My beloved readers,

What I believed to be unthinkable has happened-I have not updated this story in nearly a year. I have done to you what I have dreaded from other writers whose stories I've read, loved, and ultimately felt betrayed by because they inexplicably stopped writing. Truly, I am sorry for this.

This last year has been overwhelming in terms of sheer STUFF happening. That's not to say it's been bad-on the contrary it was an incredible, jaw-dropping year. I meant to explain what's been happening to you in my next chapter's author's note, but seeing as the next chapter is taking bloody forever to get out, I've decided to tell you now instead. Here's an incomplete breakdown of the last year. They are not meant to be excuses, but since I hope that by reading and following my story you might be interested just a little in its writer, I will share with you some of the reasons my life has veered away from faithfully updating.

1. I spent about 2 and a half months redesigning my library's website from the ground up.

2. Around the same time, my library received a cut in funds and we underwent a big "save the library" campaign in which I played a time-consuming role.

3. In November I was promoted (well, went to a whole new place) to library director. This is a pretty huge deal and you won't believe the workload. No, librarians don't sit around all day reading books. Running a small library is kind of like running a start-up, especially with the way I do things. 12 hour days are more common than 8 hour days, and I often work 7 days a week. I love my new job and am pouring my heart and soul into it, but it leaves very little time for me to even think about Bella and Rosalie.

4. But the biggest news of all...fact has followed fiction...and I've embarked on my own poly relationship. The strangest thing about this is its simplicity. I am in love with two people instead of one, and that's all there is to it. It's odd that I wrote about its possibility long before I ever considered it a possibility for me, but I can tell you now that I've experienced it for the better part of a year that love between three people is no less beautiful or feasible than between two. Numbers don't matter. There is no division or subtraction. There is only more and more and evermore love.

It has been an extraordinary year. The one thing that detracted from it has been my guilt over not continuing faithfully with Gifted as I had in the 2 years prior. I'm writing this to you now so you can hear it from my lips: I am NOT abandoning this story. I WILL bring it to a conclusion. Much of that conclusion is already planned as a matter of fact. I am still stretched extremely thin and cannot come close to promising you a date for the next real update, but what I've decided to do for now is reread the story from beginning to end and get myself back in the right head space to continue imagining and writing. I must admit, I have a serious case of writer's block with the whole Quill subplot, so if any of you have ideas I'd love to hear them. I am incredibly eager to get past that hump and get back to the meat of this story, which has always revolved around Bella, her guilt, her relationships with the Cullens particularly Rosalie, and her relationship with Charlie.

I'm going to go back to Chapter 1 now, and immerse myself once again in Bella's story. Thank you dearly for your patience and I hope, your understanding. Gifted was a story written solely for me but now I write it for you.

Sincerely yours,