Two Scarred Souls Heal Each Other

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Chapter 13: Secrets Revealed Part 2

Black Potter Manor, early in the morning

Hermione hummed underneath her breath as she walked sedately into the kitchen. Yesterday, she had such a wonderful time with Iruka. Being able to sit down and have a quiet meal followed with an intellectual conversation was glorious to the bookworm. 'Iruka is so wonderful.' the curly haired witch thought to herself. 'All the books he have read. All the knowledge he knows. Please,' she blushed, 'he's so handsome. And so very kind. Iruka is one of the kindest men I know.'

The hazel eyed woman was practically floating on a cloud. She didn't even have any work to do today. Finally that Merlin damned paperwork, from the bet with Harry, had been beaten into submission, and she was going out with one of the sexiest and kindest guys she had ever met. Nothing, absolutely nothing, could bring her down today.

That is until she walked into the kitchen and noticed Fawkes was having a staring contest with Hedwig. Sitting in chairs next to the dueling birds, Ibiki and Harry pretended nothing was out of the ordinary.

'And just when you thought it was safe to go out again. Boom! Potter chaos strikes again!' Hermione thought ruefully to herself, making a beeline for the coffeepot. She had a feeling she was going to need all the caffeine she could handle in order to tackle today's Potter Situation. 'Coffee. Sweet coffee. Come to me, my darling.' The witch chanted mentally while she grabbed her extra-large coffee cup that read: Knowledge Is Power. I am armed and dangerous.

The cup was a gag gift from Sirius, who howled when he saw Hermione's expression as she opened the box and saw the cup for the first time.

Currently, it served primarily as her emergencies only coffee cup. Kind of like today.

Sipping gingerly, she sat at the table and fixed a pointed stare at her innocent acting younger brother. "What did you do?" she growled, in no mood to sugar coat her words.

"Me! It was all Fawkes's fault!" exclaimed Harry pointing a finger at the phoenix who was perched on the back of a dinning chair.

At the sound of the unfounded accusations, Fawkes swung his head and stared accusingly at the wizard. He started to trill mournfully, but his guilt-trip ploy was cut short by Hedwig's hoots of smug satisfaction.

On the back of her chair, Hedwig began to shuffle to the right and left, puffing up her feathers, and hooting in triumphant. All of the occupants immediately realized that the white owl was clearly doing an avian version of a victory dance.

Fawkes flapped his wings and trilled angrily. No doubt he was arguing against Hedwig's victory of the staring contest, due to the fact that it was her wizard that provided the interruption which caused the phoenix's defeat.

Hedwig responded by bobbing her head up and down while hooting smugly.

Ibiki and Hermione turned to look at Harry, who quickly swerved around to look outside the kitchen's French doors into the garden.

"My, what beautiful weather we are having today!" he sang out, sighing dramatically with a whimsical smile on his face.

"Is your owl taunting the phoenix?" questioned Ibiki, not impressed his koibito's pitiful acting.

"I swear, her hooting almost sounds like the 'Na Nani, Boo Boo' chants from when I was in elementary school. But where did she learn such a thing." asked Hermione, starting directly at her brother.

"Perhaps, the telly was a bad influence. After all, she is a highly intelligent owl." Harry disclaimed indignantly. Why does everybody keep blaming him for Hedwig's actions? She's always been like that, ever since Hagrid presented him to her on his eleventh birthday. Didn't they realize Hedwig had appointed herself as his mother years ago? As if he, the son, could control his motherly owl's actions. Hah!

Suddenly, Crookshanks jumped on the table. He swerved his head back and forth to look at the quieting phoenix and owl. A few meows later, the feathery combatants were once again staring intently at each other.

It appears that round two of the Great Staring Contest was a go.

Harry glanced at Hermione with a smug look on his face. His expression seemed to crow "Ah ha! Its not just Hedwig. Look, look! Crookshanks does it too!"

Ibiki nodded in thanks to the Japanese breakfast of roasted fish, miso soup, and rice that Dobby placed quietly in front of him. He picked up his chopsticks to eat his breakfast while his dark eyes continued to watch the other match suddenly taking place at the dining table.

Hermione refused to meet her brother's gloating eyes. Instead she looked at Crookshanks with a disappointing expression that was clearly inspired by Professor McGonagall. Its effectiveness was revealed when Crookshanks yawned and proceed to lick a paw to groom his ear.

Apparently, the witch had an inner cat animagus too as her hissed rebuttal of "Crookshanks!" was positively feline.

Resolving to talk to her misbehaving familiar later, Hermione focused on her primary target: Harry.

"So Harry," she drawled out teasingly, "did you have a busy night?" Her gaze zeroed in on the bright red love bites that dotted Harry's neck.

Sadly, Hermione had underestimated her brother. After all, he went through puberty underneath the tender loving care of the Weasley Twins and Sirius.

"Not as busy as I wanted it to be." Harry targeted an affronted glare at the phoenix who steadily refused to let himself be distracted a second time. "I feel that I must warn you that should an opportunity arises again, I shall take a hold of it with both hands. As such, I may mistreat our professional environment in a tawdry fashion."

The lascivious look he shot Ibiki was borderline scandalous.

The jounin raised an eyebrow at Harry and smirked lecherously, causing a blush to ignite across the younger man's cheeks.

"Harry!" protested Hermione, a mortified tinge on her face as she correctly interpreted her brother's words.

"Don't worry, dear sister. I shall use the appropriate cleaning spells afterwards. Nobody will ever be able to tell the difference." Emerald eyes blinked innocently. Harry waited patiently for Hermione to realize it wasn't just sex he was talking about. 'Wait for it. Wait for it. Now!'

The hazel eyed witch's jaw dropped. "Spells?" she stammered nervously, eyes bouncing from one man to the other. "What are you talking about, Harry? Ha…ha…ha. As if magic exists!"

"The appearance of a phoenix strongly suggests otherwise." disagreed Ibiki, thoroughly enjoying himself this morning.

"You told him!"

"Its not as if I couldn't tell him! Fawkes literally flamed into my bedroom. Into my bedroom!"

"Its called lying, Harry! A summon animal? A figment of your imagination? Sex so good, there's fireworks?" rebutted Hermione who was so exasperated with her brother, she could have thrown her toast at him!

"He just asked me to marry him, Hermione! Exactly how much longer do you think I could have kept it from him?!" shouted Harry.

"Marry?" screamed a shocked Hermione.

"Yes!… Wait, you can see fireworks during sex? Like literally fireworks?" puzzled Harry.

"What? Thats what you're focusing on? Is your mind constantly in a gutter?"

"It's because he's sexually frustrated."


"Merlin, I didn't need to know that!"

"Why did you tell her that? Why?"

"Yes, why did you tell me that? What have I ever done to you?"

"I'm sorry. I just couldn't help myself. My job doesn't allow me to express all my kinks in a professional and non-violent manner, so I have to seek out other means." Really, Ibiki was enjoying himself way, way too much.

"Merlin, let it go! I said I was sorry. I'm so, so sorry about that! I won't ever take relationship advice from Kakashi-sensei again!"

"Good." The jounin loved it when a plan came together.

"What exactly do you two talk about again?"

"Nothing! We talk about nothing!"

"Koibito, that's not exactly-"


"Ahhhhhh! There's a Uchiha Bird in the kitchen!"

All three adults looked in bewilderment at the newly arrived genin. Naruto stood in the doorway ,with his hair in a complete disarray and staring at Fawkes in horror.

'What?' was the thought that went through all three of their minds.

In unison, they looked at Fawkes who was currently inflamed and shaking his wings intimidatingly at the white owl.

Hedwig's golden eyes gleamed menacingly as she continued to stare unblinkingly at her shameless opponent. As if such a paltry sight could distract her. Pfffftt! She lived in the same house as the Marauders and their apprentices. She survived numerous prank wars with nary a feather unchanged too!

"Bring it, phoenix!" she barked derisively.

"Its a Uchiha bird! An actually Uchiha bird. Why isn't it a Uzumaki bird? After all, a Uzumaki lives here, so there should be a Uzumaki bird. A Hermione Cat, a Harry Owl, and a Naruto Bird. Not a Sasuke Bird!" proclaimed the disgruntled blonde.

"Naruto, that a phoenix. A legendary bird who is practically immortal through their endless cycles of being consumed by their own flames and being reborn anew." explained Hermione carefully.

"That's a Uchiha bird. It makes flames, just like a Uchiha. It uses flames, just like a Uchiha. It likes to start fires! Just like a Uchiha! Therefore, its a Uchiha Bird!" refuted Naruto, He knew a Uchiha bird when he saw one.

That was apparently the straw that broke the camel's back. Fawkes trilled angrily as he hopped up and down on his perch. He glowered viciously at the blonde ruffian who dared to call him a Uchiha Bird! He was a phoenix! An ancient, wise, and glorious phoenix. And what was a Uchiha anyways?

"See! It even scowls like a Uchiha!"

"Hoot, hoot, hoo-oot, hoooo-ooot!"

Fawkes went stone still and his flames blinked out abruptly. Ever so slowly, he swiveled his head to look back at his formidable opponent.

"Hoot!" Hedwig resumed her victory dance. Undefeated, baby! Mistress of the Unbreakable Stare!

"Oh no, Harry Potter Sir. Fire Birdy being setting the chair on fire!" warned a panicky Dobby, who just noticed the table chair was in danger.

"Fawkes, no!" cried Harry as he whipped out his wand to cast an aguamenti spell in the hopes of saving the antique chair from the phoenix's temper tantrum.

"Just like a Uchiha!" continued the un-cowered genin.

"Are your breakfasts normally this interesting?" inquired Ibiki, who pondered if he should change his schedule again. If eating breakfast at the Black Manor was always this entertaining, he'll make it a new routine to stop as often as possible.

Hermione sighed and took a large gulp of her precious coffee. "Normally? No, not at all. But given the way our lives are changing?" she turned and gave Ibiki an apprising look. "I wouldn't be surprised if this was our new normal."

"Uchiha bird!"

Ibiki saluted Hermione with his tea cup, which she returned just as solemnly before they shifted to watch the grand spectacle unfolding in the kitchen.

"Hedwig stop egging him on!"

~oOo A hectic twenty minutes later oOo~

The top of the once pristine antique dining chair now sported a burnt and charred facade.

Harry looked forlornly at the chair before directing an accusatory glare at the pouting phoenix that was huddled on a hastily transfigured iron perch.

"Fawkes! Stop having staring contests with Hedwig! You never win!" growled the upset wizard.

The phoenix warbled huffily at Harry's statement. As far as he was concerned, the odds were in his favor. He was bound to win soon!

Hedwig barked dismissively on top of her chair. Unlike Flamey, she was allowed to stay on her original perch because she didn't damage it. Not even a single claw mark.

To rub a bit more salt into Fawkes's wounded pride, she slowly nestled on top of the chair and hooting softly at the pleasure of having such a comfortable perch. Honestly besides Dog Boy and his mutt, Flamey was the funniest to tease!

When the phoenix's head crest begin to flare up slowly, Harry quickly moved to put a stop to their feuding.

"No. Ah un! No way, Jose! You two are not starting that again. You have two choices. Two! One - ignore each other. Two - leave and go take it outside. Either way, the rest of us are going to enjoy our breakfasts without the smell of something burning in the air!" dictated the irritate wizard.

Eying the two birds carefully one last time, he stomped back to his chair, muttering underneath his breath the entire way.

"-interrupt my happy time. Set fire to a family heirloom! And that audacious owl! Why I never-"

Harry threw himself into his chair and chewed resolutely on his toast. He took a large gulp of his tea and closed his eyes in a frantic attempt to calm himself. Considering the fact that he had an important meeting with the Hokage in an hour's time, he couldn't afford to lose control of his emotions now.

Finally feeling himself become centered and calm, he opened his emerald eyes to see his sister and lover plotting together.

"-a trade with the goblins maybe." Hermione was writing in her handy dandy notebook again.

"Will it be really expensive?" asked the ninja.

"For Konoha? Not so much since Harry's going to be one to formally ask for their assistance. For anybody else, it would cost a fortune."

"Why such a large difference?"

"I'm a Goblin-friend. In addition to that rare distinction, I am also the heir of two Ancient and Noble Houses, a war hero, and a powerful political figure." Harry interjected into the conversation, shrugging matter-of-factly.

"Exactly. Even though I am a strong witch, I am essentially a scholar at heart. I don't have the same type of reputation or social ranking as Harry does." agreed his sister.

Ibiki and Naruto examined the green eyed man carefully. Over the past few months, they have seen many of Harry's sides. However, they couldn't quite grasp the image of Harry as a harden, battle scarred, war general. Both shinobi fervently hoped they never would see such a side in the future either. Harry deserved peace in exchange for all his efforts to save the Wizarding World.

"I think you should try to negotiate a potion trade with your goblin allies as soon as possible," Ibiki finally stated after a few minutes of silence. "You probably don't realize just how significant those potions would be to Konoha and the shinobi corps. But trust me on this, your future will be completely secured in you try and succeed."

"A trade is possible. We can use the extra set of connecting trunks. One for Konoha and the other in a secure location. The potions and money can be traded back and forth between the trunks. Only two or three extremely trusted individuals will be able to open, place, or retrieve anything out of the Konoha trunk. I am sure Gringotts will agree to manage the trade in exchange for profit." proposed Harry.

"Hmm, that may just work." agreed Hermione. "Alright then, lets work out all the details so we can present a soundproof plan to Lady Tsunade."

Within ten minutes, Hermione's quill was flying over the paper in her notebook. Between the three adults and the genin (surprisingly Naruto had good advice on security features due to his numerous pranks), a plan to secure medical potions was quickly drafted. It was a complicated and elaborate plan that depended on the goblins assistance and Tsunade's willingness to trick the council into believing fabricated details.

Ibiki assured the two that in exchange for the potions and the possibility of learning how to make them, Tsunade would even cheerfully lie to the Fire Daimyo himself. As a legendary shinobi, she is a terrific actress and an accomplished liar. Its just her gambling abilities that leave a lot to be desired!

Hokage's Tower

Tsunade strummed her fingers on her desk as she waited for Ibiki and his lover to show up for the meeting they specifically requested early in the morning at an unholy hour. Normally she would have viciously denied a meeting this early, but she made an exception simply because the message was delivered by a phoenix. A phoenix!

Ibiki and Harry had better hurry the hell up here as the Hokage was bursting with questions.

A respectful knock of her door interrupted Tsunade's morbid thoughts of revenge if the two were tardy. "Finally." she muttered before calling out for them to come in.

Ibiki and Harry strode into the room, casually dressed in everyday attire. They didn't want any observer to guess they were doing anything important. Standing in front of the desk, they bowed respectfully and greeted Tsunade politely. Upon straightening up, Ibiki asked the Hokage to dismiss the hidden ANBU from the room as the conversation they were about to conduct was extremely important and confidential.

Tsunade immediately commanded her ANBU guards to leave. Within seconds, the legendary kunoichi activated the privacy seals around the room. She then watched in amazement as Harry withdrew his wand and flicked several brightly colored privacy spells around the room too.

"Well, I think I can guess why you wanted this meeting to be confidential." she stated drily. Tsunade felt the overwhelming desire to drink some sake. She mentally cursed Shizune's zealousness in curbing her indulgences.

"Indeed, Lady Hokage. To be perfectly blunt, I am a wizard. Hermione is a witch. We have magic. We moved to Konoha from another dimension in order to start a new life away from the pressures and manipulations of a society that wanted to use or kill us due to the pivotal role we held during a civil war. Not surprising, our enemies hate us and politicians are apprehensive about us. Konoha represents a new beginning and a new life for us. Given our unique talents, I would like to negotiate the status of a minor clan for my family for our own protection and security. I have no desire to wind up as a lab rat somewhere, trapped by some crazy scientist who wants to discover how our blood works and exists." Harry stared directly into Tsunade's eyes so she can appraise his truthfulness and honesty.

"I want to know what magic can do. Strengths, weaknesses, and flaws. Everything, and I do mean everything." Tsunade leaned forward in her chair with her hands clasped under her chin. This had the potential to be one of the best or worst decisions she'll ever make as the Hokage.

Harry describe every aspect of magic that he could remember. He detailed charms, jinxs, and hexes, not even glossing over the Unforgivables. The plethora of magic creatures stunned both shinobi - dragons, mermaids, and centaurs were real?! The art of seals raised numerous possibilities in the Hokage's mind. However, it was magical healing and potions that really snared her attention, just like Ibiki had predicted.

"Is there any way to get a healer or potion master in Konoha?" she asked fervently.

"No. At least not at this time. Given the war, any healer worth having would be too dedicated to their current patients and war victims to leave. While a potion master may want to come here, they would probably leave in a few months." Harry knew convincing Tsunade of their plan would be an uphill battle if she strongly wanted a person instead of a trade.

"Why would they leave so quickly?"

"Quite frankly, their lives would be constantly threatened the longer they stayed here. In order to ensure their safety, they would have to remain under guards at all the times. Then it becomes a matter of pressure. How long until they crack from being watched all the time? How long until they get kidnapped for their knowledge? As a potion master, that level of pressure and stress could prove to be disastrous to their craft. Besides, having such a skilled individual would paint a giant target on Konoha. While Hermione and I are getting noticed for our medical products, it only because its marginally more effective that the other products on the market. Our products aren't worth an invasion or an act of war unlike a skilled healer who could perform 'miracles' or a potion master that makes 'miracles'." explained Harry.

Tsunade sighed and rubbed her eyes. She knew Harry was absolutely right about a healer or potion master being too dangerous to have in the village. If nothing else, Orochimaru would prove to be a constant threat. Taunting her ex-teammate to repeatedly attack Konoha wasn't something she ever wanted to do.

"However, I do believe there is a way to gain several potions for Konoha" Harry offered a metaphorical olive branch as he knew he had the Hokage in a tight position.


"We're going to have to lie, trick, and downright manipulate the public." was his mischievous reply.

Ibiki smirked besides his lover.

Tsunade really wanted her sake now.

~oOo Twenty minutes later oOo~

"This is absolutely fabulous! Why don't you sell this in your cafe?" Tsunade happily nuzzled her sake cup to her cheek. Firewhiskey was her new favorite alcohol.

"Because its a cafe, not a bar." The wizard closely examined the Hokage. Her alcohol tolerance was incredible!

"Well you should. You know what, forgot about that ideal. I'll sell it! I'll make money hand over fist. Those debts would be wiped out in a manner of days! Ha ha ha!" The Hokage was in a fabulous mood. Money, prosperity, potions, and such wonderful wonderful alcohol for her village.

"So do we an agreement, Lady Tsunade." asked Harry. The legally binding contract needed to be signed before the Hokage was inebriated.

"Sure, sure. Hand me that contract. I will send out messengers and call for a meeting with the Council this afternoon. Bring that phoenix too. Its appearance will make our story that much more believable."

With a flourish, Tsunade signed the contract that allowed the Potter-Blacks to claim status as a minor clan in Konoha. This meant that while they were protected by the clan laws, they were not allowed a seat on the council. In exchange, Hermione and Harry swore to not use their ability to harm Konoha's citizens unless in situations of self defense. The contract also stipulated that the Potter-Black siblings would not use their abilities to spy, harm, or damage the village and the shinobi corps. In short, Hermione and Harry continue their lives uninterrupted while Konoha gets a nifty potion trades in exchange for allowing them to stay.

As Tsunade was signing the contract, Harry was examining the pictures of the previous Hokages located on the wall behind her desk.

"Huh, I didn't know Naruto's dad was the Yondaime." he said softly, comparing the features of Minato Namikaze to his ward. "Despite his coloring, I am guessing Naruto's features favor his mother?" he mused.

"What?" demanded Ibiki and Tsunade. Both of them couldn't believe that Harry just accurately guessed Naruto's parentage just by looking at Minato's painting.

"What? Was I wrong? They look so much alike though. I mean, come on! Look at him! He looks like a grown up Naruto." The wizard pointed accusingly at the painting.

Tsunade took a big gulp of the Firewhiskey. A civilian. A civilian from another dimension was able to grasp the truth when thousands of others remained blind to the fact that stared at them from a face on the Hokage Mountain everyday for the past twelve years.

"You're right. Minato is Naruto's father. However, he doesn't know. Besides a handful of selected individuals, the rest of the village doesn't know either." confessed the Slug Sannin.

"So it okay for everybody to know that he has the nine tail biju sealed in his gut, but Merlin forbid, the knowledge that he is the son of one of your greatest heroes has to be kept a deep dark secret. How is that fair?" seethed Harry. Honestly it was like a twisted up ninja version of his own life.

"Minato had many enemies, enemies that would have killed the Fourth's legacy if they know about him. It was to keep Naruto safe." Tsunade defended the actions of her sensei vehemently. Ibiki wisely chose to keep silent. He disagreed with letting everybody know of Naruto's jinchuuriki status too. He didn't know if Naruto's parentage should have remained a secret, especially since he was now a genin.

"Safe? What part of his childhood was safe?" snarled Harry, eyes glowing brightly as he thought of Naruto's disgusting apartment and the abuse he suffered. "Was that ransack apartment safe for a child to grow in? Was being hungry, starved, and neglected considered safe? Was having teachers ignore him, children avoid him, and adults despising the air he breathed all part of the plan to keep him safe? Because if it was, congratulations that plan worked fabulously."

Tsunade shook her head in shame and regret. "I don't know how such a thing was allowed to happen in Konoha. But rest assured that I plan on fixing it. The Elder who instigated and maintained Naruto's abuse will be publicly executed for his treason. He had no business abusing his powers in such shameless ways."

"An Elder? One of the elders on the council made sure Naruto was treated like shit? Why?" Harry wasn't as surprised by the news as he should have been. He know how easily an exalted public figure could sway the sheep of society into doing their bidding.

"Apparently, he bore a long standing grudge against Minato. Then when Kyuubi's attack killed his family, it just escalated that animosity to an obsessive hatred. Besides Naruto's abuse, he manipulated and coerced civilians into doing his bidding for years. We believe he wanted to overthrow the Sandaime and is still plotting to overthrow Lady Tsunade." revealed Ibiki.

"Naruto has a right to know about this. Especially if you plan on executing that bastard. You have to publicly acknowledge Naruto's parentage too."

"No!" roared Tsunade, her hands slamming on the top of her desk as she stood up. "There are already people who are hunting for him because of the Kyuubi. If we tell him or the public, he would be hunted even more. Don't think so highly of yourself, Potter-Black. What right do you have, coming to our village, and making demands of us? You have barely even lived here for half a year! You know nothing about our history or the dangers that exist here and outside the village!"

"He still has a right to know!" screamed Harry as he stood belligerently in front of Tsunade. "Do you think the rest of the countries are blind. Naruto has missions outside of the village now. How long do you think it will be before his father's enemies sees him and connects the dots as fast as I did? He looks just like the man! And when you execute that elder of yours, you don't honestly believe that people won't blame Naruto for it? The first thing they will do is to start baying for his blood. After all the 'demon' tricked the Hokage into killing the poor innocent Elder. They will hate him and curse him a thousand times more than they do already. Then there won't be a point in protecting the precious Fourth's legacy from outsiders, as he would have killed himself before then!"

Tsunade stared in shock at the furious wizard as she slowly sat down. "No….They won't…He's just a child." she whispered.

"A child that has been the whipping boy of the entire village for twelve years. They will break him, Lady Hokage. There is no doubt in my mind." steely stated Harry.

"And if its revealed? Then, what? You think everybody would suddenly be so accepting of him? That his life would be all sunshine and rainbows? There are still going to be people who want him dead!" questioned the disgruntle Hokage.

"Suddenly, no. One day, yes. Its better than them believing he is walking around with the Yondaime's face as a way to taunt and ridicule them. If you explain how the Elder hated Namikaze and targeted his son, they will place the blame where the blame is due - on the Elder and not on Naruto. He's a twelve year old boy. Any more burdens and he'll start to drown. I can protect him from assassination attempts, poisons, and death blows but I can't protect him from people's vicious lies and hatred. I can't protect him from himself. Help me help him, Lady Tsunade. He's just now starting to value himself. He won't be able to survive a sudden renewal of hatred and resentment." pleaded Harry.

"Will telling him about his father really help him?" Tsunade asked wearily.

"Yes! At least he will be able to finally understand why he was chosen to be a junchuuriki."

"Fine. You can tell him about his father. However, you have to use your hocus pocus to make sure he can not tell anybody else. You have a valid point in the dangers of executing the Elder without revealing the true extent of his duplicity. Until I meet with my advisers and reach a final decision, nobody else is allowed to know, including your sister!" dictated Tsunade.

Satisfied with the compromise, Harry agreed and soon left with a still silent Ibiki by his side.

Neither men could have predicted the far reaching consequences both revelations would have on their lives and the future of Konoha.

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Author's notes: Please read if interested.

Fawkes bonding with Naruto or Harry - no, he will not. I like the ideal that Fawkes was originally Godric Griffindor's familiar. He stayed at Hogwarts to keep an eye on his bonded's legacy. Thus, he likes Harry due to his kinship to Godric and his owns actions, but he will not bond to Harry nor Naruto.

The simplicity of the contract - its not a really elaborate or detailed contact, nor does it need to be. Harry and Hermione have proven to be loyal and not dangerous to the village. Likewise, they are both dating two talented and extremely loyal shinobi. Its not magically binding because it would have tied their descendants to the village and everybody has the right to move in and out of villages and countries in the Elemental Countries. Tsunade is happy with its simplicity because she is gaining extraordinary potions for the village and she only had to grant them minor clan status. Its a win win for everybody but the greedy souls who always want more.

Why didn't they push for major clan status - major clans are the ones who can vote and hold a seat on the council. Hermione and Harry are outsiders, they shouldn't be allowed to have such an impact of Konoha's laws. Their minor status could change but only after a long period of time passes first.

The dramatic two revelations - revelations of Harry and Hermione's blood limits to the Council and the revelation that Naruto is the son of the Yondaime.

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