Two Scarred Souls Heal Each Other

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Prologue – Gryffindors Charge Ahead

Potter Manor, England .


Harry sat comfortably in a leather chair located behind an antique mahogany desk in the Lord's Study Room at Potter Manor. He leaned forward to focus on his list of things left to complete. It was a thoroughly detailed list, as to be expected of anything created with Hermione Granger's help. After the final battle, a team of mediwizards found a slew of problems with Hermione and himself. It turns out that both of them were dosed with love potions ( a la Weasel) and Hermione was loaded with a mass of loyalty and compulsion charms. Evidently certain members of the light weren't really light at all. In the infirmary, Harry had to cast privacy and shielding charms quickly when he rushed over to comfort a sobbing Hermione. While he had an ideal of the Weasley's duplicity, it was a total shock and very heartbreaking to Hermione.

Never the less, he was truly surprised at the depth of actions taken by the Weasley matriarch and her two youngest freckled gingers. After discussing the matter with Sirius and Remus (who were beyond outraged ), Harry and Hermione both decided to file charges against the three Weasleys. They even had the blessings of the remaining members of the family, the strongest of which was surprisingly Arthur, who was found to be under compulsion charms and love potions too when examined by mediwizards at the request of the DMLE. The trial of the Weasleys was quickly turned into a media circus, much to the disgust of Harry, Hermione, Sirius, and Remus. People wanted to focus on something besides the horrors of the war and the betrayal of their savior served that purpose.

Despite Dumbledore's pleas for leniency and forgiveness to Harry and Hermione, the Weasleys faced public trials for their crimes. Ginny and Ron blamed everything on Molly and the jury agreed with them due to her brewing the potions and her magical signature on the loyalty and compulsion charms. In addition, her actions regarding Arthur did not help her case. For her crimes of illegal use of compulsion charms (on Arthur), illegal use of love potions (Arthur and Harry), theft of family assets (Weasley and Potter), successful line theft (Weasley), and attempted line theft (Potter), the Weasley matriarch was sentenced to life in Azkaban. Her punishment was severe due to the civil laws which invoked specific penalties for crimes against Noble Houses since Harry was the heir of the Ancient and Noble House of Potter and, despite their lack of wealth and political clout, Arthur was the heir of the Ancient House of Weasley when Molly love poisoned him as well.

Ginny was sentenced to a 2000 gallon fine, parole, and mandatory meetings with a mind healer at St. Mungo. It as ruled that she still suffered from the affects of her possession by Tom Riddle during her 2nd year. The possession by the Dark Lord and her overwhelming obsession with Harry that was manipulated and encouraged by Molly earned her sympathy and a lighter sentence. However, the most shocking sentence was Ron's. He was given a very minor penalty for taking advantage of the loyalty charms, compulsion charms, and love potions on Hermione. He revealed under veritaserum that he never planned on marrying Hermione. He only wanted to use her for her intelligence and sexual relief. Marriage or children was never a future goal. Due to being a Pureblood and the fact that Hermione was only a Muggleborn, he only had to pay a fine of 300 galleons and parole for 2 years. Unsurprisingly, his punishment would have been more severe if his victim was a Pureblood or even a Halfblood. Hermione was heartbroken to learn she was still classified as a second class citizen despite all her actions and war time heroism. Harry had a hard time not cursing the members of the Court when the verdict was announced. However, the emotional well being of his adopted sister took priority over disgust and outrage.

That disgust increased as the days went by. The betrayal of the three Weasleys was used by a large fraction of Purebloods who wanted more lenient sentences in the upcoming Deatheater trials. Lawyers argued that if a notorious light family could be pushed to such extreme lengths for power, wealth and the betterment of their family, then logically the accused were only trying to improve their own and their family's circumstances as well.

They declared joining Voldemort was not a good idea; however the poor Purebloods were only trying to find a leader that could counter the influx of muggle ideals into the wizarding world's fine traditions and cultures. Furthermore, they persistently persuaded that if every one of the accused was trialed, punished, and imprisoned, their absence would have a significant impact on wizarding society, politics, and economy. The lawyers pointed out that many of the Deatheaters led upstanding lives and were respectable citizens. It was only their fear for themselves and their family that caused them to do Voldemort's biding.

Harry had to admit that the Deatheaters had fantastic lawyers. The argument that based upon their collective ages, their parents (who were members of Voldemort's generation and were first generation Deatheaters) were the ones that actually forced their Pureblood children into the service of the Dark Lord was utterly brilliant. They revealed that Voldemort was Tom Riddle, who was an abused Halfblood raised in a muggle orphanage. So technically, the nature and rise of the Dark Lord was the result of the Muggle World and his muggle upbringing.

The solicitors painted the Dark Lord as an ambitious Halfblood who used and manipulated Purebloods to accomplish his goals by any means necessary. The 'tragic' sob story of the Deatheaters was devoured by the public. They wanted to blame the war on anything besides themselves and their society. They rallied around the "poor Purebloods who were led astray by a charismatic lying Halfblood with muggle delusions of grandeur" as proclaimed by the Daily Prophet. When the trials came and the majority of verdicts were heavy fines, community service, and parole, Hermione and Harry knew it was time to leave Wizarding Britain. Despite the war fought on blood supremacy, nothing had changed at all. Purebloods would still control everything, and another war was inevitable. However, next time there would not be a 'savior'. And his name would definitely not be Harry.

Sirius and Remus were notified of their decision to leave. The two Marauders were very accepting of their wishes to leave. In fact, they planned on leaving for the States because of Remus's lycanthropy. Remus had heard rumors that there were werewolves who could control their shifting in the United States. He decided it was time to see if those rumors were true, especially since Teddy could inherit his lycanthropy and the political climate of Britain was taking a decisive shift towards a darker nature. Sirius agreed to accompany him due to wanting a change of scenery and, most importantly, living in a country where Malfoy and his dear cousin Bella could walk around freely was nauseating to him. Luckily, Sirius was cleared of his charges (due to Pettigrew being captured), so immigrating to the States would not be a problem. They recommended that Harry and Hermione go to Gringotts if they ever needed assistance with anything complicated, such as Remus's immigration papers due to being a werewolf.

"Harry, are you in there?", Hermione asked as she knocked on the study door.

"Yes, come on in." he called back before taking another sip from his cup of tea. He frowned and casted a re-heating charm at the cup while Hermione opened and rushed in through the door, holding a dark, heavy book in her hands and an excited look on her face.

"Harry, you have to see this!" she exclaimed. "I was in the library and found the most interesting book. Apparently, there is an entire continent hidden by magic!"

"Continent. Hidden by magic!" Harry blinked, somewhat bewildered.

"Yes! Apparently, the magic there is very different. Its similar to how the natural magic in the States is more Wiccan compatible or the magic of Africa is Shaman based. The hidden continent apparently has a unique magic that is called chakra. What is truly outstanding is the fact that everybody who lives there has chakra!" she rapidly explained.

"Everybody!" he sputtered.

"Everybody." nodding decisively, she continued to peruse the book. "The majority of people there do not utilize this chakra. Only people who are dedicated to the shinobi arts are trained to use chakra. Hmm..shinobi arts. That means they are …...Ninjas! Oh, Harry! It's a continent filled with ninjas!"

By now, her excitement had reached a fevered pitch. Her hazel eyes rapidly flickered back and forth, devouring the text while her mind whirled to absorb the new and fascinating information. Even the curls on her head seemed to bounce and shake with excitement.

"Ninjas!" Harry leaned back in his chair, feeling somewhat like a parrot. "There is a continent, hidden by magic, with Ninjas running around in it?! Bloody hell, Hermione! That's crazy. How can anybody miss an entire continent filled with Ninjas?"

"Magic, Harry. Magic." She look up briefly to shoot Harry a 'Duh!' look before going back to her prized book. "Apparently, it was raised by a very powerful Sorcerer to protect and separate the lands from the rest of the world. It is aptly named the Hidden Countries!"

"Wow. A continent of Ninjas, huh. I would love to travel there!" Once the words left his mouth, a bolt of electricity shot up his spine. Looking up, he met Hermione's eyes. In her hazel orbs was a look that was identical to the one in his emerald gaze. A sense of excitement. A yearn to explore the unknown. Most importantly, a gleam of just plain 'Gryffindorism'.

Slowly, a devious smirk crossed his face. "So….feel like taking a trip to the unknown?" Harry queried. It wasn't as if they had anything to lose. The Marauders were moving. The only friends they trusted now were Neville, Luna, and the Weasley Twin, who were all busy with their own pursuits. Unfortunately, Hermione's parents were killed during the war despite her best efforts. Plus, Harry knew he had a microscopic chance of finding obscurity and normalcy anywhere else in the world. His 'fame' had increased substantially after the final defeat of Voldemort.

A beaming smile and a rapid head nod was his only warning before a curly haired missile threw herself into his arms. After enjoying a hug in celebration for their upcoming freedom, a slight frown crossed his visage.

"Umm…Hermoine? If the continent is hidden by magic, exactly how are we going to get there?" he questioned, gently poking her too.

After sitting in silence for a few seconds, they had an epiphany at the same time. Looking at each other once again, they cried in unison:


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