Warm Safe Place

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I live in the rainiest city in all of the USA and when I look at this place I am going to miss not that much. But the one thing that I will miss is my mother. Who is just a wonderful person and is my best friend. Forks, Washington is the place that my mother took me to when I was 2 and half years old.

As the years got longer I had made some friends, but the friendship with them didn't last that long maybe a month or so. But it wasn't until the fifth grade that I met my best friend, Sarah. As the two of us got older we got even closer doing practically everything together. Then the day came that I made my decision to move in with my dad; Sarah came over that day so we both exchanged cell phone numbers, email address so that we could keep in touch and that night she slept over.

When I was younger I would go to my dad's for a month over the summer in Regina, Saskatchewan. But as I got older I was starting to get tired of going back and forth. So one day I went to my mother and told her that I wanted to go live with my dad.

"Bella why do you want to go live with your dad when you are happy living here?" my mom Renee asked me, who looks like me except she is more down to earth, and way prettier than me.

"Cause mom, you have a husband who you need to spent time with. So that I can see you and that makes me happy. Plus I want to spend more time with dad anyway. I miss spending time with him" I told her.

She looked me in the eye to see if I was lying but I wasn't. She must have seen that too because she told me that was okay.

But the main reason that I wanted to go live with my dad was because my mom had gotten married about a year and half ago. I can see how happy he makes her. She married a man in his 30's who good looking for his age. He had hair that is a military style cut, brown eyes, hair that is a nice shade of dirty blonde, and his name is Phil.

So here I am in the Regina International Airport with my dad, waiting for my luggage so we could go home.

"Bella" my dad said to me "how was your summer? I really missed you this summer. I also very happy that you decided to come live with me."

After my dad asked me that question he started looking for my luggage just to hide the embarrassment that he must have felt after asking me those questions.

"Well dad, my summer was a really hard for me, but in the end it turned out to be great." I answered my dad in a somewhat excited tone. Soon after my luggage came, we put my luggage in the trunk.

After the little controversy my dad and I had, he took us home. He showed me the room that I would be staying in for the remainder of the time until I leave for university. About an hour later my dad, Charlie, called me down for supper, which was pizza.

"Bella, school starts at 8:30 in the morning and I already signed you up before you got here. All you have to do is just go there and get your schedule for the year," Charlie told me without looking up from his plate.

Soon after my dad told me that I stood up from my chair, walked to the sink and put my plate in. I started walking towards the stairs, when I stopped, turned to my dad. "Thanks for telling me that. I'm going to bed, I'm really tired. See you in the morning." Once I told him that I started walking towards the stairs again, but then my dad stopped me and told me goodnight.

It was soon after that I changed from my day cloths to my night ones and went straight to bed.

I got up this morning and headed downstairs to head off to school. I started to reach for my jacket, and that's when I saw a note from Charlie saying:

Dear Bella

I forgot to tell you that I bought you a car so that you don't have to ask me for a ride anywhere, or take the bus. The keys that were on this envelope are for the car. It's in the garage, it is already fully fuelled for you. See you when I get home from work

From Charlie

P.S: I forgot to tell you that the car is in awesome condition, and you don't need to get it checked out either.

Right after I re-read the note, I grabbed the keys and proceeded to the garage. Once I reached it I grabbed the door handle, turned it letting the swing open; searching for the light switch I turned it on and gasped. The car I saw was absolutely breathtaking, There stood a black 1969 Dodge Challenger.

I walked to the driver's side, opening the door throwing my bag in the back seat and sitting in the drivers seat letting her purr to life.

Sitting in 3rd period when all a sudden I saw the most beautiful boy that I have even seen. I had to stop staring at him because he had the most gorgeous emerald eyes, his hair was bronze with red and brown highlights. It went with his body; He must have stood at 6ft2, watching him walk to the unoccupied seat at the back of the classroom.

"Edward" Mrs. Stevenson said in an annoying Italian accent that we all flinched at, "you're late again for the second time this week. I'm going to let you off one more time but don't let it happen again." I looked at Edward for the second time that period.

He said nothing just kept staring at the wall, but when he turned his head towards the teacher he locked eyes with me. I stared into those green eyes and I swear that he was trying to tell me something, like he wanted me to know why he never talked.

After a few seconds of us staring at each other, he looked away so I drew my attention back to the teacher who was going on about mythological creatures.

The bell finally rang for lunch. I was packing my bag to head for lunch when I saw Edward being surrounded by two guys who where bullying him. So I put my thing down and walked over.

"Hey Karl! Look what we have here, the new girl is coming over to save silentward here" ugly one said in the raspy voice while looking at me.

"Yeah you're right Bryan. What should we do with her?" Karl had asked.

"I don't know Karl? Maybe we should show her how we welcome new comers to the school" ugly boy, oops I mean Bryan had suggested.

While they were talking to each other I kept my eyes on Edward, I knew than that he understood what I was going to be doing because he sat still and kept quiet. After a couple of minutes of looking at Edward I noticed that the two ugly boys were not far from me. That's when I started towards them so that I could get Edward out of there.

As one of them saw me approaching Edward, him and his buddy who took a swing at me, but I dodged it and punched him square in the gut, then tripped the other one so I could get Edward out.

"Edward!" I yelled in a tired tone; "Grab you bag and go to the hallway, wait for me there, okay?"

He shook his head yes, went straight out of the room. Once he was out, I went to my desk to grab my bag, and that is when I noticed that Mr. Wood had seen everything. Mr. Wood looked at me telling me silently to get out of the room. So I did and went to find Edward.

I walk out of the classroom hearing crying, so I followed the sound. When I rounded the corner. The site that I saw made my heart shatter into a million pieces. There sitting on the ground, shoulders shaking crying his eyes out, was Edward.

I walked over sat down beside him, and touched his shoulder asking "Edward are you okay?"

That was when I broke down. I started crying as well because when he looked at me, he had puffy red eyes with tears rolling down his cheeks. He answered my question by shaking his head no.

"Do you want to just let out?" My question was answered, when Edward launched himself into my arms. As on instinct my arms wrapped around him.

"You are safe; no one is going to hurt you. I'm going to protect you. You're safe. shhh, shhh, its okay." I told him gently.

We both cried for about a good ten minutes until we looked at each other and then looked away. Edward and I sat there the whole lunch period, ate together, but there was one thing that surprised me was that he talked.

This is how our lunch went. "My name is Edward Cullen, and I'm sorry I didn't talk to you earlier." He said to me with a slight smile.

I replied "Its okay you were scared and upset so I understand. I'm like that to when I'm crying." Edward smiled a crooked smile that fit him so well.

"I almost forgot my name is Bella Swan. It's nice to meet you Edward Cullen." I told him while bonking my head with my hand. We laughed at that. We talked for what seemed like an eternity.

After we finished eating Edward asked me "Can I see your schedule?"


"We have all the same classes this semester and next semester." He had excitement in his voice when he said that.

Then the bell rung just after so we both walked to fourth period, sat together, also did the same in fifth. When the day ended we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways.

It was two months into our friendship when on a nice November day. Edward had called me and asked me to come over because he wanted to tell me something important.

You see over the last two months Edward had told me a little bit and pieces about his past. He told me things like how he was adopted when he was 9 years old, and how his parents died in a car crash.

I walked up the front steps like I have done in the past. Before I could even knock on the door, it opened with Edward standing there.

"Hi Edward. How are you doing? You sounded upset on the phone when we talked." I looked at him with concern in my eyes.

"Hi Bella. I'm doing fine I'm also sorry to have worried you like that. Would you please come inside." As Edward was telling me this I saw the tear stained cheeks of his and I was afraid that he did something to himself. I went straight to the couch and sat down, Edward joined me a bit later.

"Bella" he said my name with something that I swear had fear in it. "I need to tell you something that no one knows. Not even my parents. You promise me that you won't tell anyone."

"I promise that I won't tell a soul" I looked him straight in the eyes.

He must have believed me because he started telling me his story.

"It was in October that the sun shining and the leaves were dancing. A beautiful site. But somewhere on the beautiful day in a house near Wascana Lake a terrible event happened to a little boy only the age 7 years old. That young boy was me. I was playing with my toys in my room, when all a sudden my dad came in and ask me if I wanted to play with something special that he got for me," he started to get lost in the story, but was also looking me. " I went with him. While walking I felt something and it told me to go back to my room, but being a little at the time, I ignored the feeling and went with my father anyway. We reached my parents room he told me look around for the toy. I did as I was told. When I found the toy my dad had grabbed me from around waist and literally dragged me to the bed." I looked at Edward straight into those beautiful emerald eyes of his and saw a tear slide his cheek. I wanted to reach out and comfort him but I new that he needed to tell me the rest. "When I looked at my dad he had nothing on except his jeans and maybe his underwear. I was scared to the end of my wits and I really wanted my mom to be there to protect me, but she wasn't. I started backing up when all of sudden I hit the wall, with my father approaching me with a look of lust in his eyes. He started to crease my cheek, then grabbed my wrist and dragged me to the bed again. I was getting absolutely terrified when my dad got hold of my shirt and pulled if off so that I was like him. A little while later he was striped right down to his boxers, then told me to strip to nothing." When Edward looked at me I put my hand on his shoulder, to try and offer some comfort.

"Do you want to stop telling me the story?" I asked him.

"No I want to keep going, and is it okay if I lean on your while I tell you the rest of the story?" He had answered me.

"Of course you can" I told him.

I put my hand behind his back and pulled him towards my shoulder so that he could lean on while he talked. He started talking again.

"I was stripped to nothing when my dad led me to the bed for the third time. I tried to get away when he was advancing on me." Edward had started shake a little, but then he stop when I put my hand on his knee and then he calmed down.

"I'm not going into much detail about the event, okay Bella" Edward told.


"When my dad was done with me it was about three hours later. I walked to my room and shut my door. Along with shutting it I locked it. I put on some clothes, and crawled into bed. I stayed there all nightlong. When my mom got home she tried to get me out of bed but I wouldn't budge. Soon after that my dad would do that about every two months, and on top of that he would beat me as well. He would get angry to the point were he beat me with a belt and left huge welts on my back. My mother had noticed after a while but I more than begged her not to tell anyone. I kept my mouth shut and didn't tell anyone because if I ever did then he would kill me and my mom. Then about 1 year and half after that my parents were coming home from somewhere, when all of a sudden a drunk driver killed them. The police came to the house right after the accident and told me what happened. I was relieved to hear that my dad had died but was upset about my mom. About a week or so later the parents that I have now adopted me. When I turned the age of ten I had become distance to people my age and didn't have no friends, and didn't talk to anyone; but when you came into that classroom you changed all that and I am so grateful to you Bella."

I stared at Edward then felt tears on my cheeks. I had no idea that I was crying. Then I noticed that Edward was panicking.

"Bella did I do something wrong? Please tell me!" he said while sitting in front of me.

"No Edward you did nothing wrong it's just the story that you told me that's all."

"Okay, and Bella I want to show you something" he said to me.

"Edward what do you want to …" that was when he cupped my face and kissed me. It wasn't a kiss that demanded anything, it was a kiss showed nothing but love. I put more pressure into the kiss getting out how I feeling about him. Drawing me closer Edward put my on his lap so that I was straddling his legs. Wrapping my arms around his neck I fisted my hands in his hair, while he placed hands on my waist. After a while we broke apart breathing hard, and me panting.

"Wow that was amazing!"

"Bella I want to say that was my very first kiss by a girl who wasn't my mom. The o..on..ones that dad gave don't count to me. But that one did." Wrapping my arms around Edward giving him some support knowing it was hard to him to talk about his dad.

"Thank you Edward that means a lot, and that was my very first kiss."

"Ummm Bella I wrote you something can I sing it for you?" He told me with a little bit of a blush on his cheeks.

"Sure you can do that. I'll wait here until you get back." He went to get what he needed. I sat in the living room debating with myself if I was going to tell Edward that I loved him. About a few seconds before he came back I had made up my mind.

"Bella I'm going to sing you a song that I wrote; it's called True Love" as he told me that my heart leaped from chest to my rib cage.

When my life was a

Complete disaster

I almost lost my mind one day

But then that one day

You came into my

Life and it brighten up

My day and sky along

with my night

You are my one

True love

That I can not live

Without or else I will

Die from a broken heart

The one time that you

Helped me I thought my

Heart was about to

Beat out of my chest

When you held me

And let me stain

Your beautiful shirt

With my tears

I felt loved for the

First time in along time

You are my one

True love

That I can not live

Without or else I will

Die from a broken heart

I now told you

My story if how I was

Treated, and kissed the

Most beautiful girl in

The world and the universe

Now there is something

That I want to tell you

For so long now

I Love you

After Edward was finished I flung myself at him and cried my eyes out on his chest. He held me until I calmed down.

"I love you too, Edward. Never forget that."

Right after me and Edward confessed our feeling to each other, we spent the rest of the night at his place just talking everything and anything that we didn't know about each other.

It has been about one full year since that night and I am not regretting one moment of it, but I do have a piece of my past that I no one knows about and I keep it hidden well. I want to tell Edward but I'm scared that he will go running for the hills. I guess I will know when the time comes.

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