Chapter 1


In the dirty streets of the underbelly of the city known as Daath, two cruel monsters plan to take back what is there. The streets were dirt covered as a red haired girl stood up without an audience to back her up. Thus she spoke the first words that shall kick start these disgusting events that will alter the fate of the world.

"Linza! Come here immediately, there is an emergency!" Her expensive dress clashed with her surroundings as she stood up on an empty box, holding a plate of unknown food as a brown haired girl ran up to her, attentive like a maid before she finally spoke.

"Y-yes master Luzu." The girl stuttered, it was as if she was ashamed that she had failed her master before the red head finally started speaking.

"This food is awful...AWFUL I SAY! Where did you find something as disgusting as this? Was it from the prison?" Linza looked towards the ground; she didn't know how to tell her master that she did indeed get the food from the prison. Lying to her master was something Linza always did, but at the same time...

"N-no of course not master..." Linza grinned as Luzu frowned at her friend before finally speaking.

"First of all, do not call me master, it's weird. Second, why must you lay Linza! Why must you lie!" The red head jumped from her throne of discarded brown boxes as she threw the plate towards the ground before she gave a speech.

"Never fear Linza, once I kill that imposter. We shall have full course meals every day. With rabbits and turkey. We shall be living the good life no doubt about it, but I am hungry." Luzu shouted as Linza sighed, what a shame that they were living like this. They deserved better, at least Luzu did, even if she was a little crazy.

"W-well ma- I mean Luzu, how are we going to do that?" That was the question that Linza always asked when Luzu brought up that plan as the red haired girl simply covered her face before she snapped once again. No doubt she was about to go on a worthless rant about nothing.

"We shall figure out when Marsh gets here, once that happens we shall have everything in the world, even if it's not important. I shall be the greatest leader in the world! Do you hear me Linza, the greatest in the world!" The red head had a problem with repeating herself, as the brown haired girl eye twitched, she had enough drive. Just not the chance.

"W-well master, maybe we could start planning something tommoro-"

"NEVER! We must wait until everyone is here before we decide something, and Marsh has something we need, if we do not get it then we will die. Die I say." She was telling the truth, neither Luzu or Linza were regular human beings, they needed something to keep them alive.

Linza did not know how to respond to that, Luzu decided what everyone did in their little group as. Which was all right, though she had a bad habit of hamming everything she said up, and be subtle with things was probably impossible for her.

"Ah, it seemed you two are having fun." A voice from the alley as a silver haired knight sighed; he was somewhat annoyed that he had to do this every day. Alternatively, maybe every other day, he forgot after a while since going in the back alleys like this made him look sleazy. Not that he cared what other people think of him, since it was annoying to worry about.

"Ah, Marsh. You are finally here my knight like friend, so tell me did you bring that thing that we humans know as blood." Luzu really should not have said something so odd out loud as Marsh sat on a pile of garbage before opening a large container full of red liquid. "Marvelous, I say MARVELOUS! Now give us what we need so we can survive."

Luzu did not even great her friend as she demanded the object, of course Linza gave a small laugh as she looked at the sliver haired knight. "Sorry Marsh, ma- I mean Luzu is kind of in a pushy mood tonight, anyway thanks for these important things." Linza gave a small smile; the truth of the matter was Marsh was only here for Linza, because Luzu was flat out insane.

The silver haired shrugged as he gave them to sealed glasses of red liquid, as both the girls started to drink it Luzu of course spit out the blood, the taste no doubt was horrible. "This is not Human blood, but is monster blood. MONSTER I SAY, why is it like this?!" Once again Luzu screamed for something as worthless as that before Marsh cocked his eye in annoyance.

"Of course it is, did you know how many I had to kill to get this much? What other kind of blood were you expecting anyway, human?" Marsh slumped his shoulders as he put his hands in his pocket before the red head kicked a box. She did not know why she kicked it, she was not angry, but she simply kicked it.

"Yes! There are plenty of people you could have killed to get the blood, you know human blood contains a large amount of iron, and it's good for you as well as having a great taste. I mean you've killed people before, so what's the big deal now!" Marsh probably should not have dignified that with an answer, but he did anyway. After all, he had to protect his pride, no matter how small it was.

"There is a difference between bandits and regular civilians. Do you think killing someone is easy, no of course not, it's a lot of work doing something like that." Luzu scoffed at that fact before she replied.

"No it's not, I've killed plenty of people, killing people isn't a big deal, there are plenty of people on this planet. Hell, even Linza killed people, people are not really that important, just like this conversation. Now listen carefully my friends, we are about to do something amazing, no something more than amazing. I would call it perfect!"

Marsh sighed as Linza clapped at her friends statement, she was excited that something was moving forward now. But what was about to happen would change the course of their lives forever, or at least for about a year either one is fine.

"We are going to the place known as Baticul, where the princess is. We must kill her, this is the most important prospect, from there I shall take her place, do you understand?! Because we are leaving tomorrow." Marsh jaw dropped, the amount of flaws in said plan was staggering. Did she even think this through, or did she jump come up with it on the spot. Well Marsh's question was about to be answered.

"Never fear my friends, I thought about this for thirty minutes! I know, it is a rather large amount of time for something that should be so simple. I must apologize for my failure." Linza eyes started to water at Luzu's passion; no doubt she was her closest friend because of this.

"Ah, mas- I mean Luzu, do not worry about it. You are so amazing, I'm sure if it was anyone else it would take three hours for them to make a plan just as amazing." Linza was quite the good yes woman as Luzu pointed towards the moon.

"Enough ego stroking! We leave at dawn, do you understand me?! At dawn!"

"W-wait, you think you can make a decision like this for me? I am not with you; I have a life you know, a job. That thing you have when your friends are freeloaders and never help you do anything." He was whining, something Marsh usually does when he was about to be dragged into something he hated.

"Aw, that's so cute, you think you have a life. Your job is horrible I say, wouldn't you rather share in our wealth once I become a princess." Linza put her hands together as she tilted her head and smiled.

"Yes, you wouldn't have to work a day in your life. Don't you think a short trip is worth that much?" Maybe because it was her charm, but when Linza said it Marsh actually thought about the idea. Then he thought about the rewards for failing, execution was not a very nice thing since dying sucks hard. In addition, he doubted anyone would believe them; a random red head saying she was the princess was pretty funny and unbelievable. Not even Marsh believed her, so going along with it would be suicide.

But at the same time he couldn't let Linza do something so stupid, not for an idiot like Luzu, and despite how cold it was his job really did suck.

"Fine, as long as I can defend something I don't mind tagging along with you." Marsh tried to keep a straight face as Luzu outstretched her arms and went on another worthless rant.

"Perfect my friend, perfect. Now get packing, we leave at dawn or something else. I do not care, I do not care I say."

That was a plan, but they probably never would get to use, since an event was going to happen that would shatter their perfectly laid idea into pieces.

Marsh grumbled as he walked all the nameless Oracle knights run around as if they were idiots, apparently someone from Malkuth was coming over. Not like it mattered to him though, he hated that idea. However, he wondered if the score said anything about him meeting two odd girls in the night that one time.

Heck, he was not even a knight, just someone who hanged around there without any connection to anyone. Just a boring loser that had a shield with no one to protect.

"Marsh!" A guard snapped before the silver haired teen grumbled as he lifted his head from the wall. He was moments away from going to sleep and some idiot had to ruin it. "What the hell are you still doing here?" That was a good question, actually Marsh was pretty sure he was supposed to meet a duo of girls at the city line.

"...Oh, yeah I have to meet those guys." Marsh sighed as he slowly picked himself up and looked at the guard before nodding. He knew that he was late, but he did not really care. The worse that was going to happen to him was Luzu giving him some lecture about how being on time was important for someones standing in life.

As he went through the halls of the cathedral Marsh had to admit it was pretty to be around. As he went into the main hall he probably should have focused on what was in front of him rather than what was above him since he ran into someone. They probably were small since he did not feel anything other than a small push.

"Hey, watch it!" A small shrill voice snapped as Marsh grumbled, he heard that voice before. It was probably the second most annoying person in his life, the first being Luzu. "Who was this girl again? Oh yeah, she's the Fon master guardian or something."

"Really? Someone as small as you should probably pay more attention than me." The silver haired boy pointed out as he put his hands in his pocket as the pig tail girl glared at him. She probably take to kindly to that remark as she grumbled as she got up.

"Gah, I don't have time for this!" She was obviously in a hurry as she ran past the silver haired nobody gave a shrug. Whatever was going on it was not any of his business as he walked out the building with little care.

The sun was beaming down; no doubt, it was way past dawn, though Marsh knew that it wasn't that important that he was on time. However, someone was there to remind him of his timely failure, someone that he found more annoying than anyone else in the world.

"Marsh! Where have you been, do you understand what I am asking, where have you been! You are late, L-A-T-E that is the word that you were. Must I explain to you the importance of being punctual and timely, someone who is on time is much more trustworthy. That is why I'm always on time for every appointment I make, no matter what. Do you understand the laws of this world? Do you m-"

"Gah, she's going on about this in front of the cathedral, of all places?! Really, if someone were to see this, they might get the wrong idea about the two of us..." At this point Marsh completely blocked out the red headed hot-blooded girl. Though too much of his surprise the girl rant continued even once he snapped out of his daze.

"-that is why you should listen to what others say, eating properly will give you more energy that will allow to be on time for appointments, so answer me Marsh! Have you've been eating your fruits and vegetables?!" Marsh wondered how the rant went from being on time and eating properly, as he sighed.

"Well, we can't leave right now, I don't have any of my things packed." He wanted to use that as an excuse to drag out his departure, but to much of his surprise Luzu simply shrugged before speaking.

"Oh, that's alright, we have to postpone it anyway, since Linza's been kidnapped and everything." Marsh simply blinked, he didn't know whether or not he should be shocked that she said something like that so casually, or the fact that she didn't say that first.

"W-what the hell, how? By who, and why didn't you say that first instead of wasting time talking about being on time!" Luzu frowned as the silver haired teen said that before she started speaking in a rather insulted tone.

"Being on time is nothing to scoff at, you must understand if you were on time you would have figured this out sooner, now must I repeat what I just said, because I don't think you understand."

"A-ah, no I'm good, but how can you be so sure she was kidnapped?" That was a good question as Luzu gave a muffled laugh before her green eyes lit up and she screamed the answer. Marsh probably needed to get new friends.

"Of course I'm sure, you see Linza wakes up early when she thinks I'm asleep to practice her singing, she is awful at it though, so it usually ends up waking me up. When I didn't wake up to a noise that was the equivalent to that of a cat being strangled this morning I knew that she went missing, so it's only natural for her to be missing, do you understand?!"

Marsh understood that perfectly, not really, but he had to go along with this crazy woman either way.

"Where am I...ah don't tell me I did that again." The brown haired girl held her head as she touched the cold steel ground, which was odd since the ground usually is not steel at all, but dirt and stone. "Oh, please don't tell me I've broke into a house again, that wouldn't be any good at all.

Where was she anyway?

Author note

Do not take this story to seriously; making something lighthearted every once in a while is nice. In addition, this may have its dark moments nothing that will make your heart break. As for the characters...

Natalia Luzu kimlasca-lanvaldear?

Age 18?

Aliment Lawful neutral

Or Luzu for short, she was someone who probably should be dead, but somehow she's not, she needs blood to maintain her life due to complications in her early years. As for combat she is hand to hand, though she only has access to one kind of Fonon and that is the fifth, but she is an absolute master of said thing. The kind of person that can't learn anything new, but what she does know she already perfected.

As for her personality, she is insane. As a twisted sense of justice. (Even though she calls herself evil.) And is seeking the current princess to kill her, because she's a fake...right. She usually gives long rants to people who she believe had broken her list of laws. But she really doesn't enforce she doesn't agree with and believes in certain odd things. She also believes that human blood is good for the body when it's not. She lives in the back alleys with Linza since neither of them has a job and do not work.