Chapter 4


"We are here I say, we are here!" Luzu stated as she looked out towards the sea, they were at Daath port no doubt. Though it was not a very impressive place, it was probably one of the few ports in the entire world that could travel to either Kimlasca or Malkuth without little trouble.

Marsh sighed, as he looked around. The idiot red head was fantastic at pointing out the obvious, though he couldn't help but feel that there was an invisible third party that needed to periodically needed to be updated on the events that transpired.

"Of course you idiot, now you said your mother had a home here right? So where is it?" Marsh asked as Luzu crossed her arm before entering into a rather deep taught.

"It has been about two years since I was here, so I doubt things have changed that much, still..."

"I think we should look that way, THAT WAY I SAY!" She pointed towards the few building at the port, there were only about six or seven in total so those looking around wouldn't take that long, but two teens going around knocking on people's doors probably wouldn't be the most inconspicuous thing in the world.

"Damn you Luzu, you're starting to piss me off, do you know anything, or are you talking out of your ass?" It was an honest question, though it was closer to an insult than a question as Luzu pondered for a moment.

"No, because I'm pretty sure the human part known as the ass cannot speak, Though I will concede that I have no idea what we are doing, all I know is that my mom has a home here and our dear friend has been kidnapped by fiends," In other words, she didn't know anything that Marsh didn't. In other words, Luzu was completely useless in terms of knowledge.

"Whatever, we'll just ask around for a bit, but if you're lying..." Marsh gave a rather hateful glare, though it seemed that the so-called princess was completely ignorant of the hate as she simply replied.

"PRINCESSES DON'T LIE! You would do well to remember that, now time to find that place where my mother once stayed." It seemed Luzu also had a nasty habit of making things needlessly wordy when talking about any subject.

"Well if you say so..." Marsh sighed as the two headed towards the row of houses; he knew it was going to be weird.

And it was an awkward experience, everyone always assumed they were robbers or thefts, being compared to a group known as the Dark wings, which of course was a shameful thing to be compared too.

Luzu eyes narrowed as another person shut the door in the duo's face. It seemed even the princesses could lose her temper. "Worthless I say worthless, it seems the small minded commoners of this area are far too foolish to understand what is royalty is, I would educate them if I had the time, but you see-"

Despite not having not enough time to educate, the so-called commoners Luzu did have the time to complain about said commoners. Marsh closed one of his eyes and endured the metal pain as they walked towards the next house.

As Marsh raised his hand to knock on the door and unexpected attack came from behind him, though it was not directed towards him, but rather the door. It seemed that the red haired girl opted to knock and simply kicked down the door.

"What the hell?!" Marsh nearly screamed as Luzu pulled her feet out from the folded wooden door before replying to the unused oracle knight.

"Worthless I say, WORTHLESS! They probably just accuse us for being those so called Dark Wings, if we are going to be accused for something might as well do it!" It seemed that Luzu had the decision-making and problem solving of a toddler as Marsh grumbled as the two entered the house.

It was dark no doubt, but far from pitch black. It seemed the entire thing was much larger than it appeared form the outside. The furniture was rather old as Luzu scanned the area looking for any life as Marsh slowly stepped through the room. "Why, why are we doing this idiot? Do you even know what will happen if we are caught?"

He whispered those words as Luzu simply shrug, taking no effort in using stealth as Luzu started to scream. "Show yourself house owner! Or I shall personally burn this house down, I say BRUN IT DOWN!" Marsh cocked his eyes, for some reason he felt like he was doing something wrong, something villain like.

"Please don't," A voice came from under some sort of table, a stoic voice that showed no emotion despite the circumstance that was presented with the currently hiding owner.

"Well, whether we do or not depends on if you show yourself, I say SHOW YOURSELF!" A rumbled noise followed Luzu announcement as a teenage girl that was in a stock maid uniform crawled from under the old table. Her most glaring feature was her blond hair and blue eyes; no doubt, she was from Malkuth.

"There is nothing here; really there is nothing so please I beg of you not to do anything rash..." Once again, she seemed to be begging for her life with no emotion, as Luzu glared at her. The one thing the princess couldn't stand was the lack of emotion or anything similar to that.

"Are you making fun of me, are you making fun of the GREAT LUZU?!" Pride was a terrible thing as Luzu snapped as the girl in front of them responded in the only tone she knew.

"Really, I am terrified, please don't hurt me," Not a single hint in her voice showed fear as Luzu bit her lip, any reaction would have been better than something similar to a doll.

"It seemed the maid must be taught a lesson on how to show emotion, listen carefully. To show emotion, whether it be anger or sadness you must use what we call cords, those are things found in th-"

"Sorry, please ignore her. We are just here to ask a question, so please don't get scared." Marsh replied, even if he was having a hard time believing the maid was being truthful with her replies.

The blonde-haired person blinked for a moment, as she looked at Luzu before saying something in her stoic voice. "You... are the mistress's daughter aren't you?"

"Of course...I mean that is if your mistress is Sainan than yes I am her daughter, I AM I SAY!" Luzu whipped her hair, hitting Marsh in the process. It was painful, probably because her hair was so heavy and long. Who has the time to keep up with hair that goes down to their ankles, at least Marsh was wondering that as his eye twitched.

The blond maid simply blinked at Luzu, if her facial expression could change it probably have a hurt look on it as she spoke. "You do not remember me do you? I worked as your maid for two years my name i-"

"Don't care, a maid is a maid if I didn't remember than you obviously not important. Now maid, tell me if mother left me a ship and where she is, I DEMAND IT!" Luzu stated as the maid sighed, she really couldn't say anything since that was the unchangeable fate of a maid.

"The mistress is currently at Belkend continuing her research, as for the ship, there is one but..."

"No BUTS! Butts are for sitting in chairs, now tell me maid, is there a usable boat or not." The blond maid look straight at the duo before giving a small sigh.

"Yes, there is a usable boat here, but I don't think it will make it across the sea, or rather it has only a 10% chance of making it across a large body of water."

That was low, really low. Lower than most people were willing to bet their lives on, though Luzu wasn't like most people, Marsh on the other hand was what most people would call a reasonable coward.

"Good enough!"

"Hell no!"

Their voices overlapped as Luzu eye cut towards the knight, no doubt she was going to go on a large rant about taking risk, though risk are important too any adventure. "Foolish fool, do you know there is no other way too Malkuth other than through a ship, or rather on a ship! Do I need to tell you about the importance of boats in this world, you see boats allow what we call humans to travel across water without the need of gills? Humans cannot breathe underwater, unless they came from space, but than in a twist, they were not from space, but the other guys were. It was a rather bad story that mother told me a-"

"Enough!" Marsh snapped before he turned back towards the blond maid. "Listen, is there any other way to Malkuth, maybe being able to raise the percentage of success with the boat."

The stoic maid blinked, she really was like a doll as she pressed her finger to her lips before responding. "Well, there might be something in the basement if I look, but it involves moving a large amount of boxes that are far too heavy for me. It might take hours if I have to do it alone, though if I have help."

"A princess does not move boxes when a maid is present your life. No, your very existence when you took the title maid was to serve my mother, and as an extension serve me! So you will get no help from me, NO HELP."

The blond maid sighed once again, she could not counter Luzu's argument, because this was the fate of maid as Marsh glanced at Luzu before speaking. "Hey, isn't that a little harsh? I mean she is helping us and all." Maybe because the maid was rather cute looking, but Marsh simply inserted his opinion in a matter that he had nothing to do with, as the red headed princess simply looked at the oracle knight.

"You could ask Marsh to help however; he is really good at doing worthless things for worthless people. WORTHLESS I SAY!"

That one hurt, it was as if two swords stabbed the knight, one in the confidence in another in the pride. Though it seemed that Luzu forgot that Marsh was the one that bought food for both Luzu and Linza and the reason why neither of them had to work a day in their lives...even if they did live on the street.

"Please stop, you're going to make me cry." The blond maid blinked as Marsh grumbled.

"No, you're not..."

Either way, it seemed that both him and the maid had a lot of work to do.

Author note, this probably should have been longer, I was going to add a part with Linza, but I'll save that for the next chapter.