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Getting Her Girl

Brittany POV

Walking into school everyone parts and looks away from me well at least the guys do. Most of the girls want me mostly for my dick. Yep that's right I'm the girl with a dick and proud of it.

"Hey Britt actually going to class today or you going to come with myself and Ronnie to go egg Figgin's house?" the Mack asks as I walk into their bathroom.

"If I don't they'll suspend me and my dad will flip if I get suspend or into a fight again. So count me out for a while until my mom gets back in a month." I tell them grimacing at the thought of actually having to go to class.

"Well at least you can still torment the teachers." Ronnie says smiling at the thought.

"Of course I will. See yall after school." I say scrunching my nose.

Leaving the bathroom I notice that the hallway is empty. Cursing to myself I quickly walk towards my history class not wanting to be suspended and have my dad take away my motorcycle. The only problem with our bathroom or the badasses bathroom slash skanks as many of the students call it doesn't have a bell so now I'm fucking late. Thankfully Ms. Crawley totally has a crush on my so I should be able to talk her into letting me off with a warning.

"Ms. Pierce so nice of you to join us." Ms. Crawley says winking at me. "Please take a seat."

I turn around to take my normal seat in the back and who has to be sitting there. None other than the Queen Head Cheerio Bitch herself Santana Lopez. Sure she has an amazing rack, ass and heck overall body. Fuck I'm getting hard just thinking about her. Damn her for being so damn sexy and sitting at my table.

"Hey Sugar Tits what you doing in my seats?" I ask taking seat next to Santana.

"Really mature Pierce. Just shut up and pay attention." Santana growls glaring at me.

"What's got your panties in a twist? Puck not performing up to standards in bed." I laugh loving my dig at the man whore Puck who is Santana's boyfriend.

"Oh what Pierce you think you can satisfy me better." Santana seductively whispers in my ear, smirking when she looks down at my crotch.

"I know I can. Anytime you want a ride I'll be more than willing to show you why all you're fellow Cheerios all want in my pants." I whisper back smirking as she squirms trying to put more distance between us. "So what Sugar Tits can't handle me?" I ask pulling her back towards me.

"Puff, I can handle anything and most defiantly you." Santana tries to say all confidant, but the fact that she's blushing fifty shades of red at being so close to me or at least that's what I hope.

I'm about to reply when Kurt a flamboyant gay boy comes running in. Of course he has to interrupt my banter with Santana. This is the first time all year that I have gotten to talk to her aside from yelling at her and Puck for being gross in the hallway. I have never understood why someone as hot and sexy as Santana would want to date someone as gross as Puck. He is always cheating on her and lying his ass off about it.

"Ms. Crawley, Coach Sue wants to talk to you now." Kurt huffs trying to catch his breath.

"Um okay thanks Kurt you can go back to class now." Ms. Crawley says ushering Kurt out. "Okay class spend the rest of class working on your new project that is to be about life during the civil war. You and the person you're sitting next to will be responsible for a ten page paper and a small presentation." she says turning to face everyone before heading out.

Santana turns to face me a frown on her face.

"What's with the frown sugar tits?" I ask actually curious.

"You do realize I have a name right?" she says frowning even more at me.

"Sure, but calling you sugar tits is so much more fun." I say shrugging.

"Whatever Pierce just come over after school so we can work on the project and you better not fucking skip class the day of the presentation." Santana warns me sternly.

"Okay Santana," I say softly right as bell rings.

Santana POV

I sit in my seat long after everyone else has left. Brittany had actually for the first time that I could remember called me by my first name. It's weird to hear her say my name, but at the same time the way she says it nearly made me come right there. What is wrong with me? I finally get up to walk to my next class after the shock wears off.

By the time lunch comes around I'm utterly confused. The whole day thus far since history all I can think of is Brittany. Her smile, golden locks, cute nose, killer body, deep blue soul searching eyes and that extra appendage that she walks around with not caring if the whole world knows. I know I shouldn't be fantasizing about Brittany touching me and me riding her, I have a boyfriend after all, but I can't help it.

"Babe, you wanna come over? Some of the guys are and we're going to get our drink on." Puck asks wrapping his arm around my waist.

"Can't, I have a work on a history project with Brittany." I tell him not adding in that I don't want to hang out with his sloppish friends who all hit on me.

"Wait what?" Puck asks finally looking at me for the first all lunch period.

I'm seriously starting to wonder why I put up with his crap. Oh yeah cause he's popular.

"You can't work with that...that...dyke." he finally finishes his lame ass reasoning.

"And why can't I? You're not the boss of me." I snap really not wanting to deal with his jealous insecurities right now.

"Cause she just wants in your pants." he exclaims like it's the most obvious thing in the world.

"Isn't that all you use me for anyway?" I question glaring at him. At this point everyone, but that idiot orca Finn has left.

"No babe, you know I totally love you. I just don't want that whore to use you like she does everyone else." he says sweetly giving me that I'm cute and serious smile.

"Well there's nothing I can do as we were assigned partners by Ms. Crawley. I just can't believe she actually showed up to class. She never shows up." I muse wondering if this means she'll be in our math class as well.

"That's cause she'll be suspended if she misses anymore classes." Quinn says sitting next to me stealing a fry from my tray.

"And how would you know this?" I ask raising an eyebrow at her as I know she use to have a thing for Brittany aside from me, she's the only one of the Cheerios who hasn't sleep with her.

"Please I'm so over that, but I was spying on Figgins for Sue. I don't know why, but whatever. Anyway I overheard him telling her and a really hot older tall guy who I think is her dad. He yelled at her for a minute after Figgins left before leaving himself." Quinn says smirking at me for some unknown reason.

"Oh well I guess that's fine." Puck says offhandedly as he looks at some magazine Finn's showing him.

I swear that he misses everything that is said. I didn't though. When Quinn talks about Brittany's dad it makes me think that I have never seen or heard the blonde talk about her parents ever. Not that I expected her to, but still you generally hear something about people's parents even if it is just to complain.

"Santana please tell me your thinking about Puck or school or something other than a certain blonde." Quinn whispers getting up and yanking me with her towards the bathroom.

"No, I was thinking about what to do my history project on." I defensively say glaring at her as I fix my makeup.

"Whatever Lopez just don't let Puck find out cause that's the last thing we need is for him to quite glee." she warns me before leaving.

Looking in the mirror I let out a breath I didn't realize I was holding. How did Quinn know I was thinking of Brittany. Not like it matters anyway. I'm not going to break up with Puck a self proclaimed badass for the biggest badass slash player at this school. Quinn must be on crack if she thinks that.

"Hey sugar tits, I thought I saw you come in here with bitch Fabray." Brittany says leaning against the door frame.

"What do you want?" I harshly ask spinning around to glare at her. My glare falters as I see a soft smile on her face. She looks so innocent for a second I forget who she is thankfully though her smile turns into a smirk and my glare comes back.

"I figured we could get a head start on this project and start working on it now instead of going to the rest of our classes. Maybe you could get Sue to let us out." Brittany suggests and it surprises me that she would suggest such a thing.

"Sure," I agree more out of shock than anything else.

"Cool I'll meet you at your house in twenty." she says walking out leaving me wondering what the fuck just happened.

Brittany POV

Pulling into Santana's driveway is nerve wracking. It's not like I've never been here before my three younger sisters and brother are friends with Santana's younger sister and brother. Since my parents are always busy or gone I have to drive the rugrats around. I'm just thankfully that we have a nanny cause there is no way that I'd watch them. I checked myself in the mirror, smacking my lips together, combing my fingers through my hair and straightening my Harley motorcycle jacket. Normally I would have ridden up on my baby, but knowing my sisters they would come over so I drove my truck instead.

As I get out of the truck I consider turning around and leaving cause for some reason I'm a nervous wreck. This never happens to me. I'm never nervous. God I hate Santana for making me feel this way. I don't ever feel anything for girls. Checking my hair one more time and taking a deep breath I ring the door bell.

"Mami I've got it," I hear Santana shout and walk towards the door. She opens the door and smirks when she sees me standing there with books in one hand and a breadstixs bag in the other. "I was beginning to think you had bailed on me." she says smiling brightly at me.

"I would never," I feign being hurt as she leads me into her house. I think she is surprised I showed up with books. Everyone thinks I'm dumb, but in reality when I actually apply myself I'm pretty smart especially in math and science.

"That's good to hear otherwise my mother would have grounded me for skipping." she laughs grabbing my hand and pulling me into the kitchen.

She innocently laces our fingers together and it sends a shiver down my spine. I have never before in my life felt anything as wonderful or spellbinding as the smaller fiery Latina girl in front of me holding my hand. It makes me wonder what kissing her would be like. I'm only brought out of my thoughts of her plump lips by her mother saying something.

Santana POV

I don't know what possessed me to take Brittany's hand, but I did and it feels so natural unlike Puck. Her hands are bigger than mine, but very soft. I glance at our intertwined hands and note how our skin contrasts perfectly. I'm so deep in thought about what I'm feeling towards the blonde that I nearly miss what my mother says.

"Well at least now I know you really weren't lying this time." I say smiling at Brittany.

I had been delightedly surprised the first time Brittany had come over to pick up her siblings two years ago that despite knowing her reputation my mother is very nice to her. I asked her and she told me that as long as the girl was respectful to her and our family it didn't matter. Which she is and ever since even today she is nice to Brittany.

"Yeah mami now you can go back to work and allow us to start working on our project." I tell her before yanking Brittany up to my room.

Brittany gasps when she steps in. I guess she didn't expect to find my room being so dark. My walls are a deep dark purple color, curtains black as night, a black carpet in fact the only real color aside from my clothes is my blood red sheets and comforter. I may seem all peppy at school and a go getter, but really I prefer to be alone and left to my own devices.

"I can honestly say that this is not what I expected at all, but I like it and really thinking about I don't know how I didn't realize it before." Brittany says giggling in a very cute way, sitting on the bed.

"I get that a lot," I tell her smiling softly at her.

To tell the truth I'm completely thrown off by Brittany's giggle it is so soft and sweet and so not what I expected. She keeps surprising in how nice, sweet and child like she really is under that bad girl image she puts up at school, every time she comes over.

"Well we better start working," I say breaking the comfortable silence that has fallen over us.

"Yes I guess we should." Brittany says smiling at me as I sit down next to her.

For the next five hours we work on writing our paper about doctors during the civil war. I'm surprised at how much help Brittany actual is and begin to think that I will be able to keep my standard of getting A's alive. It is six when we decide to stop for the day.

"I think if we meet one more time we could have this whole project finish." I tell her.

"Great, but it will have to wait till next week." she says and I nod cause we do have a killer party tomorrow night that I have no doubt she will be attending as well.

"So I guess I'll see you tomorrow at school?" I half ask not wanting to sound needy, but I really like being around her.

"Yeah I guess you will." she says collecting her sisters and brother before leaving.

I watch her pull out of my driveway from my window. There's a weird feeling in my stomach almost like butterflies every time I think or am around Brittany. I've always had these feelings around Brittany, but lately they've been stronger. Seeing her in class today and how helpful she was on our project made me want to leap into her strong arms and start making out with her. It confuses me all these feelings that I'm feeling. Why am I feeling them. I can't feel this way towards Brittany I'm dating Puck, plus she doesn't like me like that. Sighing, I hear my dad come home and run to the dining room knowing that we'll be eating soon.