post, rather implailer-esque." She explained. "His three owned humans were also killed."

"I'll take you wherever you need to go but you're drinking first." Bo assured her moving to the door. "And we'll find out who did this, to all four of them." She underlined that to her the three humans murdered were just as important as some elder of the light fae.

Lauren nodded in agreement actually smiling at her lover as she paused at the door in both thanks and appreciation for her care and support.


"For someone new to the crew you fit right in." The short muscular form of Medi strolled over to Kenzi who had moved her milk crate a little closer to the dying bonfire in an attempt to keep the chill of the air off her, "You can even hold your drink." She nodded to the three empty cups around Kenzi's feet. "Unless you just posed them there for effect, though either way good for you." She dropped down onto her haunches and poked a stick into the fire making it flare up a little.

"I'm not so much new as recently returned from a hiatus." Kenzi corrected with a smile. "And I can hold my drink." She admitted easily. "Those kegs you scored, not the cheap stuff. I'd swear it was Heineken."

"It was definitely better than some of the shit we get." The smaller woman nodded. "Want something else to drink? I think the kegs are dry but a girl might have a couple of back up bottles to offer if a new friend is so inclined?" From behind her back the pink haired young woman produced a bottle of Smirnoff and a bottle of Crown Royal.

"Wow, top shelf." Kenzi commented clearly impressed. "Vodka is a favourite of mine." She pulled her crate a bit closer.

"Well it's not like we do this a lot." Medi just passed Kenzi the whole bottle with a smile and unscrewed the whiskey top taking a quick swig. "Jazz's taken a quick shine to you." She nodded to the 'pretty boy' "Then again he's always been one to listen to Ozzie's spin so he probably half loved you already." She politely teased.

"I didn't know Ozzie spoke so highly of me." Kenzi gave a soft laugh and opened the vodka to politely take a swig. "Jazz seems like a nice guy." She added. "Your crew seems to really look out for each other."

"You know how it is." Brown eyes looked at Kenzi, "Oz told us about your years on the streets together. You've won the respect of the crew already which is why you get the good stuff." She nodded to the bottle in Kenzi's hand. "Life shit on all of us in its way, so we're good to each other." She shifted tracks back to the point Kenzi had initially made as she glanced back to the rest of the gang. "When life teaches you lessons early it's good to find people who have learned the same things."

"I'll drink to that." Kenzi hoisted the bottle for a moment and then took a long swig. "It seems you've made quite the impression on Ozzie too." She teased with a smirk.

This made the smaller woman laugh brightly.

"He likes the idea of a woman with biceps, triceps and abs." She pushed her hand up through her short pink bangs.

"I have another friend with the exact same problem." Kenzi gave another laugh. "Who did your hair? Best shade of pink I've seen."

"I do it myself." Medi laughed again and glanced again at Oz who was now chatting it up animatedly with Flash. "Though going back to Oz, seems like someone steered the guy in a more appropriate direction. It's not that I don't like him or anything I just don't..." She frowned briefly and then sat up a little more. "Kenzi get up." She said, her tone changing. She was pushing up off her knees already.

"What's wrong?" Kenzi of course did get up at the direction, after all she'd gone from the mean streets of the humans to the mean streets of the fae, both of which meant you had to react quick sometimes. She looked to follow Medi's eyes just as the area began to flood with police lights as cars arrived to raid the impromptu party. "Shit, 5-0."

Everyone else was already up and moving the place bordering on chaos as thirty plus people all began looking for ways out that didn't involve facing off the raiding law officers.

"This way." Medi was already heading off at a rather oblique angle, using the shadow of the surrounding buildings to cover her small frame.

Kenzi was quick to follow behind her, taking one look back to see Ozzie being pulled off with Jazz down an alley close to the impending raid but far enough to get a good lead on the officers.

"I hate it when they ruin fun times." Kenzi grumbled though to be honest the adrenaline rush of fleeing from the cops was something she kinda missed in a sick twisted way.

Medi threw a quick smile over her shoulder at Kenzi as she gave a jump and latched onto the bottom of fire escape ladder that wound itself up the side of a seven storey building. With strong arms she pulled herself up the distance between the bottom rung and the floor, scrambling the remaining distance before she unlatched the lock that held the bottom last rung of stairs up from the pavement, so that Kenzi could just climb up them.

"Thank you." Kenzi smiled up at her and then made as quick work as she could of climbing up the ladder in her high heeled boots. "Up to the top?" She questioned already moving to the set of stairs, knowing that if they were caught on the fire escape the cops would have continued to try and hunt them down, maybe even call out the helicopters. She fully expected the strong girl to drag the ladder back up to hide their ascent.

Securing the lowest rung back into place Medi followed behind Kenzi after nodding to her that indeed their destination was upwards. They made the distance in a surprisingly short time and Kenzi was surprised when she breached the flat top to find that there were three flat board of wood stretching between the building they were stood on to the one beside it.

Climbing up beside her Medi glanced at her quickly.

"You're okay with heights right?" She checked quickly.

"Yeah I'm cool." To show she was Kenzi took a soft breath and then headed across the short distance, knowing better than to look down she was happy however when the strong feeling of the other rooftop was beneath her feet.

Medi was close behind her and then took the lead heading straight for the small doorway that led into the building, reaching into the breast pocket of her tight sleeveless button down she pulled out a lock pick and popped the door in a second.

"After you." She smiled at Kenzi.

"Nice technique." Kenzi grinned as she moved inside and headed down the concrete industrial stairs.


Dyson barely waited for Bo to park her car before marching over to it and pulling the door open.

"What the hell are you doing..." He stopped as his eyes flickered to the passenger seat. "Drop and go Bo." He gave the softer instruction easing back a little from the door.

"But you called me." Bo pointed out, before she looked back at Lauren. "Call me if you need me, I know you've got work to do." She said the words softly, reaching out to squeeze the blonde's hand for a long moment before Lauren moved to exit and she moved out to address Dyson again. "So what do you need from me?"

"I called you to check where you were." The wolf replied keeping his voice soft as he looked at Bo.

"You thought I might have something to do with this?" Bo narrowed her eyes at him. "You're new partner figures that anyone dies in the city limits and it must be me? Clearly heads on fence posts is my calling card Dyson."

"The three humans..." Dyson's body tensed a little, his entire look turning more serious.

"I was with Kenzi and then with Lauren the whole night." Bo pointed out to him what she already knew, she hadn't had a thing to do with any of this. "How were they killed?" She decided she was better off trying to get real information about what was going on then arguing with him about her guilt or innocence.

"I can't tell you that Bo." Dyson shook his head.

"Switched to Light Fae and their pets?" Tamsin's voice filled the sill night air as the attractive blonde began striding towards the car.

"I was just going to ask where you were, there was a certain lack of bitch in the area." Bo stared at her as she approached. "And I'll tell you what I just told Dyson, I wasn't anywhere near here and I have witnesses to prove it."

"Let me guess, your convict friend and the not so impartial doctor? Convenient." Tamsin's look remained ever cool as she stared at the succubus.

"True." Bo shot back at her. "Now can I actually be of any help?" She looked at Dyson.

"Probably the best thing you can do is leave Bo." Dyson looked at her trying a soft smile aware of the instant heavy tension between the two women. "Go home." He added the detail in case it was necessary.

"Fine." Bo made a tusk noise with her tongue. "Don't forget to keep your ear to the police scanner in case I go on a killing spree on my way there." She glared hard at Tamsin and walked back to the Camaro.

"Didn't think the skinny blonde looked like much of meal." Tamsin bit back under her breath but deliberately loud enough for Bo to hear.

"Okay bleachy, you can take shots at me, you can think what you want about me, but don't mention Lauren." Bo spun on her heel and stalked back over to the blonde to look her in the eye. "Because whatever you are, it won't keep me from putting you on your knees if you insult her."

"Like I care what you think about what I say about a human." Tamsin returned the icy stare with one of her own. "What you do with the Ash's bitch is up to you, sloppy seconds has never been my menu choice."

Without a thought about consequence, Bo's arm came back in a hard motion with the intention of popping Tamsin right in the face with her fist but luckily it was caught mid air by Dyson, who pushed his body in between the two of them and growled.

"I've had enough of your pissing match, the two of you." He glared at Tamsin then at Bo and then back at Tamsin. "Bo you are leaving, go home. You and I have real work to do."

"Keep her on a leash around me!" Bo snapped pulling her arm away and heading back to the Camaro, only to screech off in a squeal of tires.

"You need to learn manners." Dyson huffed at Tamsin beginning to walk towards the security gate that was open but closed off with yellow police tape and a uniformed officer checking the badges of anyone entering.

"You need to get over her." Tamsin laughed as she swaggered her way after him.


Medi led Kenzi down three flights of stairs in the building and then headed down one of the graffiti strewn hallways, putting her arm out as she stopped at one of the standard brown doors. The number 64 was barely visible on it in plastic letters. Reaching up she knocked on the door and waited, glancing at Kenzi with a brief smile.

In less than a minute the door was pulled open by at young man that looked that he should have been at Harvard rather than living in this industrial highrise. He was wearing a perfectly pressed pair of plaid pyjamas, matching slippers and small round glasses. His blonde hair with hardly a strand out of place looked like there was no way he had just got out of bed to answer the door. He didn't smile as he looked at the pink haired young woman on his doorstep.

"Medina." His voice was a little tight as he stepped aside to let her in.

"Razor." She walked passed him and beckoned for Kenzi to follow her. "We just need a minute, shouldn't need more than like thirty." She crossed straight through the incredibly neat apartment to a small kitchen table and sat down on one of the wooden chairs there.

"Trevor, my name is Trevor." He corrected her and looked at Kenzi.

"Kenzi, hi." Kenzi put up her hand as she crossed in to let him close the door. "I like your pjs." She admitted with a smile.

"What did you do this time?" The tall young man's eyes left Kenzi to look at Medi.

"Nothing we were just having a party, I sent you an invite." The muscular young woman replied. "But you've stopped returning my calls."

What could only be described as a tired sigh escaped from Trevor's lips.

"We agreed Medina." He looked at her and then looked at Kenzi. "Can I call you a cab or something, Medina only wants to wait so she can back track pick up her precious bike I'm sure." His dark eyes flicked back to the younger woman who instantly flipped him the bird.

"No, I'm good I can find my own way home." Kenzi could feel the general tension but at the same time familiarity to the banter. "You have a bike, what kind?"

"Harley Sportster." Medi looked at Kenzi.

"Nice, I hope you have rumble pipes on it." She moved over and perched on the back of the couch. "Every Harley needs rumble pipes."

"No, I have those on my V-rod." Medina chuckled. "Chromed the shit out of it though." She offered an alternative for appraisal.

"I can only comment on it when you drive me home." Kenzi grinned, seeing the way Trevor rolled his eyes and moved to the kitchen.


Kenzi couldn't help but half skip, half walk through the club house door, unintentionally loudly for 3:30 am, then again she wasn't expecting anyone to be home. She was feeling slightly drunk, adrenaline giddy and practically awesome.

"Hello home." She announced happily as she wrestled with her jacket momentarily, kicking the door closed as she did so.

"Kenzi?" Bo came around the corner holding a cup of coffee. She appraised the inebriated state of her best friend and gave a soft smile. "You want help with the boots?" She laughed lightly seeing how long it was taking her to get the jacket off.

"Bo-Bo?" Kenzi paused leaning against one of the support struts beaming at her best friend for a moment, though in an instant the look turned into one of worry. "What are you doing here? You're supposed to be with your girly, with the hot one, getting all sweaty. You didn't fight did you?" Kenzi stumbled forward one arm still tangled in her jacket. "It's too early for you two to fight, you're all smiley after being together and all glow-y." She waved her hand in the zone of Bo's face.

"We didn't fight, she had to work." Bo corrected reaching out to catch her best friend's arm and free it from the jacket. "There was much glowing before she was called out." She explained not wanting Kenzi to worry. "You look like you've had a much better night though, how was the kegger?"

"So totally awesome." Kenzi leaned forward putting her head against Bo's. "There was free booze, the air was like 50% green, the cops raided us, I ran across a two roof tops, hid out in some weird Harvard dudes apartment." She slung her arm onto Bo's shoulder. "Then rode a Sportster across Matney Park."

"Wow, sounds... exciting, and wait you ran across roof tops?" Bo looked at her with a certain amount of concern.

"Well we had to get out of the area, the last thing I wanted to do was get picked up by the popo." Kenzi pulled back a little and blinked her bright blue eyes at her bestie.

"No you didn't, especially since Dyson's new partner is such a super bitch, he probably wouldn't have been able to bail you out right away with her watching." Bo pointed out the soft reality of how things had changed now that Hale was the Ash. "Bottom line you had fun though yeah?"

"Fun with a capital F, though it would have been better if you had been there babe." She grinned at the succubus, "Though probably not for you." She winked. "The new crew Ozzie hangs with is pretty cool."

"Well why don't we get you ready for bed and you can tell me all about them?" Bo offered when suddenly the door to the clubhouse quietly opened again, and a clearly very inebriated Mesmer tried to sneak into the club house.

"Oh, you're both up." He had to lean against the post to stay upright. "Is the clam slam over?"

"Hey don't refer to my friend and her girlfriend's lady parts as shellfish any more." Kenzi stepped forward and poked Vex in his 'bad' shoulder. "It's not funny or cute it's just rude." She objected. "Bo and Lauren make love, all be it noisy, groany, bangy, panty and sometimes screamy love, it's still sweet and beautiful."

"The bird's drunker than I am." Vex made the appraisal squinting one eye. "Bugger, did you give her a bigger allowance then me? I told you that's not fair."

"I am taking Kenzi to bed you can sleep on the couch." Bo gently turned Kenzi's shoulders towards the stairs.

"You're just jealous because you have to pay people to spank you!" Kenzi baited the Mesmer over her shoulder as she moved with Bo.

"Ease up now I was only jokin' before, a bloke could get really hurt by that." Vex looked at her with a drunken frown. "I only paid those girls because they really knew what they were doing love, it's not an amateur sport, you need professionals."

"Oh I could beat you." Kenzi offered before Bo managed to push her up the stairs.

"I'll remind you of that in the morning, I expect your little hands could leave a right good welt." Vex teased after then dryly, laughing at the stare he got from the Succubus just as she went out of view.