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Escort Services: Chapter 27 - Devotion


Everyone in the entire room was speechless for about the fifth time tonight. Snow attempted to say something, but realised that not a single sound passed her lips, her mind was still trying to wrap around the whole incident in Las Vegas. In fact, everyone was sitting silently thinking about what had happened.

Ruby was the first to speak up. "Damn Regina, I never knew you were so much fun when intoxicated." She winked faux salaciously, as the group of women chuckled in response.

"Give her tequila, and you can just coerce her into doing just about anything…including anal." Emma muttered the last of her sentence in her champagne glass, but unfortunately Regina overheard and swiftly hit her in the stomach.

"I can't believe you were so drunk that you actually forgot about Regina in the flamingo pen!" Belle exclaimed, a beaming grin smothered across her face as she looked at the newly weds.

"That was a big mistake wasn't it, darling?" Regina glared at her, as she reminisced the night she spent with the loud vibrant coloured birds.

"Yes, it was." Emma chuckled silently, along with the other women. "But you know what?I've learnt so much from my mistakes that I'm thinking of making a few more." The group giggled in response. It was after all, so typical of Emma Swan.

Emma caught Regina gazing at her from her peripheral vision, "What?" She smiled.

The brunette shook her head, "You're an idiot." She grinned.

Emma tilted her head, "You know, me and you are like two ships sailing through the night…firing cannons at each other." She chuckled, and so did Regina. "And besides, I'm your idiot for the rest of your life."

"Now that is what you call unfortunate." Regina playfully rolled her eyes, as Emma pecked her cheek once, then twice and then for a third time.

"Oh my god, I seriously cannot wait for tonight. You're like a bear claw that I just can't wait to eat." Before Regina had time to react the blonde pressed their lips together in a searing kiss, as her hands had started to wonder.

The pair heard a loud 'Uh-hmm' echo throughout the room and they quickly sprung apart to face the bashful women around them, especially Snow White who as Emma's mother did not want to witness her daughter getting it on with her wife in her presence.

Ruby, Ashley, Belle and Kyrah, on the other hand, seemed quite pleased where things were going.

"Oh please don't stop on our account." Kyrah winked while raising her glass to her lips.

"Yeah, I'm not gonna lie…it was kinda hot." Ashley chimed in.

"You guys won't be sleeping tonight, that's for sure." Ruby fist pumped with Belle.

"Well that was only a small preview of what's to come." Emma smirked, and laughed when Regina covered her face with her hands to hide her own embarrassment.

Snow cringed, "Emma, honey, too much information."

"I think the entire town will need to be wearing ear plugs tonight."

"GRANNY!" The group of women said in unison, as the older women skulled down her third glass of expensive champagne. "What? It's true. Put two incredibly magically powerful women together and you get a concert worth of orgasms and an earthquake worth of writhing."

Everyone's jaws had hit the floor, including Emma's. Granny had just hit a new level.

A loud thud broke everyone from their shocked trance.

"Well that's Snow shocked into unconsciousness for the 3rd or 4th time." Kyrah observed the pixie-hair cut brunette lying haphazardly on the floor.

Emma was wide eyed, "I don't even know how to respond to that."

"Well that's a first." Regina retorted quietly, as everyone watched Granny once again fill her champagne glass.

"We're paying for the champagne aren't we?" Emma muttered to Regina as the rest of the women spoke amongst themselves and attempted to wake up Snow White for the fourth time.

"I believe so." Regina replied unimpressed as Granny withheld a whole bottle for herself.

"Do your reckon we should send her to an AA meeting?" Emma inquired.

"Probably. But I don't particularly feel like having an arrow shot through my head."

Emma winced, "Good point."

Ruby whistled in order to gain everyone's attention. "Listen up, ladies. We do want to hear the end of their story right?" All the ladies murmured in agreement. "So, all of you shut the hell up, otherwise I will chew all your shoes." She replied smartly. The brunette glanced at a pale Snow White, "Kyrah pour Snow some water, please, because she looks like a ghost."

The mayor of Portland saluted, and poured a glass of water and handed it to the now conscious brunette. Snow took a sip, only to immediately spit it out, spraying several of the women, who ultimately made groaning noises in response.

"That's not water, that's vodka." She screeched, her throat burning.

Emma and Regina were laughing hysterically, along with all the other women. Kyrah shrugged apologetically as Snow gave her a glare.

"They both look the same. Geez." Kyrah said in her defence.

"Okay back to the story!" Ashley shouted over everyone. The ladies all directed their attention back to Emma and Regina.

"Okay so, the tattoo, Regina didn't take the news as well sober as she did while drunk…"


"She's gonna be so pissed..." Her eyes attached to the new black ink lining Regina's shoulder blade.

"You're going to be in the dog house for the next decade."

"Kyrah this isn't funny! Regina's gonna go all Jackie Chan on me, and chop me up."

Kyrah tilted her head, a small frown etched on her face. "It's so weird watching her sleep, she looks...peaceful, dare I say it."

"Alright, you don't need to sound all creepy Ted Bundy-ish about it." Emma hushed. "And keep your voice down you'll wake her!" She whispered loudly.

"Okay okay, wouldn't want to wake the dragon...even though it's 4 in the afternoon." Kyrah shrugged on second thought, "Well she did spend the night with flamingoes." She chuckled lightly.

Emma huffed and practically shoved the brunette out of the master bedroom, and closed the door following the pouting woman. "I said be quiet, but no, you need to be as loud as the fucking Titanic on its maiden voyage."

Kyrah arched an eyebrow, "So you were there in 1912, were you?"

"Just go get some food, yeah? Please, I'm hungry and I know you are too."

Kyrah's stomach grumbled. "Maybe I am a little hungry." Her stomach rumbled louder this time. "Okay maybe a lot." She made a dash for her keys and phone. "See you in twenty." She threw over her shoulder before exiting the hotel room.

Emma sighed tiredly and threw herself on the nearby sofa. The last twenty-four hours had been so fucking hectic. She was still hungover as hell, and she would have to deal with Regina when she woke up. All the other mayors except Kyrah had left the Flamingo Hotel to retrieve some well-deserved sleep in their own rooms at their own respective hotels. Emma was joyous at the fact that there was only one more celebration left; Regina's cruise. She frowned slightly as a more concerning thought encompassed her mind. What would happen after all the celebrations? Would she stay with Regina? Hell, there was still Henry to worry about. Was she going to stay permanently in Storybrooke? She had so many anxieties about post celebrations. One thing was for sure though; she was in love with Regina, and Emma was more than certain Regina was in love with her. Unconsciously a warm smile graced her features as she thought of Regina and Henry. Her family.

A loud shrill broke her from her reverie, and she involuntarily rolled off the sofa from the momentary shock, her face plunging into the expensive rug.

"Oh fuck, she's awake." Emma leapt up, practically bolted to the master bedroom, and threw the door open.

She cringed as Regina studied her half-naked body in the full-length mirror. Regina was now very much aware of the newly added ink across her right shoulder blade that read:

'Property of Emma Swan'.

"Care to explain this, Miss Swan?"

Oh shit. She's brought out the 'Miss Swan' card.

Emma raised her hands in defence, "Look, Re-"

"I can't believe this! I would never voluntarily get a tattoo. This is obviously your doing." She winced slightly at the raw pain felt on her shoulder blade.

"Hey, now wait a second, we were all intoxicated, and therefore we are all to blame, Regina." Emma frowned at her aimless accusation.

The brunette rolled her eyes and proceeded to put on a pair of yoga pants and a white tank top. She ignored the blonde and simply brushed past her, and muttered, "I'm going out for a walk."

"Regina, wait!" Emma followed her out of the master bedroom, only to watch as the door to the hotel room clicked shut. She sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration. "Fucking hell!" She yelled and roughly pushed her purse off the dining table; the contents scattering across the dining room floor. She inhaled a deep breath, ran her fingers through her golden locks before wondering back into the master bedroom and slamming the door shut behind her.

"Oh my god, you will not believe the nerve of some pe-" Kyrah halted abruptly, clinging bags of food as her eyes roamed the scattered items across the hotel room floor.

"What the hell happened here?" She frowned, and placed the food on the table.

Kyrah's gaze flicked towards the master bedroom; the room was deathly silent, "Either Regina and Emma are having a contest to see who can be the quietest during sex, or Regina's woken up and flipped her shit."

The brunette remained extra silent for a few minutes before tentatively walking over to the bedroom door. She opened the door slightly, only to see Emma laying on the bed by herself - asleep. She cringed slightly, "Regina must've lost the plot. Ugh, more married drama." She shook her head and closed the door shut.

Kyrah sighed at the mess of items on the floor and began collecting Emma's scattered belongings. She paused when she looked at Emma's driver's license.

She picked it up and frowned, "They've been married for about a year, and yet her name is still Emma Swan, you'd think she'd have changed it to Emma Swan-Mills by now." The politician seemed perplexed, but quickly shook it off deciding that it was none of her business, for once.

However, her jaw ultimately dropped when her eyes spotted a slick black business card with a vibrant pink strip across it.

"America's Finest Exotic Services." She read out aloud.

Kyrah stood up and continued to stare at the card. Was Emma cheating on Regina? No, she wouldn't. She shook her head incredulously, "Those two are so in-love its sickening." The mayor ran her fingers through her hair, "This doesn't make any sense!" She exclaimed quietly to herself. She flipped the business card around and frowned even harder, more confused and suspicious than ever.

Client: Private

Client no.: 276451

Period: 6 Weeks

Dates: June 10th - July 24th

Role: Wife

Escort I.D: 669023

Kyrah Parker was notorious for being one of the less brighter mayors in the state. Sure, she was not exactly a saint and on more than one occasion her town's budget was completed later than required, and then there was the time when she may have screwed her opposing candidate…but nonetheless she graduated from high school (only just passed) and then worked her way through college. So, while she wasn't Einstein, within moments of reading the details on the card she had knew that Emma and Regina were not really married. Everything was a lie.

Kyrah stumbled back into the chair behind her, and slumped into the less than comfortable fabric. Her mind reminisced to the last five celebrations; while she was somewhat positive that the marriage was a complete and utter sham, the affection and love displayed between the two of them was too real to fake. And if it were all for show, then fuck her, they should become actors, they could give Angelina Jolie a run for her money.

"Oh my god." The brunette massaged her temples as she thought back to the first celebration at the country club, where Spencer asked Emma what she did for a living and Kyrah remembered her saying…

"Well, I work as an escort from Monday to Friday and I work at a bar on Sunday's."

Everyone thought Emma just had a palpable, light-hearted sense of humour, something that a majority of the mayors lacked due to their line of work.

"She was actually being serious." Kyrah whispered to herself.

She shook her head in disbelief, "Fucking unbelievable. I can't even imagine her as an escort." She tried picturing it in her head and cringed. "Nup. Doesn't suit her."

She sighed dramatically, "What the fuck am I going to do now?" Kyrah repeatedly tapped the card on the table, before quickly taking a picture of it on her phone. "Maybe I'll fuck with them?" A smirk slithered across her face. She was after all slightly pissed (i.e. extremely pissed) since she had become so close with the pair over the last five weeks.

Kyrah almost fell off the chair when she heard rummaging come from the master bedroom. "Shit fuck!" She exclaimed quietly, before hurriedly throwing Emma's stuff into her purse and then placed it on the couch just before Emma came stumbling in, still tired.

"Due to heavy fog, my brain has been grounded until further notice." Emma fell onto the nearby sofa, across from Kyrah, who had the greatest smirk of smirks on her face. "Is Regina back yet?" The blonde hadn't seen the mayor's expression.

"No, why do you care about her and her whereabouts?" She retorted quickly, catching Emma slightly off guard by the sudden question thrown her way.

"Yes, of course. She's my wife." Emma frowned at Kyrah, as though it were the most obvious thing in the world.

The politician nodded, she looked the other way and muttered, "And I'm ugly." She whispered sarcastically. She turned her head towards Emma, who was staring at her curiously. "Do you know what, Emma?" She started.


"In all the interactions I've had with Regina over the last few years we have never gotten along. Ever. But then you come along and we speak as though we have been friends for ages."

Kyrah paused suddenly. She directed her gaze to the window, "You know, all the other mayors use to call her the "Evil Queen'" The brunette used the air quotations for emphasis as Emma looked on curiously. "Shamefully, even I did. But then again I knew that, to her, I was just some mayoral slut."

"She doesn't think that of you anymore, Kyrah."

"Oh, I know." Kyrah smiled. "Funnily enough, I hadn't seen Mayor Mills smile until you came along, but then again after all you're her wife." The brunette watched Emma's facial expression very attentively, and wasn't surprised when she saw the small falter in her ashen features.

Emma laughed, somewhat nervously, "Well, Regina is very different when she's at home and not working."

Kyrah hummed in agreement, "I bet." She checked the time on her phone and let out a sigh, "Well it looks like it's time for me to go and catch up on some beauty sleep before tonight." She stood up and stretched.

Emma frowned, "Why? What's happening tonight?"

"Oh, you know the spaniard I woke up next to this morning? Well he managed to get us VIP access to this well-known strip club tonight. So, I thought, hell why not? Like when am I ever in Vegas." She grinned, and reached for her bag of food before throwing Emma hers - who just managed to catch it.

Emma smelt the bag, "Cheeseburgers?" She grinned.

Kyrah winked, "Not one, not two, but three! I thought we both deserved it."

"Thank you, you're such a life saver!"

The mayor noticed her still somewhat solemn expression behind her smile, "So I take it, Regina didn't take things well?" She leant her hip against the edge of the dining room table.

Emma chuckled weakly, "Not particularly. She wasn't exactly thrilled, and so she just went out for some air shortly after you left."

Kyrah nodded, taking the information in. She was still extremely annoyed that she was being lied to the entire time - and she wasn't the only one, but the other mayors didn't know and she didn't plan on telling them because she wasn't that kind of person. She understood that obviously the relationship between the two women were simply emerged by fate, well that was her own presumption anyway. If she hadn't of found the card, she would have never in her lifetime guessed that Emma and Regina were never married. They fought and bickered, and then next minute their kissing each other's faces off.

"She'll come back and you'll figure it out. You love each other." Kyrah gave her a gentle smile. She straightened up and moved towards the front door, "I'll see you tomorrow at the airport, okay?" She yelled over her shoulder.

"Yep! Oh and Kyrah?"

She stopped at the door and spun around to face the blonde.


"Thank you." Emma smiled warmly.

"No problem. Have a good night." She blew the blonde a quick kiss before wrenching the door open and quickly closing it behind her.

Emma chuckled to herself. That woman I tell you. For a moment it made Emma feel guilty about this entire situation regarding the celebrations. She was glad she met someone like Kyrah, after all she was a genuine friend. But there would come a time when people like Kyrah and all the other mayors would need to know the truth.

However, that wasn't the problem right now. She had to mend the air with Regina - but had no idea where she was; the brunette didn't even have her cell phone on her. Emma sighed and ran her fingers through her golden locks. After a moment of complete and utter silence in her head, like a light bulb and idea sprung to her mind. She launched to her feet and proceeded to pace the room, listing the pros and cons on each of her fingers. After little thought Emma made a quick decision. She swiftly grabbed her red jacket off the edge of the sofa and made a b-line for the door, her phone and purse in hand.

"I can't believe I'm going to do this." She muttered before racing out of the hotel room.

It was a pleasantly evening. There wasn't a single cloud insight, and the sun's beaming rays gratefully hit olive skin on its journey towards the horizon. Regina's rare moment of serenity was rudely interrupted by the ever harsh traffic below her. She was standing on one of the bridges which stretched from one side of the road to the other. It enabled people to get across to the other side without physically stepping onto the asphalt. The brunette rolled her eyes at the commotion below her. It never occurred to her exactly how much she loved living in Storybrooke, her own quaint and quiet town with very limited squabbles, until this very moment. She missed Henry so much, even though it had only been a couple of days. Right here and now there was also another person she missed very much. Someone who had become such a significant part of her life that it almost seemed surreal. The very same person whose name is now tattooed across her shoulder blade on her right side. She rested her forearms along the railing and clasped her hands together, in a state of deep thought.

Regina was still haunted by her time with Leopold, although it was over 28 years ago - the memories still sent fresh chills along the length of her spine whenever she accidentally let her mind wonder to her past. Unfortunately, due to this, it caused her to react horribly to the tattoo - especially being referred to as someone else's property. But if she were truly honest with herself, belonging to Emma would be everything she could ask for in her happy ending. Just her and Henry, and some possible additional children in the future. Regina chuckled sweetly at the mere thought of a life with Emma Swan, as she absentmindedly twirled her wedding ring around her finger. It was a thought she repeatedly kept thinking about. One that she couldn't shake off, because she loved the woman - a considerate amount more than she could have ever imagined. She had finally found some peace and stability in her life with Emma around.

With that final thought Regina pushed off the railing and made an effort to hurriedly rush back to the hotel where she hoped Emma was still waiting.

It took her forever to move through masses of people, she didn't understand why the Strip was so busy at this time of the day. Nonetheless, she was able to quickly bypass all the casinos in the Flamingo Hotel, catch an elevator and then before she knew it she was sliding her card to their hotel room.

"Emma?" Regina called out.

No response. Regina decided to check the master bedroom since the blonde could be sleeping, especially after last nights events. All the brunette saw was an empty bed with ruffled sheets, just as she had left it this morning.

The mayor visibly deflated and slumped onto the nearby sofa. She winced and immediately retracted the move as the pressure caused pain where her tattoo was. Her skin was still raw, but it was slowly getting better. She hadn't even been sitting down for a minute before she heard the hotel door open.

She leapt to her feet, and immediately saw Emma's pain-stricken face.

"Emma, are you alright? What happened?" Regina quickly rushed to the blonde's side.

The blonde simply smiled despite her pain. She grunted as she shrugged off her red jacket, let it fall to the floor. She took a deep breath and bit her lip through the pain as proceeded to take her white tank top off, leaving her in only her black lace bra.

Regina was confused by her actions, "Emma, I don't underst-"

She stopped abruptly mid-sentence as the woman before her turned around revealing her source of pain. Her hand had moved to cover her quivering lips, as her eyes burned with unshed tears by the sudden onset of an avalanche of emotions. She blinked once and numerous droplets cascaded down her cheek as she gazed upon Emma's right shoulder blade. Just like Regina's tattoo, in italic font, it read:

'Property of Regina Mills'

"Now we can both grumble in pain together for the next few days." Emma chuckled over her shoulder.

Regina remained silent, evidently speechless by Emma's gesture. She was completely at a loss for words. No one had ever given her this level of love and devotion. Since she couldn't verbally communicate how she was feeling at the moment, she instead gently tugged Emma to face her. The blonde spun around and faltered herself at the sight of the evidently affected woman. They held each other's soft gaze, that was filled with nothing but raw emotion - the weight of Emma's action obviously meaning more to Regina than the blonde had ever imagined.

Regina moved closer and gently brought her arms over Emma's shoulders, while the blonde naturally snaked her arms around the brunette's waist, clasping her hands on the her lower back - instinctively pulling Regina even closer. The brunette withdrew her arm and cusped Emma's left cheek.

"I love you so much, Emma. You honestly have no idea." She whispered.

Emma smiled and rubbed their noses together as they inhaled the same air.

"I love you too, and I would do anything for you." She kissed the tip of her nose, "Anything." She repeated.

Emma, deciding that it was long enough, gently captured Regina's lips with her own in a searing kiss. As their lips moved in sync, Emma could taste the woman's tears. She brought them even closer, even though theoretically it was impossible to be even closer than they already were. It was a slow, gentle kiss that spoke volumes about their relationship and the extent that they would go for each other. Regina softly sucked on Emma's bottom lip, eliciting a pleasant moan from the blonde. Emma slithered a hand under her shirt before smoothly running her nails down her spine, resulting in small shudders from the brunette. They were so emerged in one another that the need for air unfortunately took priority as they pulled apart, with only millimetres separating each other.

"I still can't believe you did that." Regina smiled lightly.

"Like I said, I would do anything for you." Emma started, "Even if it means looking like a crying toddler in front of a few guys." She giggled.

Regina laughed out loud, resulting in the pair erupting in laughter together about Emma's time at the tattoo place.

Meanwhile, approximately 500 metres down the road, at the New York New York hotel Kyrah was sitting in her thorn-like chair in her grand suite gazing out the window at the sunset with a bright red apple in her hand.

She crossed her leg over the other as she thought of Emma and Regina. She mindlessly threw the apple up in the air and caught it, repeatedly. She wasn't going to out them to the other mayors, but she was going to let them suffer for a bit, it was just going to be some harmless fun, for her own amusement.

She smirked as ideas raced through her mind like wildfire, but she accidentally missed the catch and dropped the apple.

Her face fell.

"That was a fucking good apple. I was going to eat that." She groaned miserably before stomping off to the bathroom, and slamming the door behind her.

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